April 27, 2022

Chapter 146: Response

Sexual loyalty is not an important thing to Zhang Huan or to his marriage.

In comparison, Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng are much more important. When Zhang Huan considers his marriage, he has to consider many other factors, but sex comes next.

For Zhang Huan, Liang Yingying stealing a man was actually something that could pass with a blind eye. However, he is choosing to divorce now.

When Zhang Yansheng heard it, she knew that this man was having wicked ideas again.

“She doesn’t have a good fortune.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Why do you want to go ashore and be kind?”

In the past two years, Zhang Huan has invested a lot of money in this young starlet. She has filmed four or five TV series. With a beautiful face and a good figure, she just can’t get good fortune no matter what.

Maybe she really doesn’t have that fate.

“What are you talking about? Your words are so unpleasant.” Zhang Huan muttered with dissatisfaction.

But he did not deny it.

“Do you really have to divorce Liang Yingying?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “She doesn’t hinder you from having a mistress outside.”

“Leave, she definitely has to leave.” Zhang Huan said firmly, “I am tired of her now. When I think of her being in this house, I don’t even want to come back.”

It can be seen that he is determined not to want Liang Yingying anymore.

“Then make an agreement with her for alimony.” Zhang Yansheng said, “She is Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng’s mother. Don’t let her go back to her old business for money and do anything embarrassing.”

“You’re right!” Zhang Huan’s fingers clicked in the air, “Yes, yes, she can’t embarrass Hehe and Shuoshuo, but I also can’t give her too much. A small amount is enough for her! Let me think about it… how much is suitable for her?”

Suddenly, he found that Zhang Yansheng was silent, Zhang Huan raised his eyes and saw that Zhang Yansheng was looking at him. The gaze was inquiring, as if studying something unknown.

“What’s the matter, why do you look at Dad like that?” Zhang Huan was uncomfortable.

Zhang Yansheng stared at her father. He looks much younger than most of his peers at this age, probably because he has everything a man dreams of — wealth, status, mansion, luxury car, and children — everything.

If there is another love from a young woman, it will really match the gods.

Zhang Yansheng said, “Sometimes, I don’t really understand you. Why do you like getting married so much?”

It was really Liang Yingying who got lucky when she was let in. The original partner passed away. It is not difficult to understand that she gave birth to a son and a daughter for this man.

But Zhang Huan is at this age now, and if he divorced Liang Yingying and still wanted to get married, Zhang Yansheng would really be puzzled.

“What’s wrong with that? Well… men want to have a wife and women want to have a husband.” Zhang Huan gradually couldn’t speak and admitted, “Well, she’s always making trouble…”

Zhang Yansheng’s statement was in vain.

Unlike Xu Lichen’s father, who is an iron-hearted scumbag, Zhang Huan is actually a f*cking scumbag with a tender heart!

He couldn’t bear the little starlet’s crying and hanging herself, but he could leave Liang Yingying dying by herself and would even send her off, so he finally made up his mind to change his wife for this reason.

Therefore, when a man reaches a certain age, his old house is prone to fire.

Zhang Huan didn’t meet this little starlet in her last life, so he didn’t have to take action. But he encountered her in this life and he got caught in this fire.

From this point of view, this little starlet is a much more troublesome person than Liang Yingying. Because Zhang Yansheng is now living at this age, what she wants is not her father’s love anymore, but real benefits.

She has to consider how much impact and loss of benefits a new woman who is valued by Zhang Huan will cause once she enters this family.

The original good stability of the situation left Liang Yingying to do nothing.

However, the fact that a young starlet whom she had never met could have such a great influence on Zhang Huan made Zhang Yansheng feel deeply vigilant.

People always have to defend their own interests. Zhang Yansheng said, “How old is she? Just a few years older than me, right? Smart enough to get you divorced. She is really worthy of being born in the entertainment industry, so I really can’t underestimate her.”

Zhang Huan also defended the little starlet: “Don’t keep talking about people like that. She is also a decent little girl, and she doesn’t want to be shady without a status.”

“A little girl who wants to marry an old man like you is what you call decent? So, I guess, I shouldn’t be looking for Yue Song then, I should be looking for Grandpa Yue, right?” Zhang Yansheng sneered.

Zhang Huan was unhappy: “How can you treat me like an old man?! Besides, she doesn’t want me to do anything, she just wants to be dignified.” He gathered his hair to touch it. Well, his hair is still thick, not bald at all. Their Zhang family does not have the gene for baldness.

“Please have some little self-awareness. Since she’s a good girl like you said, then why should she be with you? Isn’t it good for her to be with a guy of the same age? But instead, she wants to be with a man who can be considered as her own father, is it because you are still full of energy or because you move too fast?” Zhang Yansheng was bitterly sarcastic.

Zhang Huan’s face couldn’t hold back: “Why is it the older you get, the more you can’t speak well! You’re full of nonsense.”

“She just wants to be famous, right? So why would you give her a status?” Zhang Yansheng said, “Isn’t it to get the right of inheritance? So, when you die, she’ll get the money.”

“I don’t know how patient she is, but can she wait until your life is over?” Zhang Yansheng said, “It doesn’t matter if her patience is okay. Anyway, the most difficult thing is to prevent the person you’ll share your pillow with from killing you. She can find good ways for you to die like drowning you in the bathtub while you’re drunk or pushing you off a cliff.”

Zhang Huan was horrified and shouted, “Yanyan! Don’t talk nonsense, how can you think of people so badly!”

