April 21, 2022

Chapter 140: Wait Idly for Opportunities

Some grievances must be avenged. For example, the hatred of life and death.

Zhang Yansheng hadn’t moved because the time node hadn’t arrived yet, and she didn’t know where to find the person she was looking for.

Until she went to college, until Christmas Eve of this year.

Christmas Eve is a special time node, so it is easy to remember. In her previous life, she and her college classmates came to this bar to play on Christmas Eve and met Huang Zhe here.

Later on, Yue Song broke into the private room and defeated Huang Zhe and rescued Zhang Yansheng. There was Huang Zhe’s blood in the blood splattered on his white shirt.

Zhang Yansheng sat in a dark corner, staring at these college classmates in her previous life — most of them had money at home and couldn’t enter a decent university. They spent money to exchange for a diploma, so that they wouldn’t say that they just have a high school degree.

There are no real bad guys here, but they are just some children spoiled by the family. Even now, they look a little silly and stupid.

There are also a few people who are not her college classmates, but they are respective friends who are called over by her classmates. Huang Zhe also came like this. Among Zhang Yansheng’s classmates, one of them was friends with Huang Zhe.

Zhang Yansheng sat there, considering whether to go over and strike up a conversation now, mix in, and wait for Huang Zhe to show up, or just sit there and wait for Huang Zhe to show up.

In fact, the former is better, so that when Huang Zhe comes, her existence will be more natural. But in her heart, she didn’t want to mix with these classmates in her previous life anymore. So, in the end, she didn’t move.

Then, she saw Huang Zhe and Wang Qian.

Zhang Yansheng never expected Wang Qian to appear there, with Huang Zhe.

In her previous life, she hadn’t had much contact with Wang Qian since she graduated from high school. She would only like her Moments’ posts when she was in good spirits. Gradually, she didn’t even like them anymore.

Zhang Yansheng watched for a long time. The person who came with Wang Qian was undoubtedly Huang Zhe. His hair is now brightly dyed and he has his iconic tattoo on his neck.

It was this tattoo that first attracted Zhang Yansheng’s attention. The craftsmanship is really good. Zhang Yansheng met him on this Christmas Eve. After seeing and complimenting the tattoo, the two of them caught up. Later on, Huang Zhe introduced his tattoo artist to Zhang Yansheng, and Zhang Yansheng gradually became addicted to tattoos.

Huang Zhe is also a very playful person, much more sociable than these college classmates in front of her. Zhang Yansheng gradually played with him, and through him, she met some other people and fooled around.

Until her death.

But Zhang Yansheng had never heard of Huang Zhe and Wang Qian being acquainted with each other.

And Huang Zhe was the one who killed her.

Zhang Yansheng sat in the corner, watching Wang Qian talk, laugh, and quickly integrated into the group — Wang Qian, like Xu Lichen, is a person who can quickly integrate into the environment and into the group, and make friends quickly.

But Zhang Yansheng sat there, only feeling cold in her hands and feet.

There are some things that she can’t think about, and when she thinks about it, it corresponds to the phrase ‘it’s too awful to contemplate’.

Zhang Yansheng pulled up her coat and hat and hurried past their table.

Someone glanced at her, only to see a tall and slim back figure, with high boots tube wrapped around her calves, in a beautiful shape.

But it is not unusual for the bar street to be full of beautiful and fashionable girls on Christmas Eve, so the classmate retracted his gaze.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t take a big breath until she walked outside and the cold and dry air was blowing on her face.

Her suffocation was slightly relieved, but her chest was still like a stone, heavy, and her heart was uncomfortable.

Irritation spread in her heart, as if returning to the beginning of her rebirth, irritable and full of hostility.

She must have thought too much.

Zhang Yansheng watched the flow of people on the street on Christmas Eve and told herself.

It must be.

Although the friendship in her previous life was very plastic, it was just like that. Girls in their teens have the deepest minds and that’s it.

No, it’s really not!

Zhang Yansheng stood on the street watching the traffic and the crowd for a long time. Then she took out her cellphone, but then remembered that it was Christmas Eve, and Xu Lichen must be playing outside as well.

She didn’t call, but sent him a message instead: Call me back at your convenience.

She thought it’s going to take a long time, but Xu Lichen called her in just two minutes later.

Xu Lichen glanced at his cellphone while drinking, just in time to see Zhang Yansheng’s message.

A genius would think that Zhang Yansheng was looking for him on Christmas Eve to say ‘Merry Christmas’ means that she must be in trouble. There is a high probability that it’s a bad thing, because good things can wait, but bad things need immediate attention.

Xu Lichen quickly found a barely quiet place and called her back: “Hello? Zhang Yansheng, what happened?”

Sure enough, Zhang Yansheng didn’t even mention any nonsense such as Merry Christmas. She directly asked, “Do you still have contact with the people in the previous Class 8?”

“Yes.” Xu Lichen inexplicably, “What’s the matter? Why do you remember Class 8 all of a sudden?”

Zhang Yansheng took a breath and said, “Help me find out about Wang Qian’s recent situation.”

Wang Qian only briefly intersected with Xu Lichen and Zhang Yansheng in this life, and then everyone went their separate ways. If Zhang Yansheng didn’t mention it, Xu Lichen would have already forgotten Wang Qian.

But when Zhang Yansheng mentioned this name, what rushed into Xu Lichen’s mind in an instant was not the brief intersection of reality and Wang Qian, but the… weird dream he had when he was in H City.

“Okay, let me ask them.” He agreed without hesitation, and then asked, “Where are you?”

