April 2, 2022

Chapter 19: Zhizhi, I Want to Go Home with You

Zhizhi did some stretching in a lazy manner. Her body bent into an S shape and the men around her straightened their eyes.

There were even the sounds of swallowing wildly.

She frowned, glanced back, and her red lips curled slightly.

She looked back and smiled beautifully.

A ‘thud’ sounded a few times.

She saw some men fall down from the crowd.

When the women saw the expressions from these men, they all looked at Zhizhi, gnashing their teeth.


Who will kill Zhizhi?!

For these women, Zhizhi was an immortal bitch, so how could her world also be in the imperial capital?

The smile on Zhizhi’s lips deepened.

You witches can’t stand this?

I was even two sizes bigger in my previous life!

She yawned again and said, “Fanfan, let’s go now. Let’s go back to sleep.”

“Oh okay!” Yifan replied.

He got rid of a few women who were holding him, and before leaving, he kicked Ketai again. “Horse face, next time you see me, remember to walk far away! Do you understand?!”

Zhizhi turned around and walked out.

The men in the crowd shouted one by one, “Zhizhi, I’ll take you home!”

“Zhizhi, I look better than Ketai and richer than him, why don’t you consider me?”

“Zhizhi, I want to sleep with you!”

Yuchen heard these words when he came in.

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The aura on his body became cold to such an extent, the air pressure dropped to zero in an instant, his dark eyes showed the ruthlessness of destroying the whole world, and a terrifying voice sounded. “Who do you want to sleep with?”

The man who shouted these words earlier raised his head.

He saw a figure standing at the door, who was wearing a silver-gray suit, had a tall and straight posture, his jawline was fierce and threatening, his thin lips were pursed up as he looked at him, and his terrifying voice sounded again.

“Repeat what you just said.”

After Yuchen said these words, there was silence.

The huge private room fell into a strange silence in an instant, and no one dared to speak or move.

It was no joke because the deafening silence was too loud.

Who could really bear Yuchen’s petrifying aura?

Especially when this kind of aura was in full swing.

The man’s legs trembled with fright and he knelt down. “Lord Chen…”

Yuchen ignored him and called someone out, “Lu Lei.”

Lei came out from nowhere.

Without any instructions, he stepped forward and dragged the kneeling man’s legs, dragging him out of the private room smoothly like a chicken.

“Lord Chen, spare me, spare me, ah—”

Lei thought that he was too noisy, so he kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Yifan was so frightened that he hugged his sister’s waist.

Zhizhi opened her mouth in surprise when she saw Yuchen, who appeared suddenly again, and blurted out, “Yuyu, are you here to attend the party too?”

Yuchen’s expression turned sullen. Who would come to this low-class party?

He didn’t talk nonsense to her, so he just grabbed her slender wrist and walked outside.

“Ah~ Yuyu, your grip hurts me so much~” she complained coquettishly.

Her voice was soft and delicate.

The eyes of the women in the crowd were bloodshot, and their glaring eyes could not wait to come out of their sockets. They also could not wait to strangle her to death.

This white lotus, green tea bitch, witch!

They all thought how several high-quality men in the imperial capital had all been ruined by her.

Zhizhi was dragged all the way from the private room by Yuchen. She was wearing high heels and the man was walking in long strides, so she walked unsteadily while her wrist was being grasped tightly.

Her red lips pouted.

Her pouty lips had the ability to excessively flatter him, so she planned to sweet talk him.

“Yuyu, take it easy—”

Before she could finish speaking, the man paused suddenly, then lowered his eyes and looked at her gloomily.

Zhizhi felt aggrieved when he looked at her like that.

Is he mad because I’m calling him Yuyu which sounds like a girl’s name?

He let go of her hand in her surprise, so she was overjoyed.

But she never expected him to wrap his arms around her waist, lift her easily, carry her on his shoulders, and walk outside without saying a word.

Zhizhi was stunned by his action.

Yifan watched this scene and followed behind them bitterly.

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