April 1, 2022

Chapter 18: Fawning All over the Female Lead

“You’re a fair lady, slender and elegant, very pretty and charming, beautiful and has a graceful stature, so how can you just eat anything?

“Those two glistening eyes, like water in the autumn, clear and bright, full of tenderness, with a gleaming reflection of waves and rippling in sunlight, and when looking around, they would shine with brilliance, how can those star-like eyes be used to stare at people?”

Zhizhi followed at Qinyun’s side, fawning all over her.

Qinyun was starting to lose her mind because of these flatteries.

Everyone, who was watching, also dropped their jaws to the ground invisibly.

It really didn’t make any sense for this crowd.

They all thought that Zhizhi was really stimulated too much and went crazy! Like crazy as hell!

Qinyun’s face was distorted. She didn’t eat nor drink, she didn’t speak anymore, so she just turned around and left.

After she entered the club, it only took less than ten minutes for her to get angry and leave.

Zhizhi curled her lips in satisfaction.

Her mission was perfectly accomplished!

This party was written in the book. At that time, the original owner did not attend because she was so sad and could not bear the stimulation.

However, Qinyun stayed at the party for a long time and didn’t know that she would encounter a scheme.

She was drugged by someone and almost got raped.

When the original owner learned about it, she sympathized with Qinyun for a while.

However, she had never ever thought that the situation would turn 180 degrees suddenly, and the result of Qingchen’s investigation was that she had instigated it.

The original owner was stupid at that time.

After Qingchen found out this information, he definitely did not let the original owner go.

She was captured, given a double dose of the strong drug, and was thrown on the crowded road. As a result, after being drugged, she made an irrational act in the crowd. She was photographed and filmed, and those photos and videos were posted all over the internet.

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Her reputation in the imperial capital had become even more stinky.

She became a laughingstock for everyone in the imperial capital.

Everyone made fun of her using those videos and photos.

People in the socialite circle laughed in front of the original owner, and every time they saw her, they would seize the opportunity to talk about that humiliating scene.

Once they were done laughing, they would tell her, “Zhizhi, we are just joking, so don’t take any offense.”

It can be said that this matter was a stain that the original owner would never be able to erase for a lifetime.

Every once in a while, those photos and videos would reappear in the public eyes, and they couldn’t be deleted even if she wanted to delete them!

Zhizhi thought of a series of events behind the original owner.

She sneered afterward. The only reason why she went there was to prevent this scene to happen.

This time, she came in person and didn’t let Qinyun drink a little bit of wine or eat a little bit of food throughout the whole time she was at this party.

Let’s see how can she still be drugged!

When this matter was over, she didn’t want to stay any longer.

She was about to turn around and leave.

However, a familiar scream suddenly sounded in the crowd, “Damn you! I will kill you! How could you have the guts to touch me, huh? You, who is just a tiny chick, even want to show your ‘thing’ to me? I don’t even bother to look at it. Today, I will let you know the taste of being beaten into a pulp!”

Everyone was deafened by this screaming hoarse voice.

All eyes fell down and then looked up at the sturdy Yifan.

Ketai was lying on the floor, being trampled and kicked one after another on his body. He was in pain for a long time and couldn’t catch his breath. When he thought of that thing he had just touched, he was angry and scared at the same time.

Seeing the leg of the beautiful ‘girl’ falling towards him, he shouted in fright, “Don’t!!! I was wrong! I was wrong!!!”

Zhizhi sneered again.

She almost forgot about this stupid brother.

She was carrying her bag, then she said calmly, “Make sure to trample him a little bit. If you can’t beat him, then you are not my younger sister.”

Ketai shivered with fright.

Kexin was also too frightened, so she hurriedly ran over to hug Yifan’s leg that was about to fall on her brother again, and shouted at her sister group, “Come and help me!”

Several people reacted and pulled Yifan away.

Yifan’s face flushed with anger.

He was about to throw these people away with force, but Kexin was afraid that he would go crazy again, so she did not dare to let go of him.

Zhizhi narrowed her eyes and yawned lazily.

She was very sleepy now.

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