April 18, 2022

Chapter 137: Official’s Prestige

Ma Yun had a big fight with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend swore to God that he didn’t stare at the freshman girl during the meeting, but Ma Yun believed in her eyes more. During the previous meeting, her boyfriend stared at Zhang Yansheng and his eyes were almost straight.

But Zhang Yansheng is so difficult to deal with, the first-year student didn’t listen to the senior sister’s words, and even dared to refute it. It made her so angry.

At noon in the cafeteria, she caught senior sister Zhang, who was a senior student, and spit out her bitterness: “When we first came in in our freshman year, you told us not to wear and buy fake products. We all listened to it. Well now, for the freshmen members, I think I’m too lenient.”

Senior sister Zhang asked: “She’s carrying a fake?”

Ma Yun choked and said, “It doesn’t look like a fake…”

Senior sister Zhang asked: “Then why do you care about others?”

Ma Yun was aggrieved: “Isn’t that the rule you set?”

The problem is that senior sister Zhang doesn’t like others to carry fakes and wear fakes. If anyone dares to do this in front of her and refuses to listen to advice, she can buy a real product of the same style the next day and directly scorn the other party. Gradually, the girls in the student union have developed the default rule of not wearing and buying fake products.

But now that senior sister Zhang has withdrawn from the student union, none of the existing girls in third year have the ability to deter others in this way.

Ma Yun said blankly that she would not wear and buy any fake products, but the new girl members in first year who lived on only 2,000 yuan a month would not do it.

Ma Yun said, “Otherwise, it would be too reasonable if you talk to them about it.”

Senior sister Zhang used to be the head of external relations, and she executed her will on her own territory for her own good.

Ma Yun is a new official taking the office and she can’t hold back the newcomers, so she wants to pull her out to take advantage of it. She has quit the student union now, so how could she support Ma Yun when she is so busy?

She gave a fake smile and evaded: “It’s up to you now to take care of things. How can I stretch my hand out blindly?”

She was unable to lend her strength, so Ma Yun left unhappily.

Senior sister Zhang went to buy a drink after lunch and met Zhang Yansheng. Zhang Yansheng greeted her first: “Sister Qiqi.”

Senior Sister Zhang is Zhang Qi. She asked Zhang Yansheng, “How is it going? Are you used to it now?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “It’s okay.”

Zhang Qi asked, “Have you joined any club?”

“I joined the student union.” Zhang Yansheng said, “The Outreach Department.”

Zhang Qi raised her chin: “I am familiar with the Outreach Department. There are a few girls who are not very good and like to bully the lower grades. Just mention me if something happened.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t care: “It’s okay, I can solve it by myself.”

Zhang Qi said, “Okay, anyway, you are not someone who can be bullied.”

There are naturally disputes at home, but when they are outside, they are all surnamed Zhang.

Ma Yun’s boyfriend bought her flowers and took her out to dinner, so the two reconciled.

But Ma Yun’s heart was blocked by Zhang Yansheng and still couldn’t let it go. Soon, the student union held an event, and with a job, Ma Yun felt that Zhang Yansheng, a newcomer, had to be given a boost, and it was best to force her out of the student union.

Otherwise, if there are such thorny newcomers in the student union, who would listen to the words of these seniors?

A junior year girl who has a good relationship with her said to her: “Don’t worry about her. I heard that Zhang Yansheng’s family is very rich. It seems that she has more money than Senior Sister Zhang Qi. I can say this because she’s driving a car worth 10 million yuan.”

Ma Yun sneered: “Who did you listen to? Do you believe that too?”

The girl said: “A freshman in our department said that. She said that a classmate in their class is from the same high school as Zhang Yansheng.”

“Don’t listen to them talking nonsense!” Ma Yun Xiao Ma, “Senior Sister Zhang Qi is so rich and it’s not easy to run into another one. How can there be so many rich people in the world? Have they all come to our school? I don’t believe this kind of nonsense.”

Everyone was busy all evening that day, and finally they had almost done their assigned work. Ma Yun threw a stack of materials in front of Zhang Yansheng: “You do this.”

Zhang Yansheng picked it up and flipped it over, then said, “This is not a job assigned to me.”

Ma Yun raised her eyebrows: “I am assigning it to you now.”

When the upper-grade students have a tough attitude, the lower-grade students tend to be soft, and most will try their best to avoid facing it head-on.

What Ma Yun wanted was also very simple, that is, to persuade Zhang Yansheng to be soft. She just needs to be soft. As soon as the thorniest one in a group is softened, the others are easy to manage.

Therefore, Ma Yun deliberately behaved very strongly, just to suppress Zhang Yansheng’s momentum.

It’s a pity that Zhang Yansheng doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around.

She threw the materials directly back in front of Ma Yun: “Your own business, please do it yourself.”

Ma Yun didn’t expect her to be so tough, she stuck her neck and said, “I have other things to do.”

Zhang Yansheng said: “When the tasks were assigned in the meeting earlier, I did not hear that the president assigned you other tasks. The tasks of our department are allocated to everyone, and there are so many tasks for us. I don’t know what else you have. If you have something to do, you should have made it clear to the president from the beginning, so that he won’t assign any tasks to you. Now that you have accepted the assigned tasks, you should do it well. If you need help with something temporarily, please speak politely, don’t be condescending, and frown coldly. No one owes you anything.”

