April 26, 2022

Chapter 145: Change in the Family

Yue Song’s second marriage proposal was chosen when the passion was fierce.

Although the experts say that love can only last for eleven months, in fact, as long as the hormones are still there, love is still there.

With the fingers intertwined, the beloved one said those words in her ear. Zhang Yansheng closed her eyes tightly and the tide surged.

At this moment, Yue Song kissed her ears in a hoarse voice with a slight gasp, and whispered, “Yansheng, let’s get married…”

Zhang Yansheng almost agreed. At this moment, the cellphone rang, interrupting them.

It’s very late at this time, and most people don’t call at such a late time. But when they do, usually something important is really happening.

It was Zhang Yansheng’s cellphone that rang. Yue Song panted for a few seconds, reached out to help her bring the cellphone, and glanced at it: “It’s Hehe.”

Zhang Yansheng took it and answered the call, and Zhang Heling’s cry came from the cellphone: “Sister! Sister, come back soon!”

Zhang Yansheng said in a deep voice, “What happened?”

Zhang Heling cried and said, “Dad is going to divorce Mom…”

Although her rebirth did bring some butterfly effects, this sudden change was still unexpected.

Why would Zhang Huan divorce Liang Yingying?


Zhang Yansheng’s mind turned quickly at this time, what would happen after Zhang Huan and Liang Yingying divorced?

Zhang Heling was crying: “Sister…”

She usually pretends to be cold like her elder sister, but when she encounters something like this, she reveals her true form and has no backbone.

Zhang Yansheng sighed: “I got it. I will go back now.”

After hanging up the phone, Yue Song had already put on his pants: “I will accompany you there.”

“No need.” Zhang Yansheng found her clothes and put them on her body, “My dad may not want to see you at this moment.”

This is human nature. Yue Song nodded: “Okay, drive carefully.”

Zhang Yansheng supported herself on his shoulder and stood on tiptoe, quickly kissed him, walked out quickly, grabbed her bag, and left.

With his upper body naked, Yue Song pushed open the floor-to-ceiling glass door. Outside was a wide terrace overlooking the night view of K City. The night breeze in June was a bit cold, but Yue Song’s heat hadn’t dissipated, and he still felt dry, and it was blowing just right.

He lit a cigarette, pressed against the railing of the terrace to smoke, and looked down. After a while, he saw a car coming out of the basement exit from a distance, and he could faintly hear the roar of the engine. It should be Zhang Yansheng.

Yue Song exhaled a mouthful of white smoke.

That call came at a bad time.

Zhang Yansheng returned to their house and found that the house was in a mess.

As soon as she entered the door, there was a man lying on the floor of the entrance hall, his head and face were covered with blood, and he curled up in pain. Zhang Huan’s two bodyguards stood there holding their fists.

Zhang Yansheng was surprised. After a closer look, that person turned out to be Driver Zhou.

Zhang Yansheng thought of the reason why Zhang Heling called herself back… She paused and asked, “Where is my dad?”

The bodyguard said, “In the study.”

Zhang Yansheng glanced at Driver Zhou and went upstairs. Outside the study room, Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng were leaning on the door and looking at the crack, faintly hearing Liang Yingying’s cry and Zhang Huan’s cursing.

Zhang Yansheng shouted: “Zhang Heling!”

Both Zhang Heling and Zhang Shoucheng turned around and saw that it was her, and the two younger ones seemed to have found their backbone. Zhang Heling ran over, crying: “Sister…”

Zhang Shuocheng also had a panic on his face. Although he is not small anymore, he is only a fifth-grade kid after all. If you really encounter a major event, you will be helpless.

Zhang Yansheng asked: “What happened?”

Zhang Heling took time to tell her: “It was because Aunt Wang stole father’s watch… But she told my mother that she had nothing to do with it… So, I called the police… The police took us all away. Dad went there directly from the company. When we came back, Dad and Mom were going to divorce… Also, he asked someone to beat Driver Zhou…”

What a mess, why is she even talking about Aunt Wang being involved here?

Zhang Yansheng said in a deep voice: “Don’t cry, make it clear, what the hell is going on?”

Zhang Heling wiped away her tears, controlled her emotions, and talked again.

Zhang Yansheng finally figured out what was going on.

First, Liang Yingying suddenly yelled that Zhang Huan’s million-yuan watch was missing.

Liang Zheng stole Zhang Huan’s watch once in her previous life. This did not happen in this life. Zhang Yansheng thought it would never happen again. She didn’t expect it to happen at this time.

When the watch disappeared, Liang Yingying accused the suspicious aunts aggressively. The aunts have no culture or legal awareness. In order to prove their innocence, they searched everyone’s beds and cabinets one by one.

As a result, the watch was hidden in Aunt Wang’s pillowcase, it was revealed after shaking the pillow.

Aunt Wang’s complexion changed at that time, and she insisted that she hadn’t stolen it.

Liang Yingying said high-sounding words to the effect that Aunt Wang had taken care of Zhang Shuocheng over the years, intending to leave her some decency, and talk to her in private. She sent the others away and closed the door to talk to Aunt Wang alone.

But she did not expect that Zhang Heling, a middle school student, had legal consciousness and knew that she should call the police. When Liang Yingying closed the door to talk privately with Aunt Wang, Zhang Heling called the police.

The amount involved was as high as one million, and the police came quickly.

Liang Yingying’s expression changed when she saw the police, and she told them that everything was fine.

But for such a high amount, the people involved have the relationship between the employee and the employer, and there are multiple personal testimonies. The police will not just let it go, despite her saying that everything was fine. In the end, including Zhang Heling, as the person who made the report, they were all taken to the police station.

