April 25, 2022

Chapter 144: Period of Time

During the Spring Festival in the previous years, Zhang Yansheng would go to her grandmother’s house to visit relatives at most. As for the other relatives, they all went to Zhang’s house.

For the first time this year, Zhang Yansheng also needs to go to Yue’s house.

First, Yue Song came to her grandmother on the second day of the Lunar New Year to celebrate the New Year. This is also the first time since the two of them made their relationship public last summer.

“Your house is really lively.” He said to her grandma, “My grandfather envied this the most, but our family is so small, so there is no way to have this.” Yue Song was just talking about the atmosphere, and he didn’t mean anything else. But usually, when other elders hear this kind of thing, they always half-jokingly say something like ‘have a few more children in the future’. Only her grandma is a different elder, so she didn’t say it.

She just said: “This only happens now as they have all grown up. I’ve had some headaches for a few of their little quarrels in the past few years.”

Everyone laughed.

Even Zhang Qi tugged at the corners of her mouth, but Zhao Lanfen didn’t smile.

Zhang Yu touched her lightly with his foot silently, so she barely squeezed out a smile.

But she was still uncomfortable in her heart and it was blocked when she saw Yue Song’s existence.

Obviously, it was Qiqi from their family who knew Yue Song first, and it was Qiqi who was interested in Yue Song first…

Zhang Huan also asked, “Won’t Qiqi’s boyfriend come to visit for the new year?”

Zhang Qi hurriedly said, “Second uncle, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Zhang Huan was surprised: “What about the youngest son of Luo Mingyi’s family before? You already broke up?”

“We didn’t break up.” Zhang Qi firmly denied, “He’s never been my boyfriend, just a classmate.”

“It’s the opposite for young people, they just have fun together if they have a good time.” Zhao Lanfen said lightly, “There is no such thing as having a boyfriend or not having a boyfriend. Don’t be so feudal.”

“Sister-in-law is right.” Zhang Huan smiled, then turned to Yue Song and said, “Accompany me and your uncle for a drink later.”

Yue Song agreed.

Zhao Lanfen’s heart was even more blocked.

It’s just a relationship. It’s another matter whether they get married or not in the future. Why is her brother-in-law so affectionate when he is not yet his father-in-law?

The old lady also smiled: “Qiqi, hurry up and bring your boyfriend to show Grandma. You are still the older sister.”

Zhang Qi said angrily: “Grandma~ I am in the transition period now. From school to company, I just want to concentrate on doing things. I will talk about distracting things like falling in love later.”

Zhang Heling is now in the first year of middle school. She has grown up and can listen to this kind of talk if she is obedient. She rolled her eyes quietly when she heard these words.

She looked at her sister again and found her sitting next to big brother Yue, clasping their fingers with both hands, as if she hadn’t heard the words there. The two of them were whispering next to each other.

There was a smile at the corner of her mouth and affection flowed in her eyes.

Ahhh, I really want to fall in love~

Zhang Yansheng went to Yue’s house on the third day of the new year. Sure enough, compared with the Zhang family, the Yue family seemed deserted.

Yue Song’s parents ran away after seeing Zhang Yansheng on New Year’s Day. It’s just that it’s the Spring Festival now and they’re back again. They must come back for this holiday and can’t leave the old man alone for the holiday.

A family with a total population of only four people, because it has been passed down for three generations, there are not even a few relatives. The relatives of Yue Song’s grandmother side also basically stopped coming there because his grandmother passed away early. There is also his maternal uncle’s family.

The Uncle Xue family and Xue Xintong also came, and Zhang Yansheng, at any rate, added some popularity to the deserted Yue family. It’s just that she didn’t see Yue Song’s legendary eldest cousin who was very unsuccessful.

“So basically, I know why this kid always looked deserted before.” Xue Xintong said to Zhang Yansheng, “Since he was a child, he has been staring at the old man without knowing what to do. The house is empty and there is no one else here, so he has grown up into a popsicle.”

“I can hear you!” The old man said, “This stinky girl is talking badly about me!”

Xue Xintong complained: “You are talking nonsense. How could I dare? If I want to talk bad about you, then I have to say it secretly.” Everyone laughed.

Zhang Yansheng finished laughing and asked Xue Xintong, “When will Big Sister give birth?”

Xue Xintong touched her stomach, with a satisfied light in her eyes: “In May.”

Uncle Xue cast a glance over and his eyes were a little helpless.

Yue Song’s parents glanced at each other and said nothing.

Zhang Yansheng noticed something strange, and asked Yue Song on the way home: “What’s wrong with Big Sister Xue? I don’t think their expressions are right earlier.”

Yue Song shrugged: “Everything is okay, but the old people are more conservative.”

He paused and said, “My sister is not married and we don’t know who is the father of the child. She went to M Country to buy sperm.”

Zhang Yansheng remembered that the year she died, there was a heated discussion online about an unmarried woman who went to Country M to buy sperm. But she hadn’t paid attention to Xue Xintong, who only showed her face in the media as an entrepreneur. There were no reports of this kind of private matter. It’s still quite new for this kind of thing to happen to herself and to people who are involved with her.

She asked: “Does she not believe in marriage?”

“She is mainly too busy.” Yue Song said, “Plus, at her age and with her identity, to fall in love, it now depends much on fate.”

It is really too difficult for a strong woman with experience, mature age, and a rich net worth to find someone to fall in love with in China.

Not to mention Xue Xintong’s background, it is very difficult for women who are strong and work hard in the ordinary workplace, and who already have some ranks to get married.

Because the aesthetics of Chinese people are inherently low in age, they are biased towards young women rather than mature women, and towards gentle women rather than strong women.

Of course, these strong women have to be worthy of them.

