April 24, 2022

Chapter 143: Principle

Regarding Wang Qian, it is impossible to make a judgement.

Because from the perspective of conspiracy theories, everything seems to point to her participating in it to some extent and promoting it to some extent. For example, she learned of Zhang Yansheng’s death so quickly and told Xu Lichen, Xu Lichen still had time to rush back to attend the funeral.

Another example, Zhang Yansheng and Huang Zhe have known each other for a few years, but she has never heard Huang Zhe mention this cousin. So, has Wang Qian heard Huang Zhe mention how many friends he met at XX University? Wang Qian knew Zhang Yansheng’s school.

If you think about it this way, it seems that everything can be right, as if there are clues everywhere.

But on the other hand, from another point of view, it seems that it all makes sense.

Regarding Zhang Yansheng’s death, Zhang Huan might have notified the school teacher or the people in the contacts list on her cellphone. Many people do this. In short, Wang Qian may be able to learn about her death in time from any channel.

Huang Zhe is her cousin, maybe relatives do not mention their friends to each other. Zhang Yansheng never heard Zhang Qi and Zhang Lin mention their friends. This is also possible.

As always, if you suspect your neighbor of stealing an axe, there will be traces everywhere. If you think that your neighbor doesn’t have it, then it all makes sense as well.

There is no way to prove whether Zhang Yansheng’s death in the previous life had anything to do with Wang Qian. There is no evidence to prove her guilt, nor is there evidence to prove her innocence.

This matter is destined to have no answer.

Zhang Yansheng lowered his eyes for a long time and said, “I can’t prove whether she has an involvement or not.”

Yue Song said, “Then ask the guy with the surname Huang?”

“It’s useless.” Zhang Yansheng said, “If she really did something, then it won’t be a positive way to leave people with a handle. Her way of doing things must be the one that pushes on the sidelines and fuels the flames.”

Yue Song understood: “Well, unless she admits it herself…”

But no one will admit what they have done, especially if the other party has no evidence to accuse them, it is even more impossible.

“Then what are you going to do?” Yue Song asked Zhang Yansheng.

After all, this matter is up to Zhang Yansheng to decide.

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a long time, and finally made her own choice: “A presumption of guilt.”

Although no matter what choice Zhang Yansheng made, Yue Song would support her. However, Yue Song also had his own inclination in his heart.

When he knew that someone had tried to drug Zhang Yansheng, he almost wanted to kill him in a moment of anger. Therefore, when someone is suspected of participating in or even promoting this matter, Yue Song is emotionally more inclined to prefer to kill the wrong person than to let it go.

But Zhang Yansheng chose not to convict that person.

As the person involved, she would never be less angry than Yue Song. It’s just that there is a line in her heart. No matter what she has experienced in her previous life and present life, Zhang Yansheng will not trample on her bottom line of being a human being.

Yue Song gently rubbed her smooth cheeks with the back of his fingers. What he saw in her eyes was not weakness or being a saint, but the principle of being a human being.

He couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Zhang Yansheng asked inexplicably.

“Suddenly, I felt very good.” Yue Song said, “I’ve already liked you even before I knew what kind of person you are.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her head, and looked at him obliquely: “For me, you are a man who is just interested in sex.”

Yue Song laughed.

Most of love begins with the desire to have sex, and then it gradually deepens in the combination of the three views, or gradually drifts away after the passion fades, it depends on everyone’s fate.

Yue Song felt that his fate was very good.


Zhang Qi doesn’t have much time at school now. She didn’t expect to come over at the end of the semester and was caught by Ma Yun, who complained about all her bitterness.

“When we were newcomers before, there were senior brothers and sisters above us. Isn’t it natural for the senior brothers and sisters to take care of the newcomers? We never said anything about it. Senior Sister Zhang, don’t you think so?” She complained, “This year’s newcomers are amazing that they can squeeze out all the junior department heads. The seniors occasionally say a word to them, but they would talk to us a lot.”

