April 19, 2022

Chapter 138: Squeeze Out

Zhang Yansheng is particularly tired of the bureaucracy in the student union. She didn’t expect it to be like this before entering K University. In the pheasant university in her last life, she had never dealt with people from the student union.

She met Zhang Qi at school and asked her, “Has it always been like this?”

Actually, it was not. In fact, it was not before Yue Song left the student union. Although the student union atmosphere will become like this, the main reason is not Zhang Qi. But at that time, Zhang Qi felt that it would be helpful to the younger sisters and brothers, so she also contributed to it.

She said in the tone of someone who has been there before: “It’s not just the student union, it’s actually like this everywhere. It’s not that you haven’t been to the company for an internship.”

“But those in the company are already members of the society.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I didn’t expect a place like school to also be so greasy.”

“Sooner or later, you will have to enter the society, so just get used to it.” Zhang Qi asked, “Will you go to the forum on Thursday?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know: “What forum?”

“Just the one grandma…” Zhang Qi asked back, “Didn’t grandma tell you?”

“No.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Let me ask grandma.”

Zhang Yansheng called the old lady.

The old lady said, “Aren’t you going to class? Qiqi has few classes now, and I will take her with her when I have time. You are only a freshman, and there is no need to miss your classes because it is not worth it. You can do whatever is appropriate for your age. When I have time during the holidays, I will make arrangements for you, so don’t cry when the time comes.”

Zhang Yansheng is not like Zhang Huan, who always wants to fight for favor when he gets in front of the old lady. It’s not like at the beginning of her rebirth, so she still hopes that there are external forces that can be used.

Since the old lady said it was unnecessary, it was unnecessary. Zhang Yansheng readily accepted and had no objection.

The old lady asked about the situation at the school: “How is it going?”

Zhang Yansheng told the old lady about the student union situation: “I didn’t expect it to be like this. Sister Qiqi said that it has always been like that, and I just need to get used to it.”

The old lady sighed: “It’s always ridiculous for children to pretend to be adults. If you learn the good side, it is ridiculous but cute; if you learn the bad side, it is ridiculous and abomination.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “You are right, it is an abomination. It makes people uncomfortable.”

The old lady said, “I thought I was sophisticated and sly, but I was so stupid. Every year, we will see a lot of such things in the recruitment of manpower, and they will generally be brushed down. We recruit young people for that kind of vitality and enthusiasm, otherwise what do we want them to do for young people? They have no experience, so we have to teach them from scratch hand in hand?”

“Grandma, I don’t want to get used to it.” Zhang Yansheng said, “This kind of energy is so uncomfortable and especially unpleasant.”

Grandma asked: “Then what are you going to do?”

“I only have two choices, either quit or find a way to change it.” She said, “Let me try it first. If I can’t change it, I won’t disgust myself anymore.”

Her grandma laughed, and after laughing, she said: “It’s pretty good, you should take care of your school first. This is what you should do now. Go try it, but don’t suffer.”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised: “Do I look like someone who will suffer?”

Her grandma laughed again.

Several people saw Zhang Yansheng’s car that day, and the news that Zhang Yansheng was particularly rich spread all over the student union.

Everyone secretly talked about her behind Zhang Yansheng’s back while she was away.

But Ma Yun was still a little unwilling. She carefully recalled what she said that day and said, “She didn’t say that her family has money. She herself said that her boyfriend bought the car. Maybe this boyfriend is a beer-bellied middle-aged uncle in his 40s and 50s?”

“Impossible.” The girl who told Ma Yun that Zhang Yansheng was rich earlier, but Ma Yun didn’t believe it, said, “Wang Li said that Zhang Yansheng’s family is very rich. If you don’t believe it, ask Wang Li.”

Wang Li is a freshman newcomer. She nodded: “A classmate in our class told us about it. She said that Zhang Yansheng’s story spread all over the groups in their school during the summer vacation. She said that their family was super rich. When they held a banquet for her acceptance in university, her boyfriend gave her a car worth 10 million yuan, and her father gave her a check for 10 million yuan.”

Several girls were in an uproar: “It’s too pompous! The heroine in the novel will only get about 2 million to 3 million yuan. To receive 10 million at every turn is too much, right?”

“Not necessarily.” A boy said, “I secretly took a picture of her car that day and checked it online. The price of that model is 6 million to 9.2 million yuan. If it is the top-grade model, it will be rounded to 10 million yuan.”

Everyone was in an uproar again. But anyway, basically Zhang Yansheng was really hammered as a rich and beautiful lady.

Ma Yun was very depressed.

In fact, most people, who find out that Zhang Yansheng is a rich and beautiful lady, would say “wow” and admire her. That’s what they would do afterwards.

But people like Ma Yun are different.

Why is ‘bully the soft and fear the tough’ a statement instead of two separate statements? Because people who bully the soft people are often afraid of tough people — Ma Yun is a typical person of this kind.

In the past, when Zhang Qi was there, she was Zhang Qi’s dog, and sometimes she used Zhang Qi’s power to bully others.

If Zhang Yansheng is weaker, she would like to step on her feet. But if she learns that Zhang Yansheng is particularly strong in certain aspects, such as social status or wealth, she will subconsciously avoid direct conflict with Zhang Yansheng, and she will be weakened first, and may even take the initiative to please.

“But if you can give away a car worth 10 million yuan, your boyfriend is definitely not an ordinary person, right?” Someone found a blind spot, no, a bright spot instead.