Ma Yun exploded, “What kind of attitude is that? How do you talk like that? Do you know who I am? I’m a department head! You are a newcomer, so why are you talking to a department head like that?! What task the department head assigned to you is a task that you should do, I have never seen anyone act like that! You are already an adult, so why don’t you understand anything?”

During the period when Zhang Yansheng joined the student union, she had already noticed that there was a strong social class flavor in the student union.

Previously, there was a freshman newcomer who tagged the president in a post in the WeChat group, but a department head jumped out to criticize him, saying: “Why are you tagging the president? What qualifications do you have to tag the president directly? What is it that you can’t report to your department head first?!”

Zhang Yansheng was extremely speechless at the time, but it had nothing to do with her and she had something else to do, so she didn’t care. Unexpectedly, so quickly, this big stick of social class policy would be swung over her head.

Sure enough, silence in the sight of others suffering results in this way.

However, Zhang Yansheng didn’t intend to be silent anymore.

“I am a newcomer and you are a senior. If we remove the newcomer and senior, then you and I are both human beings, we’re the same.” She said, “It’s right that you are a department head. Because you have a higher grade than us and older qualifications than us, so you are much more qualified to take the lead or assign jobs to everyone. But they must all be within a reasonable range. With all due respect, you are now beyond this scope. You are now playing a game of privilege and official’s prestige.”

“Do you think that because you are a department head and you are a big official in the student union, then you are qualified to play official’s prestige? This is really ridiculous. If you look in the mirror, you will know that in the eyes of real adults, you are just a child.”

“The department head of the student union is just a position of the student union in the school, and not any official. If you want to play official’s prestige, first figure out what is the definition of an official, okay? You first have to have the status of a civil servant, you have to have a formal establishment, and you have to have a level recognized by the state to be a real official. Officials like that may not dare to play official’s prestige. You are just a student, pretending to be an adult and shaking your prestige. It’s really ridiculous, do you know that?”

Zhang Yansheng concluded: “You look like an old lady in her 50s and 60s.”

Ma Yun has never seen such a strong newcomer. She thought that when they were first recruited in their freshman year, senior sister Zhang Qi crushed them to death. Who would dare to speak up?

Everyone knows that senior sister Zhang Qi is a very rich daughter, and they all flatter her.

Facing a freshman newcomer who didn’t beat around the bush at all and just came up, she was unprepared and speechless: “You, you!”

Zhang Yansheng put her bag on her back and said, “I have finished my work, so I’m going first.”

When someone saw the situation, they hurriedly packed their things, put their bags on their backs and said, “I’m done with mine too.”

Slip away!

Several of them walked away.

They went out to catch up with Zhang Yansheng: “You really dare to speak. I think the senior sisters are very fierce, so we are all afraid to speak out.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “There is nothing to be afraid of. They are all students of the same school, and no one is more noble than anyone else.”

The girls scratched their heads and said, “That’s right! We were actually scared by them.”

Ma Yun stroked her chest and took a few breaths, rubbing the fire as she thought more about it. Especially the few people left in the room who looked at her wrongly. If she didn’t get her face back today, how could she be the proud department head in the future?

“This Zhang Yansheng is too much!” She slapped the table with anger, “No way! I have to go and tell her again that she can’t be like that! And make her understand!”

As she said that, she turned around and chased her down.

The remaining people in the room looked at each other, feeling that something was going to happen, and hurriedly threw down their things and chased them down too: “Ma Yun! Ma Yun!”

The office of the student union was in a small building at the entrance of the school. Ma Yun went out and only saw the two freshman girls who had slipped out just now.

She chased them and asked, “Where is Zhang Yansheng?”

One of the girls said, “She is a day student and just went out.” As she said that, she stretched out her hand and pointed to the school gate.

Ma Yun chased her at the school gate.

The girls who followed her out from the office of the student union chased after her. The two freshman girls looked at each other, their gossiping souls ignited, and followed to watch the excitement.

Ma Yun chased towards the school gate aggressively, and soon saw Zhang Yansheng’s figure, she was walking towards the side of the road. She hurried to catch up and saw Zhang Yansheng taking something out of her clothes pocket. She shouted: “Zhang Yansheng!”

Zhang Yansheng took out the car key and heard someone call her name. She pressed the button and looked back at the same time.

The car received the remote-control radio waves from the key, the lights flashed, and the scissor door stood up.

It was already dark, and the lights flashed suddenly, shaking Ma Yun’s eyes. She squeezed her eyes and opened them again, and saw Zhang Yansheng standing there with a cold expression, carrying her bag in one hand and putting her other hand in her pocket. She has very long hair, exquisite clothes, and an expensive bag. Behind her is a black sports car with scissor doors standing up.

This picture looks like a model is shooting the cover of a fashion magazine.

Ma Yun suddenly lost her voice.

After a pause, she heard Zhang Yansheng’s voice asking, “Is there anything else?”

She regained her senses and stubbornly asked, “You, this car, is it yours?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Yes. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?”

Ma Yun asked, “Yes, did your family buy it?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “No, it was from my boyfriend. Anything else?”

Ma Yun was silent for a while and said, “No, I just saw you and called out casually.”

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