Zhang Qi understood the situation and said, “There’s usually a leader on this kind of thing. If you press down the one who takes the lead, then the others will be fine.”

Ma Yun sighed: “It’s the one who takes the lead that is so powerful, so we can’t do anything about it.”

Zhang Qi was a little bit dissatisfied with her like this: “You are a senior sister, but you’re actually being suppressed by a kid in the first year. You’re too useless, aren’t you?”

After speaking, she picked up the hot milk tea.

“Senior Sister, you don’t know but the one who takes the lead is amazing, we can’t even talk to her. She dared to even beat the boys, but the boys couldn’t beat her.” Ma Yun said angrily, “You don’t know, but this Zhang Yansheng…”

As soon as the words “Zhang Yansheng” fell into her ears, Zhang Qi ‘puffed’ out a mouthful of milk tea.

After coughing, she wiped her mouth clean with a tissue and asked, “Who?”

“Zhang Yansheng.” Ma Yun asked, “Why, Senior Sister, do you know her?”

“She is the thorn?” Zhang Qi rubbed her temples.

“Yes, yes.”

Zhang Qi said: “Then you’d better not provoke her.”

Ma Yun: “…Why?”

“Because…” Zhang Qi felt a headache, “She is my younger cousin.”

Ma Yun: “…”

In Ma Yun’s heart, it seemed that a thousand grass and mud horses were whistling past.

After the last meeting of the student union at the end of the semester, everyone is going to have one last meal together.

Zhang Yansheng received a call from a guy who was obviously her boyfriend: “Huh? You’re coming to pick me up? You’re done so early today? The student union will have dinner together…”

The president heard it, smiled, and gestured to her: “Invite him to go with us.”

Is it the legendary boyfriend who gave away a luxury car worth 10 million yuan with one shot?

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Yansheng, ask your boyfriend to have dinner with us together.”

“I haven’t seen your boyfriend yet!”

Yue Song’s laughter had already come from the phone, which means that he had obviously heard them.

“I feel so old now.” He said, “This feeling of youth can only happen in school.”

“Since you have heard it all, then come with us.” Zhang Yansheng was also happy, “Where are you? At the entrance of the school? South gate? Then wait for us there, and we will go out now.”

Everyone put on their coats one after another, and they all wanted to hurry up and see what boyfriend a rich and beautiful Zhang Yansheng looked like.

Ma Yun took her boyfriend’s arm and whispered to him: “I’m telling you, don’t have any expectations.”

Boyfriend: “?”

Ma Yun whispered, “Didn’t I tell you? She is Zhang Qi’s cousin. Rich people like them are engaged in business marriages. The family has the final say on who they will marry. Even if the opponent is ugly and blind, there is no way to oppose it. Such a pity…”

She looked at her boyfriend, who was 180cm in height, his appearance can be counted as handsome, and he was still young.

This boyfriend of Zhang Yansheng, who can give a sports car worth 10 million yuan, you can guess how old he is.

Seeing the excitement on the faces of the girls, she wondered how disappointed they would be later.

She also thought that although she is not as rich as Zhang Yansheng and not as beautiful as Zhang Yansheng, she has true love anyway.

It’s so sad that some people doesn’t even have the right to decide who to fall in love with. In this kind of life, there is nothing but money…

Anyway, isn’t he rich? Later on, she will take the lead to make Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend pay the bill!

While thinking about it, they had already walked to the entrance of the school. In the night, she can’t believe that she’s seeing that person again.

The bright light shone on the tall young man.

She hasn’t seen him for almost a year now, right? He didn’t come to school much since his senior year. She heard someone saw him here, but Ma Yun was out of luck and never saw him once since then.

She can only see him occasionally in her dreams.

After not seeing him for a long time, he seemed to have become more mature. His face is more handsome, his gaze is deeper, and his demeanor is calmer, and he doesn’t have the slightest student aura at all.