Zhang Yansheng’s phone could hear the emptiness of the space, and there was a faint background sound of traffic rumbling. Sure enough, Zhang Yansheng said, “I’m outside.”

Xu Lichen asked: ” Where is Lao Yue?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “He has something to do today.”

Xu Lichen asked, “Are you okay?”

“Me?” Zhang Yansheng said, “Of course I’m okay.”

Zhang Yansheng’s speech rate was slower than when she was really ‘okay’ and not so powerful.

Xu Lichen bet that Zhang Yansheng is definitely not ‘okay’.

“Okay, take care of yourself.” He hung up the phone decisively and immediately called Yue Song, “Where are you? Yansheng doesn’t feel right.”

Yue Song was taken aback, and asked calmly, “What’s the situation?”

“I don’t know.” Xu Lichen said, “I just called her and felt that she was in a bad mood. She was outside and she must be on the street based on what I’ve heard in the background.”

“Got it.” Yue Song said, “I’ll be right there.”

Yue Song called Zhang Yansheng: “I’ll go over to find you, where are you?”

Zhang Yansheng was a bit surprised, because it was still early, and the various activities on Christmas Eve had just begun. She asked, “Are you done with your business?”

“No.” Yue Song said, “But it’s okay, I’m going to find you.”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a while and said, “Okay, I’m here…” She gave him the location.

Xu Lichen was right, Zhang Yansheng really had a situation. Usually, she would not agree when Yue Song said it, she would say, “You are busy with your business, I’m fine.”

Yue Song put away his cellphone, walked back to the private room quickly, and whispered something in old man Yue’s ear. The old man showed some surprise, but still said, “Go, go.”

Yue Song apologized to the old people and hurriedly left.

Some people were surprised: “What’s wrong with Xiao Song?”

Old man Yue said, “He said that he has something to do with a friend… I don’t know what friend will make him so nervous.”

His grandson has always been calm, and there are few such accidents.

But someone suddenly laughed: “Old Yue, Old Yue! You are so stupid!”

Old man Yue inexplicably said: “You old thing is stupid.”

“Hahaha, if I say you are stupid, then you are stupid. Do you know what day it is today? Christmas Eve!” The old man laughed.

Old man Yue’s nostrils spurt air: “I’m not good with foreign festivals!”

“You’re an old fool, but your children are all old now!” The old man despised him for not keeping up with the times, “Now, this Christmas Day and Christmas Eve basically mean the same as Valentine’s Day. My little granddaughter went out to celebrate the festival with her boyfriend today!”

Old man Yue suddenly reacted: “You mean…”

The other old people laughed: “Girlfriend! It must be a girlfriend!”

Old man Yue raised his eyebrows in joy, patted the table and said, “Wait for me to go back and ask that kid!”

When Yue Song found Zhang Yansheng, he saw her standing on the street staring at the traffic, her expression was really not right.

“Yansheng–” He got out of the car and called her, and walked over quickly.

Zhang Yansheng was awakened by the sound, so she turned her head to see him.

Yue Song held Zhang Yansheng’s hands and they were cold. How long has she been standing outside? Yue Song was shocked.

He dragged Zhang Yansheng into the car and stuffed her in, got into the car himself, turned on the heating, and asked, “Where is your car?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I didn’t drive today.”

Yue Song covered her hands to warm them, and asked her, “What happened today? Didn’t you go out with your classmates?”

Zhang Yansheng lowered her eyes.

“Yansheng?” Yue Song held her hands tighter and said softly, “What’s wrong, tell me?”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes and said, “I found out something by accident today. Someone I have known for a long time may have done something to harm me.”

Yue Song asked in a deep voice: “What kind of thing is it and how serious is it?”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a long time and said, “It’s the kind of giving drugs to others and wanting the others to take drugs.”

The temperature in the car suddenly went cold, and Zhang Yansheng felt the strength of Yue Song holding her hand suddenly increased, and saw the violent anger in his eyes.

“It’s fine, look, I’m okay.” She covered his hands and comforted him. Actually, it’s not okay, in the previous life, she died.

Her words did not appease Yue Song’s anger.

He said, “Who is it? Give me his name.”

“Don’t be angry.” Zhang Yansheng pressed his hands, “It doesn’t matter who is doing it, I can handle it myself.”

“So, you are uncomfortable about someone else?” Yue Song frowned.

“Yes, I found out suddenly today. I didn’t expect to meet this person. I didn’t know they knew each other before… If it’s true, then…” Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help biting her knuckles.

If it is true, the blatant malice would be too chilling.

But Zhang Yansheng bit her knuckles a few times, and suddenly overthrew everything she had thought before: “No, maybe I was wrong!”

“Yue Song, I actually have no evidence.” She said, “I just suddenly found out that she knew the person who hacked me, and I didn’t know it before. I was just shocked by this information, and I immediately judged that they were both involved in the incident. But in fact, this is all my own imagination.”

She said: “It’s also possible that it’s just a coincidence that she happened to know me and she also happened to know him, right?”

Yue Song stared at her for a moment and said, “Yansheng, you actually don’t want to believe that that person would harm you, do you?”

Zhang Yansheng admitted. She said: “Because we used to be friends, although I didn’t mean it sincerely. And if this is true, then this malice is really terrible. It’s really chilling.”

“Well, if there is no evidence, you can put it aside.” Yue Song said coldly, “But anyone who tries to drug you must not let go.”

“Of course.” Zhang Yansheng held his hands, “But don’t worry, it’s not time yet.”

For revenge, Zhang Yansheng’s principle is to kill with one blow.

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