March 31, 2022

Chapter 17: Miss Bai, You Are a Fairy, You Can’t Drink Alcohol

After hearing Qinyun’s words, many people agreed with her.

“Yes, that’s right! Zhizhi, why are you crying? Miss Bai didn’t do anything to you and you just cried all of a sudden. Are you trying to frame her of something?”

“Zhizhi, you are too ungracious.”

Zhizhi wiped away her tears and there was a subtle flash in her closed eyes.

The female lead’s halo is really powerful,she thought.

Qinyun was also a little surprised to find that these people had not misunderstood her, but she adapted in no time.

Looking at Zhizhi condescendingly, a haughty expression faintly appeared on her face.

Zhizhi’s crying continued, with a tendency to become more and more miserable. “I just… I just… boohoo… When I saw Miss Bai, I just recalled some past events. Oh, it hurts so much…”

She raised her head with teary eyes.

Her eyes were filled with dense mist, like the eyes of a young deer, and the hearts of those who looked at them trembled.

She choked with sobs. “Let me rest for a bit.”

Qinyun had seen her ability to turn right into wrong and black into white, so she was a bit afraid of staying there any longer because she didn’t know what tricks she would use next.

She felt aggrieved immediately and said, “Miss Qin, I’m sorry that I made you sad, so I’d better go somewhere else.”

Everyone saw her aggrieved expression.

One by one, they were like her own mother and scolded Zhizhi, “Aye, Zhizhi, you are so narrow-minded.”

“Just saying, you really don’t have the demeanor of the number one young lady in the imperial capital.”

“That’s right, a new number one young lady should come out as soon as possible.”

Zhizhi didn’t care about these idiots at all and she was worried that they would lower her IQ if she spent more time with them!

Qinyun really didn’t want to stay there that much. So after speaking, she raised her feet and left.

Although she failed to get Zhizhi’s assistance to be introduced to the people at the party, she was still the mother of Ye Qingchen’s son, so many people came up to flatter her.

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“Miss Bai, I’ve heard of your famous name for a long time. When I saw you today, you really looked extraordinary. It’s much better than that woman, Qin Zhizhi. You are more charming, beautiful, enchanting…”

Zhizhi, who was on the side, was annoyed.

If you want to please her by disregarding your dignity and having no bottom line, then please don’t be that blind, okay?!

She looked at Qinyun from head to toe.

No way! Even just a strand of hair from her can’t be compared to mine!

My hair is so shiny like satin fabric, so how can you just compare it to her withered grass-like hair?!

After the man finished saying his flattery words, he handed a glass of wine to Qinyun. “Miss Bai, I would like to give you a toast.”

Zhizhi quivered, then she suddenly got up and rushed to Qinyun’s side, took that glass of wine, and almost forgot the reason why she went there.

Her purpose was to push the wine away which she achieved anyway.

She smiled at Qinyun and said, “Miss Bai, drinking too much is bad for your health and it will break you down. Brother Chen would probably feel distressed if you got sick.”

Qinyun originally planned to accept the wine, but after hearing Zhizhi’s words, she didn’t dare to take it again.

She smiled and replied, “Miss Qin, thank you for your concern.”

“You’re welcome. I’m just saying, you know, since you’ve been serving Brother Chen day and night for so many years, then you can be considered as a servant of my Ye family.”

Qinyun was displeased. Is she insinuating that I am one of those low-ranking servants in ancient times?

She looked hideous for a moment, then she suppressed her emotion again. She chuckled and said, “Miss Qin, you are getting more and more humorous.”

Zhizhi’s face became stiff and quickly exclaimed, “I’m not joking!”

But Qinyun ignored her. She turned around and walked away angrily.

For whatever reason, Zhizhi wouldn’t let her go like that and chased after her. “Hey, wait for me.”

That night, the scene looked like an unvalued legal wife, who was Zhizhi, following behind the favored mistress, who was Qinyun. That was what you call boot-licking, flattering, and being a warmhearted person to someone who held the authority. And this made the watching crowd baffled.

They all agreed that Zhizhi was a fool.

“Miss Bai, how can a fairy like you, who has a breath-taking beauty, elegant and beautiful, extraordinary and outstanding, and pure and clean, drink alcohol? That will tarnish your beauty!” Zhizhi exclaimed.

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