He stood in the light wearing a black coat, and the bridge of his tall nose cast a slight shadow on his cheeks. Light and shadow cut his face three-dimensional, perfect like the prince in every girl’s dream.

Ma Yun almost screamed, but fortunately she suppressed it. She put aside her boyfriend’s arm and rushed over, so excited that she was incoherent: “Yue, Senior Brother Yue! You, why are you here? Did you come to school for work?”

“It’s been a long time since I saw you.” Yue Song smiled, “I’m here to pick up my girlfriend.”

“Oh! You are here to pick up your girlfriend!” Ma Yun finished speaking happily, and found that her tongue gradually began to stiffen, “Then your girl… friend… girlfriend… yes…”

Yue Song has already stretched out his hand: “Yansheng!”

Zhang Yansheng stepped forward, came over and took his hand.

Yue Song smiled and said to Ma Yun: “This is my girlfriend. She is also in the student union and is still a newcomer. Please take care of her as a senior sister.”

Ma Yun didn’t know what expression was on her face at the moment.

Fortunately, the boys in the third year came over and squeezed her away.

“Senior Brother Yue!”

“Long time no see, Senior Brother!”

“F*ck, Senior Brother, you are actually Yansheng’s boyfriend!”

The seniors, including the president and department heads, happily caught up with Yue Song. The freshmen didn’t know Yue Song, so they asked one after another: “Who is he?”

The junior year brothers and sisters have all worked with Yue Song in the student union. Although the sophomore year brothers have not worked together, they all know Yue Song. They solved the confusion for the new people: “That is Senior Brother Yue, he graduated last year.”

“He is the previous student union president.” 

“I didn’t expect that he’s actually Yansheng’s boyfriend.”

The freshman girls all had shining eyes: “So, this Senior Brother Yue is the boyfriend who gave the luxury car worth 10 million yuan, right?”

When they were reminded of this, the seniors suddenly reacted: “Crap! If you didn’t mention it, we would have forgotten about this!”

Everyone whispered to each other: “Is Senior Brother Yue’s family so rich?”

“I think so, I used to be able to feel it a little bit, so I guess the conditions at his home are not bad.”

“Hey, ‘not bad’ and being ‘rich’ are not the same thing.”

After recounting the past, the president said, “Senior Brother, let’s go and have dinner with us. Today is the last dinner of this semester.”

Yue Song agreed, “Okay.”

Everyone moved.

Yue Song held Zhang Yansheng’s hand. The two of them were really a pair of dreamlike couples under the light of the night. People can’t move their eyes away.

When passing a black car on the street, Yue Song said to the driver standing by the car: “Go back, don’t wait for me.”

The driver nodded in response, and drove the car first.


All right, that proves that senior brother Yue is really from a wealthy family!

Ma Yun was dumbfounded and was dragged away by her boyfriend.

“Okay, you.” The boyfriend babbled to her, “Stop looking, it’s not yours to look at again.”

The boyfriend is also a junior student and he is also familiar with Yue Song. When Yue Song was in school, he was a grass-level figure in the school. Which girl doesn’t like him? His girlfriend is also one of senior brother Yue’s fans.

However, this kind of liking is actually just a fascination similar to star chasing and falling in love in reality are two different things.

If you really talk about love, you will choose someone not in that way.

So, the boyfriend is not jealous either. It’s just that his girlfriend looks a bit silly and embarrassing.

Everyone went to the restaurant where they often have dinner near the school. The meal they ordered today was extremely rich.

As a graduate senior brother, Yue Song answered many curious questions and inquiries from his younger brothers and sisters, told them about the current job market, analyzed the pros and cons of postgraduate entrance examination and employment, and suggested that they should not blindly follow, or should make more appropriate choices based on their own circumstances.

In the end, there was no need for Ma Yun to heckle. It was Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend who paid their bill.

After all, he is a rich man.

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