April 20, 2022

Chapter 139: Enthusiastic

Zhang Yansheng approached the student council president and said bluntly: “Senior Brother, don’t you think there is a problem with the student council’s ethos?”

The president was a little embarrassed and said, “It’s not bad. It’s been like this since I was just a department head.”

“I know, I have already inquired and found that it has been like this since the previous president.” Zhang Yansheng said, “When a freshman tagged you in the group chat before and got scolded by others, Senior Brother also came out to speak up with a more euphemistic tone. So, I don’t think the Senior Brother actually agrees with this kind of culture very much, right?”

The president said, “Actually… aye.”

“I understand.” Zhang Yansheng said, “The Senior Brother thinks that this is already the case. It takes a lot of effort to break it over and you may not be able to get the desired outcome, so you’re unwilling to do it. Another point is that the Senior Brother is already the president of the student union and the beneficiary of the current state of affairs, a vested interest, so there is no driving force to make changes, right?”

This freshman student got it all right and the president couldn’t help being a little surprised. He had a mentality of wanting to deal with it perfunctorily, but he became serious. He thought for a while, then admitted with a bit of embarrassment: “That is indeed the case.”

“In the past, the former president was surnamed Yue. When Senior Brother Yue became the president, the atmosphere was not like this. Later on, Senior Brother Yue became a senior and Senior Brother Ren became the new president. He liked it this way and Senior Sister Zhang also likes to draw a rank among her fellow students… so slowly, it becomes like this.”

Zhang Yan paused and asked, “Senior Sister Zhang?”

“Senior Sister Zhang Qi.” said the president. “She is now in her senior year and has withdrawn from the student union. Hey, let me tell you, the rule that you girls used to make trouble for not going to buy and use fake products was also set by her.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect that there was still the handwriting of her cousin, Zhang Qi, in it. After being speechless for a long time, she jumped off the topic and returned to the topic: “As soon as I joined the student union, I sensed a greasy and dirty smell. Senior Brother, can’t you sense it yourself too?”

The president sighed: “Actually, I also think it’s a bit uncomfortable. It’s even embarrassing sometimes.”

“I talked about it with my grandmother before. Our family is in the business and my grandmother runs our family’s business. She told me that those students who have become officers in school, the HR personnel can see it at a glance, and they will basically brush it off directly.” She told the president.

The president was surprised: “Really?”

“Of course, it is true.” Zhang Yansheng said, “President, if you think about it, our student union recruits new students. Are you willing to find a freshman who is very hardworking and simple-minded at first sight or do you want to recruit an old fritter who will shirk work at first glance? If you put yourself in consideration for others, you don’t want to find the latter kind of people. Similarly, in the future, everyone will leave school to find a job, and other companies will not want to recruit them.”

“The current bureaucratic style in the student union has no benefit except to satisfy the inexplicable vanity and desire for power of individuals. When you enter the society in the future, do you think that the HR team of other companies are all vegetarian? Can’t you tell? Senior Brother, let me tell you that you are a junior student in this school and you can pose in front of us, who are freshmen. After leaving this school, in the eyes of others, you are all children. You also imitate adults very ridiculously, and what you imitate is the worst part.”

“So, what if K University is a double first-class school? Everyone who comes out of the student union has this virtue. After a long time, what will others think of our school? These reputations will be spread out. I’m telling you, the secretaries have the secretarial circle, the sales have the sales circle, and the HR personnel have the HR circle. That information will circulate in related circles, and what spreads out is the reputation.”

The president sweated slightly on his forehead. No need to say about setting up a stand in front of the junior grade, he didn’t even dare to be in front of Zhang Yansheng, a freshman. “You are right, but…” He hesitated.

“I understand. I just want to explain everything to my senior brother, it’s fine as long as the Senior Brother can understand this truth. As for what you decide to do, Senior Brother, that is your own choice. I can only suggest that it is impossible to decide for you.” Zhang Yansheng said, “But I will show my attitude, with this kind of bureaucracy, I will kick back anyone who dares to play official’s prestige in front of me. I hope you also say let everyone be informed.”

Zhang Yansheng turned around and left.

The president scratched his head and found that he was sweating. This schoolgirl is so tough, she doesn’t look like a freshman.

But he did listen to what Zhang Yansheng said. Although he did not immediately engage in any anti-bureaucratic rectification/style movement vigorously, he began to consciously set an example in the student union to quietly resist this trend.

In fact, if you look closely, it is not difficult to see that there are only a few people who are truly like that. This includes Ma Yun and her boyfriend.

The others, on the other hand, are nothing more than being in it, not daring or unwilling to resist as a leader.

But among the newcomers this year, there is Zhang Yansheng.

After Zhang Yansheng had conflicts several times with the officers, someone proposed to expel Zhang Yansheng, but the president did not agree. Zhang Yansheng’s previous conversation with him really moved him.

Afterwards, he went to the former president who was already in his senior year and asked about his recent situation.

Since September, the school recruitment for various large companies has begun, and the senior brothers and sisters are busy handing out resumes and going to interviews.

The former president boasted to the current president: “Our experience in the student union is a highlight on our resume. I have three interviews to go this month.”

The current president said; “Senior Brother should teach us some experience after he finds a job.”

The former president laughed: “I will come back for a lecture at that time.”

But the current president has been paying attention to him; and later, he heard that he went to several major companies for interviews and was brushed off. When they met in school again, the former president was not so spirited. He started to complain, feeling that the HR team of those companies were not open-minded, and they hired all the students who had never held any positions, but they didn’t want him, who had been the president of the student union.