Wang Li said: “Get ready to become lemon essence. Her boyfriend is not only super rich, but is also said to be super handsome!”

“Wow~” Everyone was sour, “Is this the rich and beautiful lady’s life?”

Zhang Yansheng pushed the door in and was a little surprised to see everyone gathered together. She looked at the time and made sure that she was not late. She was surprised: “Why did you come so early?”

Everyone stuck out their tongues and smiled: “It just happened.”

Everyone did their own things, and even Ma Yun didn’t start any conflicts with Zhang Yansheng anymore, and her attitude became much softer.

Zhang Yansheng has always upheld the principle that if people don’t offend her, then she won’t offend others. Ma Yun does not take the initiative to provoke, so she will not take the initiative to provoke her too. Everyone is at peace.

But Zhang Yansheng went to Yue Song and asked, “Has the ethos in the student union always been the same?”

Yue Song said, “This was not the case when I was still there. But in my senior year, I heard a little wind and someone said that the atmosphere has become bad. But I had already quit the student union at that time, so I didn’t take much care of it.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “It’s very greasy.”

Yue Song sneered: “What do you want to do?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Catch the thief and capture the king, I want to talk to the president.”

On Thursday, Zhang Qi followed the old lady to attend the forum, but did not see Zhang Yansheng.

When she asked, the old lady said, “She is young and has to go to school first. She doesn’t need to worry about anything else for now. You see, when you were in your freshman year, I didn’t let you go with me yet and only took you out during the holidays.”

Zhang Qi thought about it too.

But after she got home, she talked about today’s events at the dinner table, saying that she was the only one who accompanied her grandma in the forum and Zhang Yansheng didn’t attend it, and Zhao Lanfen’s eyes were thoughtful.

After dinner, Zhao Lanfen came to the room to find her and taught her face-to-face.

“You are now in your senior year and have a lot of time. You have to follow your grandma, listen, watch, and learn more from her. If you have something to do, just go to your grandma. Don’t be afraid, she’s your grandma, so she won’t find you annoying. If you don’t understand anything, just ask and she will definitely point it out to you.”

Zhang Qi was a little confused by Zhao Lanfen’s attitude. Although Zhao Lanfen used to ask her to please her grandma more, she always felt that her attitude was slightly different this time.

Zhao Lanfen sighed and said, “I originally thought that you are a girl, and we still have Xiao Lin in our family. In the future, Xiao Lin will be the heir. If you marry someone who is better, you will be fine. Who knew that Xiao Lin was so hateful and stubborn?”

This year, Zhang Lin finally came back from a holiday. There was another quarrel between the mother and son, and Zhang Lin ran back abroad again.

Zhao Lanfen was completely disappointed.

“Xiao Lin is like this, I can’t count on him anymore. But your father is the eldest son and you are the eldest granddaughter, the first grandchild in the family. How to arrange it, then it has to start with you.” Zhao Lanfen analyzed, “Zhang Shuocheng is just a kid and your grandmother can’t wait for him to grow up. Your grandma also doesn’t want to see Liang Yingying…”

“It’s just that Yanyan is a competitor.” She said, “But you are older than her, this is your advantage. You are three years ahead of her. Taking advantage of this lead, you have steadily gained a foothold in the company. Your dad will support you well. We can’t lose in this heir’s seat.”

Zhang Qi’s heart was pounding.

Although she has never said clearly about the difference in her mother’s expectations for her and her younger brother before, everyone has acquiescence in their hearts.

Zhang Qi didn’t expect that one day, her mother’s expectations would fall on her.

“I will work hard.” She promised.

Zhao Lanfen smiled in relief.

Zhang Yansheng specifically went to the current student union president.

But she didn’t know that Ma Yun found the president before her.

Does Ma Yun know that Zhang Yansheng is genuine? After learning that she is a rich and beautiful lady, she didn’t want to confront Zhang Yansheng anymore. But she knows that everyone has noticed her being soft to Zhang Yansheng now. If this is the case, she will not be confused in the future, but she still has to do something.

She went to find the president.

“Zhang Yansheng didn’t take the seniors seriously at all, she even led the freshman newcomers to contradict the seniors, and directly criticized the status quo of our student union in front of many people.” She said, “I feel that she is not suitable for staying in the student union, which may cause contradictions among everyone in the future. So, let her leave the student union.”

But her influence was limited to her own stall, and the president did not buy it, so he said: “I have never heard a report from anyone else. Let’s take a look again, how long does it take for newcomers to join the club, there must be a run-in period.”

He actually suspected that the reason Ma Yun wanted to squeeze out Zhang Yansheng was because she thought Zhang Yansheng was so beautiful. He heard Ma Yun’s boyfriend complain about his troubles, saying that he just looked at Zhang Yansheng twice, and Ma Yun quarreled with him.

Ma Yun was very depressed.

She now particularly misses the time when senior sister Zhang Qi was still there. Young mistress Zhang Qi has the ability to squeeze out unsatisfactory people. How to be like her, it just really won’t work for her.

However, at that time, Zhang Qi was not only able to suppress other girls by relying on her own rich and beautiful lady’s characteristics. She also sponsored the student union. She often paid out of her own pocket to invite everyone to dinner, or send benefits to everyone, and even provide internships for senior students. She has beauty, money, resources, and abilities. Naturally, she can squeeze out whoever she wants.

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