But Xue Xintong’s pregnancy was another bloodshed in the Xue family.

Xue Xintong’s eldest brother was entangled in gambling and drugs, and he is basically a waste, so Uncle Xue handed over the business empire of the Xue family to Xue Xintong to take over.

In the early years, the eldest son of the Xue family would still make trouble and wanted to fight for property, but he just doesn’t want to dwell on these unpleasant things now.

“She is not married and has no children. In the future, this business will belong to my son sooner or later!” He said triumphantly, “She is just working for my son.”

This eldest brother can’t do anything else, but he is very good at having children. He gave birth to four children in one breath, two sons and two daughters. He feels that he has made a huge contribution to the continuation of incense to the Xue family.

Such a great hero!

He often said this, so his children have learned about it too. Then one day, his son said it in front of Xue Xintong and the others: “You are working for me and the Xue family belongs to me.”

Xue Xintong only smiled at the time and touched her silly nephew’s head lovingly.

But she turned around, flew to M Country, bought sperm, and became pregnant when she got back.

She also told Uncle Xue: “Don’t worry, he has black hair and black eyes.”

Uncle Xue’s mood at the time was very complicated. In his heart, although he gave up his son, he still has feelings for his grandson after all. He feels that in the future, the family business will return from the hands of his daughter to the hands of his grandson, and it will be the right way.

However, this plan was completely overthrown in Xue Xintong’s hand. This time, it was another mess.

For the sake of the tranquility of the family, Uncle Xue sent his son and daughter-in-law abroad, so they could not be seen during the Spring Festival.

“Well done!” Zhang Yansheng’s eyes flashed as she spoke.

Yue Song laughed.

“My uncle accepts this matter now anyway. As for what he thinks in his heart, he can’t control it.” He said, “From our family’s side, I definitely want my sister to protect her own interests. No one wants her to work hard all her life and make wedding clothes for others. Anyway, my mother firmly supports my sister and she never liked my eldest cousin.”

“Of course, you have to support Big Sister.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Why let that kind of person enjoy her achievements?”


Zhang Yansheng celebrated her 19th birthday in April, and Xue Xintong gave birth to a baby boy in May.

In June, the Xue family gave the child a grand banquet for his one-month-old celebration. Zhang Huan and Zhang Yansheng were both invited to participate.

At the banquet, it could be seen that Uncle Xue’s attitude seemed to have changed. He loves this newborn child very much, as if he was a grandfather for the first time. And when he was holding the child, he did call himself ‘grandpa’. This child has no father and his surname is Xue. Although he is his daughter’s son, he is directly adopted as a grandson.

Zhang Yansheng also heard someone whispering about the child having no father at the banquet, so she cast a cold glance. When talking, these people felt her line of sight, so they stopped. After all, there are too many people, and they don’t know who is related to whom, and there is no need to have enmity.

Zhang Huan greeted Yue Song’s parents modestly.

Xue Xintong’s mother passed away due to illness a few years ago. As an aunt who is very close to her, Yue Song’s mother has been back to China since April to take care of her.

It was also the first time that Yue Song’s parents and Zhang Huan met. As the man’s parents, they behaved more enthusiastically. Zhang Huan’s modesty was also reasonable, and everyone was very happy to talk to each other.

Zhang Huan said to Zhang Yansheng on the way home: “Xiao Yue’s parents are living a fairy life. There is Old Man Yue above and Xiao Yue below. The two of them don’t worry about anything.”

“You can also retire if you are envious.” Zhang Yansheng said.

“Then I’ll retreat now.” Zhang Huan said, “But what would the three of you do if I retire, you’ll have nothing to eat and drink. Let me tell you, Qiqi is now by your grandmother’s side and she is doing well. Oh, I’m really in a hurry, why did you just go to college! Hurry up and graduate early.”

“Who told you to give birth to me late?” Zhang Yansheng said, “And why blame me?”

“Besides, my grandmother is still healthy. What do you want me to fight with Sister Qiqi? You and uncle are still there, so it’s not my turn to fight with Sister Qiqi.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You should really fight with uncle. Also, if I decided to fight, it would not be with Sister Qiqi, it should be with Zhang Shuocheng, right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Zhang Huan said angrily, “What are you going to fight with you brother and sister? Shouldn’t you love your younger brother and sister since you are the eldest sister? Don’t worry, Dad will make the property division clear in the future, so you don’t have to fight. Everyone is a family that loves each other.”

“It’s as if my grandma can’t figure this out. Don’t worry, my grandma knows everything in her heart. Besides, my grandma is the one who would really decide to choose as her successor, and it was not up to you or me to decide it for her.” Zhang Yansheng returned his words.

“You’re saying nonsense again. Your uncle and I don’t have any disputes, we are also brothers. In our family, I’m telling you, there will be no such thing as a fight for inheritance.” Zhang Huan vowed, “Dad and your uncle will set a good example for you. In the future, you, Hehe, and Shuoshuo will do the same.”

Zhang Yansheng also knew that he was actually fighting for favor habitually. She had heard her grandmother say that Zhang Huan had been like this since he was a child.

Of course, fighting for favor in front of the old lady will undoubtedly be beneficial to the future distribution of inheritance, so it cannot be said.

Zhang Qi has the advantage of age and entered the family business earlier than Zhang Yansheng, which is natural.

However, the Zhang family has been together for three generations. Unlike the Xue family, where the dispute between the brother and sister has intensified to that extent, but the Zhang family is peaceful. Zhang Yansheng went to school steadily, step by step.

In a blink of an eye, another Spring Festival and another birthday had passed. Zhang Yansheng is now 20 years old.

This is the legal age for women to get married as stipulated by the state.

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