As the owner of the watch and the father of the child, Zhang Huan also received a call from the police, and he went there directly from the company.

Zhang Heling thought that this was a simple theft. She never expected that there would be such a development afterwards.

The watch was not stolen by Aunt Wang, because it was planted by Liang Yingying.

Liang Yingying wants to get rid of Aunt Wang’s extortion.

Liang Yingying was lonely in the empty boudoir, and Driver Zhou was full of trivial things after his marriage. These two people often came into contact and hooked up together.

They used to take Zhang Shuocheng out to play as a cover. In fact, it was Aunt Wang who would look after Zhang Shuocheng outside, while Liang Yingying would find an excuse to disappear with Driver Zhou for an hour or two.

This happened so many times that it can’t be hidden under Aunt Wang’s eyes. Aunt Wang felt that it was profitable and kept asking Liang Yingying for money.

Liang Yingying gave her money since the amount was small at the beginning, but the person’s appetite only got bigger and bigger, and Aunt Wang wanted more and more at a time. Liang Yingying finally felt that she couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to end it with Aunt Wang.

She planted Aunt Wang for stealing, and Aunt Wang suffered a secret loss. The two closed the door to negotiate. Liang Yingying promised to give Aunt Wang the last sum of money, and Aunt Wang will resign and leave.

Otherwise, Liang Yingying would send Aunt Wang to jail for stealing.

Aunt Wang didn’t have any sense of the law. Although she knew Liang Yingying had set her up, she was frightened by her, so she felt that it was time for her to stop.

The two of them had already negotiated and made a settlement after closing the door, and never wanted Zhang Heling to call the police!

The amount involved in the case was very huge. When she arrived at the police station, Aunt Wang was shocked when she heard the police say that. She was so scared that she yelled out on the spot: “Liang Yingying set me up! She was shameless and fooled around with the driver, afraid that I would tell her husband!”

Twice or thrice, she confessed everything.

Although Liang Yingying had planted the crime, she chose to settle in private and did not call the police. It was not enough to make a false report to the police and frame someone.

Zhang Heling didn’t know the truth of the matter, so she called the police as a normal thing to do, and it was not considered a false police report.

But Aunt Wang’s extortion was a fact, so she confessed, and she confessed herself of doing it.

Finally, Zhang Huan took Liang Yingying and Zhang Heling home, and when they came back, she asked the bodyguards to clean up Driver Zhou.

Liang Yingying knelt down and begged for mercy, but it was useless. Zhang Huan wanted to divorce her.

Zhang Heling was horrified and called Zhang Yansheng. It was purely because she was in a hurry to get some rescue, so she didn’t have time to think about it. The one who hated Liang Yingying the most in this family was actually Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect such a change in this life. Although Zhang Huan had some women outside in her previous life, he wouldn’t be too indifferent to Liang Yingying. Liang Yingying also had a pretty good time at home, and there was no incident of adultery and stealing, not to mention Aunt Wang’s extortion.

These things really start with a thread, and when they are picked up, they are already a string connected together.

She looked at the two frightened little ones and said, “You two, go back to your rooms first.”

Zhang Heling wanted to speak, but Zhang Yansheng said, “You are just adding chaos here. You can’t control the adult’s affairs. Go back.”

She went over and knocked on the door, and when Zhang Huan asked “Who”, she didn’t answer and just pushed the door open.

Zhang Shuocheng asked Zhang Heling: “Can eldest sister keep Dad from divorcing Mom?”

Zhang Heling hesitated for a while and said, “I don’t know.”

Her mind was a little clearer now, only to realize that she really didn’t know if their eldest sister would speak for their mother.

After all…

A look of panic and blankness appeared on Zhang Heling’s face again.

Zhang Yansheng opened the door.

Instead of sitting on the desk, chair, or sofa, Zhang Huan actually sat down on the coffee table with a golden knife. Liang Yingying knelt at his feet with tears in her eyes and snotty nose, begging bitterly: “Forgive me this time, please…”

Seeing Zhang Yansheng, Zhang Huan said unnaturally: “Why are you back? Didn’t you say that you won’t be back today?”

Zhang Yansheng was speechless: “Everything has come to this here and you still don’t expect me to come back?”

Zhang Huan snorted.

Seeing Zhang Yansheng, Liang Yingying had probably never missed her so much in her life. She got up and rushed towards her: “Yanyan! Yanyan!”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to make any physical contact with her. As soon as Liang Yingying flashed her body, she missed and rushed into thin air. But before she fell down, Zhang Yansheng shot like lightning, grasping her arm, and abruptly pulled her.

Liang Yingying took the opportunity to climb on her: “Yanyan! Yanyan! Help me talk to your father! Yanyan! If I leave, Hehe won’t have a mother!”

“Shut the f*ck up! Let go of Yanyan!” Zhang Huan stood up and cursed at her with his fingers, “You still have the face to mention Hehe!”

Liang Yingying wanted to say more, Zhang Yansheng flicked her arm, she staggered and almost sat back down, hanging for a long time before stabilizing and not falling.

“You, go out.” Zhang Yansheng said to her, “Let me say a few words to him.”

Liang Yingying bit her lip and looked at Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan put one hand on his waist and waved the other vigorously: “Go! Get lost!”

Liang Yingying moved her steps and walked out, turning her head and muttering, “Think about Hehe–”

When she was gone, Zhang Huan pulled her neckline and cursed, “D*mn it!”

Zhang Yansheng’s voice was cold, and she went straight to the point: “After divorcing Liang Yingying, who do you plan to marry? That little starlet who can’t get popular?”

Zhang Huan was caught off guard and became embarrassed.