“Or else what?” Zhang Yansheng said indifferently, “In the good old days, will you just watch this little starlet running on the basketball court while waiting for your death?”

“If she doesn’t even have this ambition, how can she go out and marry an old man whose daughter is almost the same age as herself?”

“Can you let your own mother fight to marry an old man who doesn’t want children? Can this kind of person be true, kind, beautiful, innocent, and sweet?”

“When the old things have new developments, you’ll feel dizzy, right? Think about where Xu Lichen’s father is now. If a woman is ruthless for money, something will happen to the man.”

Xu Lichen’s mother is Zhang Huan’s least favorite type of woman. He secretly complained to Zhang Yansheng several times, thinking that she was too cruel.

“Don’t blame women for being cruel. If a woman can be cruel like this, she is either driven to a desperate end by a man, or she is provoked by a man’s ambition.”

“Do you want to give her a status? Have you ever thought that from the day she got her status, from the day she became Mrs. Zhang and had the right to inherit, it was the beginning of her looking forward to your death day and night?”

“Just like back then, you let Liang Yingying give birth to Zhang Heling and gave her hope.” Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes, which were a little red and hostile, “Since then, Liang Yingying has been looking forward to my mother’s death every day.”

Zhang Huan was stunned.

“So, of all the things…” Zhang Yansheng still gritted her teeth after years of events, “This is what I hate the most.”

There was silence in the study.

Zhang Huan’s lips moved slightly, trying to say something, trying to justify something, but he couldn’t say anything.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly turned around and strode away.

As soon as she opened the door of the study room, she found that someone was eavesdropping outside.

It was not Liang Yingying, but Zhang Heling.

She was caught off guard, too late to escape, too late to hide.

Her palm-sized face was pale and white, with tears in her eyes.

Zhang Yansheng held the door handle and, on the doorstep, the two sisters looked at each other, both got stiffened there.

Zhang Heling suddenly turned around and ran away.

Zhang Yansheng paused, and then went to Zhang Heling’s room.

The door of the room was concealed, and Zhang Yansheng pushed it open and walked in. Zhang Heling was lying on her bed, her face buried in the quilt, her shoulders shrugged, and she was crying silently.

Zhang Yansheng walked over and sat by her bed without speaking.

Zhang Heling cried for a while, and her mood stabilized. Although she didn’t look up, she knew that Zhang Yansheng was sitting by the bed. She sniffed and asked in a muffled voice, “Sister… Do you… hate me so much?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “What I hate is this matter itself.”

Zhang Heling sat up; her tears flowed down again: “But if I was not born…”

“Are you that capable? Can you control whether you will be born or not?” Zhang Yansheng sneered.

Zhang Heling wiped away her tears, but her tears flowed down again, and it took several wipes to wipe them clean.

“I… I occasionally thought of it when I was a child and I always felt that it’s not right.” She said, “When Shuoshuo and I came here, your mother died not long after, but we were both a few years old already. At that time, I knew that something was wrong. Later on, I finally figured it out when I was in the sixth grade… It turned out that I was a child of a mistress.”

She shed tears again: “I asked my classmates what would happen if their father and his mistress had children. Everyone said that they would definitely kill the children of the mistress. The children of the mistresses shouldn’t have been born. They deserve to be killed…”

“No one can decide how they are born themselves. If I can decide for myself, I will definitely not choose to be born in this family, and you definitely don’t want to be born from a mistress.” Zhang Yansheng interrupted her and said, “I used to believe in the theory of original sin, but I didn’t believe it anymore. Later on, I learned that if a person makes different choices, he will go a different way and become a different person. What matters is not whose child you are, but what kind of person you are.”

It’s a pity that most people can only live once and have no chance to start over.

While making the right choice sounds easy, it is often so difficult in reality. When you realize how wrong your choice was, you’ll find that there is no regret medicine being sold in real life.

Zhang Heling listened to her, hugged the pillow, and began to sob and cry.

“Then, Dad and Mom, will they divorce?” She cried so much that her snots flowed out.

Zhang Huan had planned to divorce from the beginning, but did not cover the matter. There was such a mess downstairs, the police, aunts, and bodyguards all knew what happened.

This marriage is definitely going to end in divorce.

Zhang Yansheng said, “You can’t control the adult’s affairs. It’s useless to cry and beg.”

Zhang Heling understood, she hugged the pillow and started crying again.

When Zhang Yansheng walked downstairs, she saw Liang Yingying sitting on the stairs in a daze. Seeing her coming down, she stood up awkwardly.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t look at her, but glanced at the ground.

Driver Zhou was still curled up on the ground, the blood on his face began to clot.

This person has also worked in their house for several years, and he is regarded as a senior employee. He got married in her senior year in high school, and Zhang Yansheng gave him a big red envelope at that time. In a blink of an eye, he hooked up with Liang Yingying, a pseudo-rich woman.

What exactly is marriage? Why on earth do people want to get married?

Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to stay in this house for another moment.

She drove back to Yue Song’s apartment, and as soon as she opened the door, she felt that the atmosphere was completely different. It’s clean and the air is particularly fresh.

Yue Song heard the sound coming out of the room inside. He was wearing soft and close-fitting home clothes, and his whole body was clean and different from that of a middle-aged greasy man.

“You’re back?” He walked over to her, “How are the things at your home?”

Zhang Yansheng rushed into his arms.

Yue Song opened his arms, hugged her, and heard her say softly, “Yue Song…”

“Let’s not get married, let’s just stay in love.”

Yue Song knew that this was her response to his second marriage proposal.