The current president remembered Zhang Yansheng’s sentence ‘When did the HR team become vegetarian?’.

Sure enough, they are not vegetarians. They have not been beaten up by the society at all, but the arrogant brats in the ivory tower are all exposed under the fiery eyes of the other companies’ HR team.

After thinking about it carefully, the current president has made up his mind to rectify the student union culture. It’s just that he didn’t expect that before he started to do it, there was a physical conflict in the student union.

It’s not that it hasn’t happened before, but it’s all between boys. Who would have thought that it would be between boys and girls this time!

The boy with the strongest bureaucratic aura in the student union flew into a rage of humiliation because of Zhang Yansheng that he raised his hands and wanted to slap her in the face.

The girls exclaimed and the other boys wanted to stop him but it was too late.

They all thought that Zhang Yansheng would be beaten, and some even closed their eyes. However, no one expected that in a flash, the flowers withered in an instant, the boy had already been pushed back by Zhang Yansheng and pressed his arm on the table! He struggled with an extremely angry face, but he couldn’t get rid of Zhang Yansheng’s restraint.

Everyone was stunned, then they managed to respond and went up to try to stop the fight.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t buy it and said directly: “Bring in the teacher and we’ll talk about this matter.”

The student union has a high degree of autonomy, and teachers generally don’t intervene but only ask questions. If Zhang Yansheng wants to invite a teacher, it is to make it clear that she wants to make things big.

But Zhang Yansheng insisted and the other boys couldn’t hold her back as a girl. The other girls always hate the boy who likes to play officialdom, and no one wants to get involved. Finally, the teacher was invited in.

Knowing the cause and effect, the teacher bluntly criticized the bad ethos of the student union. If a boy takes the initiative to attack a girl, it will be a case that needs to be dealt with separately.

The next day, the student union issued an announcement, and the boy was expelled from the student union. He was originally a department head, but now he has left the student union.

Then, under the supervision of the teacher, the president held a meeting and started a campaign to purify the student union.

Ma Yun’s boyfriend quietly said to Ma Yun: “You even asked me to confront Zhang Yansheng, fortunately, I didn’t listen to you.”

Ma Yun was angry.

Zhang Yansheng told Yue Song all these things. In fact, many of them are students that Yue Song knows.

Yue Song asked, “Did you do it on purpose?”

“Yes.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Some people are just like that, it’s impossible to change them, so they can only be kicked out.”

Yue Song raised his eyebrows: “Why did you target him so much?”

Zhang Yansheng raised her head: “Because he got in my way.”

“I plan to become the president in my junior year. But what I want is not the current student union.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I have expectations for my college life. I have made a plan. So, whoever hinders me will have to get out.”

Yue Song stared at her.

Zhang Yansheng raised his eyebrows: “What’s the matter?”

Yue Song picked up a strand of her long hair and played with it around his fingers: “You have changed.”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a while, and the corners of her mouth raised: “Yes.” She became enthusiastic.

In high school, learning is actually passive. Because the college entrance examination is overwhelming, so it is necessary to study. You have to learn even if you want to learn or not.

But now, what Zhang Yansheng is doing is not driven by external forces, it is entirely because she wants it.

“Why?” Yue Song asked with interest, “Do you feel that college life is different from high school?”

“That’s right, but mainly…” Zhang Yansheng said, “In college, everyone is at the same age.”

Yue Song inexplicably couldn’t understand this sentence, and laughed: “Why? Did your high school classmates have a different age from you?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled.

For her, a reborned person, her high school classmates have always been like younger brothers and sisters in her eyes. Therefore, in addition to dealing with a few bad girls who took the initiative to provoke her in high school, she mostly treated her classmates with a tolerant attitude.

After all, she lived a few more years than them.

But college is different. When she died in her previous life, she was just a college student.

If the three years of high school are a repair of the past, stepping into a university campus is a re-opening of the future.

What Zhang Yansheng cares for and wants to do is different from her high school days.

Her whole mentality has also become different. She has been dormant for a long time, and she has accumulated enough strength, and now she has stretched out her body.

“By the way, on Christmas Eve next week…” Zhang Yansheng kissed him and said, “I have something to do, so we can’t spend it together.”

Yue Song breathed a sigh of relief instead.

“…” Zhang Yansheng, “Do you have a job?”

“Yes.” Yue Song hugged her, “It was on that day, and then I have to eat with a few elderly people, so I couldn’t get away with it.”

It’s Christmas Eve for the elderlies, and they can’t reschedule it because of him.

“It’s okay.” Zhang Yansheng tugged at his nose, “But remember that you owe me once.”

She obviously had other arrangements.

Well, the two people stick together like this, so what’s the point?

Yue Song asked her: “Where are you going on Christmas Eve?”

Zhang Yansheng said: “I’ll go to the bar together with my classmates.”

“Okay.” Yue Song said, “Don’t get drunk. Let the driver pick you up. We’ll see at that time, it’s best if I can pick you up.”

Zhang Yansheng agreed.

On Christmas Eve, there are Christmas trees everywhere in the business district, and the bar street is especially full of atmosphere.

Zhang Yansheng said that the arrangement for Christmas Eve was for the classmates to go to the bar together. Zhang Yansheng felt that she was not lying.

She had occupied a corner that was out of light in that bar early on, and she would not let the bartender light the small candles on the table.

She waited there patiently, and sure enough, her classmates came.

— College classmates from her previous life.

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