April 3, 2022

Chapter 20: Yuyu, Have You Forgotten? I Am Your Aunt


Zhizhi was thrown in the back seat by Yuchen and her head hit the car door. She got up in pain, knelt on the seat, glared at him, and blurted out, “You’re a man but you don’t know how to be gentle with women!”

In her opinion, all women were supposed to be carried like a princess.

But he just picked her up and walked away briskly, just like carrying a sack.

What the hell?!

Do I not deserve to be carried like a princess? She now questioned her worth.

Yuchen was still standing outside the car. He pulled the tie around his neck and said in a low voice, “I don’t know how to be gentle with women, huh? Of all the women, you should know the answer to that based on what happened last night.”


Qin Zhizhi’s eyes widened.

I should know how gentle you are with women? Gentle, my ass!

She recalled the scene last night and concluded that he was like a wolf instead. She vaguely remembered the time or if there was still sunshine outside when she transmigrated, but it was daytime when she woke up. Damn it!

Yuchen sneered and the tie he pulled out was thrown inside, which happened to land just right on her hands.

Zhizhi had a sudden realization.

A ray of blankness flashed through her beautiful eyes that were looking at the tie, and then it showed a sudden panic as she realized something, so she backed away. “Yuyu, I won’t play any bondage party with you.”

Yuchen paused while unbuttoning his cufflinks, lifted his eyes, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

Zhizhi was a little frightened when she saw his reaction.

She picked up the tie and turned it into a ball. Next, she opened the car window and threw it out, then she exclaimed bitterly, “Don’t even think about it!”

The man curled his lips and smiled meaningfully.

There was a charming arc on those cold and thin lips.

When he carried her, his clothes were tightened and he felt a little tight on his neck, so he raised his hand and undid the tie.

But he didn’t expect this young lady’s brain circuit to be so strange.

A teasing interest flashed across his unfathomable eyes. “Oh really? But what will you do if I want to?”

Then he raised his feet to go in and sat down.

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Zhizhi moved to the side vigilantly and attached herself to the wall of the car, and her whole body entered a state of alert. But seeing the interest in his eyes, she also smiled playfully and said in a tearful voice, “Yuyu, have you forgotten? I am your aunt.”

She pointed at him with trembling fingertips and she said with full resentment, “How can you lose your morals and disregard the ethics of human beings? Public morals are getting worse day by day now. How could you lose your conscience and do such an inhumane thing, which is something that is not tolerated by the law of heaven?”

Yuchen heard so many proverbs from her mouth.

“Your literary language is that good?” he asked sarcastically with a stern look.

Zhizhi raised her chin arrogantly. “Of course! I almost became the top scorer in the liberal arts exam back then!”

Yuchen was rendered speechless from her response.

He remembered that once there was someone who ran to his room in the middle of the night with her books and asked for help because she couldn’t do her homework during the summer vacation.

He smiled grimly.

Zhizhi was terrified instantly after seeing that look.

She shrank on the wall of the car and stopped talking.

She thought that her nephew was smiling a bit weird.

Lei, who would drive the car, came back at this time. He quickly got into the driver’s seat and said with a straight face, “Boss, I have already destroyed the corpse and erased the evidence. Don’t worry, no one will be able to find it.”

Zhizhi was terrified when she heard his words.

Yuchen nodded once. “Hmm. Drive.”

Lei started the car.

Yifan, who had been outside all the time and didn’t dare to come inside, stuck himself on the front passenger’s door and wailed out, “I haven’t gotten in the car yet! Zhizhi, how dare you leave the only carrier of the Qins’ bloodline? I will contact someone tomorrow, I—”

Yuchen raised his eyes. “What’s wrong with you?”

Yifan was more terrified than his sister and didn’t dare to speak anymore. He didn’t even dare to cling to the car. He backed a meter away from the car and just looked at it, waiting anxiously.

He looked quite pitiful, like a little puppy abandoned by its owner.

Before the car drove away, with sharp ears, he heard the sound of unlocking the car door.

He was overjoyed in an instant.

He rushed over, opened the door, and knelt in the front passenger seat.

Zhizhi rolled her eyes when she saw that.

How could I have such a stupid brother?

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