April 17, 2022

Chapter 136: Go for the Kill

Zhang Huan is very dissatisfied!

“She is a girl, so why black? You should have chosen a brighter color.” He argued.

Yue Song looked at Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng responded directly: “I like black.”

Even Zhang Heling said, “Black is the best match for my sister!”

Yue Song smiled slightly: “So, are you taking the car?”

Zhang Yansheng pursed her lips and smiled: “I’ll take it.”

Zhang Shuocheng’s buttocks and waist twisted like clockwork: “Sister! Sister!”

Zhang Yansheng was speechless and said, “Okay, go ahead.”

Zhang Shuocheng rushed out, got down the steps, and got into the car.

After the classmates made bursts of air-conditioning sounds, they watched Zhang Shuocheng go down to check the car, and they also surrounded it.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“My God, this car is so cool!”

“Little brother, let this big brother try it too, okay?”

The guests who stayed on the steps also admired it one after another, and many people knew this model. However, some people took out their cellphones and searched for it, found the price, and spoke about it, which aroused admiration.

They asked one after another: “What does Yanyan’s boyfriend’s family do?”

“Hey, everyone knows it is the Qingting.” Zhang Huan said reservedly, “Xiao Yue is the grandson of Chairman Yue from Qingting Group.”

So that’s the case, no wonder he can easily give out a 9-million-yuan luxury car.

The richest man in the province.

It’s just that the Yue family keeps a low profile. Chairman Yue rarely makes public appearances in the media, and the rest of the family members are even more low-key. So, everyone only hears the name, but had not seen the person.

Wu Zhihua was completely stunned.

Zhao Lanfen, who came out afterwards, felt that the back of her neck was getting hotter — the hot flashes of her menopause were all coming up!

And Zhang Qi, she felt dizzy…

Zhang Huan took advantage of everyone’s attention to Yue Song, and quietly grabbed Zhang Heling: “Hurry up! Go to the garage and tell them not to drive the car out! Tell them it’s canceled! Cancel it! Don’t let them show those firecrackers and balloons! Hurry up!”

Zhang Heling knew that Yue Song had given a car to her sister just now, so she knew this is not good!

It’s a similar gift!

The gift Zhang Huan prepared is also a car!

Moreover, Zhang Huan also specially prepared a gift-giving session! A lot of balloons have been prepared. As soon as the garage door opens, those balloons will fly out! This is a well-designed plan!

Zhang Heling is very tall now and no longer has the short legs of the past. She is now tall and long-legged. She accepted the order in times of crisis, so she quickly disappeared as she ran away.

Zhang Huan really felt very aggrieved!

He specially prepared a bright red Ferrari sports car for his daughter worth 6 million yuan! It is twice as expensive as Liang Yingying’s car.

It is also more expensive than the car his eldest brother bought for his niece, Zhang Qi.

In this way, it can make both Yanyan and him happy, how nice!

Who knows that this stinky kid, Yue Song, would give her a car too! He also delivered the car there!

He also gave her a more expensive car than what he prepared!

The winner already asked to see the car, so how can Zhang Huan take out the car he prepared?!


He wants to swear, but he still has to keep an awkward and polite smile on his face!

Zhang Huan approached Yue Song: “Xiao Yue, let’s go, there are still several elders whom you haven’t met yet.”

“Go.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I’ll accompany you.”

She gave Xu Lichen the key: “You can play with them.” Then, she followed Zhang Huan in.

Yue Song walked behind her, glanced at Wu Zhihua, held Xu Lichen’s shoulders, and his lips moved slightly near his ears: “Go for the kill…”

The corners of Xu Lichen’s mouth curled obliquely, revealing a villain-style evil smile: “Leave it to me.”

Yue Song pressed his shoulder firmly and went inside.

Xu Lichen leaned over to Wu Zhihua, who was still in a daze, put his arms around his neck very familiarly, and said, “Hey, I really didn’t expect that he would be so generous and give away a 9-million-yuan worth car. He could have just given a car that cost about 5 million or 6 million yuan, but this one is a bit expensive. Hey, how much is the car you gave to your girlfriend?”

Wu Zhihua got up unnaturally: “Why should I give her a car?”

Xu Lichen said, “You give one when there’s something to celebrate, like for birthdays or something. Isn’t it worth giving a car away?”

If Wu Zhihua wants to give one, he can also afford it. However, he definitely can’t afford to send a 9-million-yuan worth car. This price is also too expensive for him.

But Zhang Qi’s cousin’s boyfriend is such an outstanding person, and in the future, he will not be able to give it even if he wants to give a car, unless he gives a more expensive one than Yue Song’s!

Xu Lichen continued: “By the way, are you the boyfriend of this sister? Big Sister is Yansheng’s cousin, right? Then it will be really difficult for you to do it in the future. What is the name of your relationship with Yue Song? Cousin-in-law, right? In the future, her cousin-in-law will be the heir of Qingting Group. He can crush his cousin-in-law with whatever he gives, tsk tsk tsk. But there is really no way for you. He is the only grandson and the only heir, so the entire Qingting Group will belong to him in the future. By the way, I just heard an aunt introduce you and listened to it. You don’t seem to be an only child. Do you have an older brother or younger siblings? If you are not an only child, can you inherit your family’s business in the future? Hey, it’s either the only child or it’s not good. It looks pretty glamorous. It’s really incomparable to the heir of the family…”

Wu Zhihua’s face flushed.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Zhang Qi suddenly spoke with her pink face full of anger, “What cousin-in-law are you talking about, we are just classmates!”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Wu Zhihua would already understand that Xu Lichen has bad intentions, but he didn’t have time to care about him. He threw off his arm and hurriedly chased down the steps: “Qiqi! Qiqi!”

Xu Lichen stood on the steps, crossed his arms, and smiled.

The sky is against the ground, the rain is against the wind. The mainland is facing the sky.

Why is it right to kill?

Of course, to put a bad person to death.

He walked down and raised the key, and said to the excited classmates, “I have the key. Do you want to drive a few laps?”

Classmates: “Yes!”

“Girls will take the seat first!”

“Wait a minute, Xu Lichen, do you have a driver’s license?”

“You can drive, but don’t rub it on others or anything.”

Xu Lichen: “Don’t worry, although I just got my driver’s license recently, I have learned how to drive since middle school.”

Only one person can be taken to sit at a time, first Zhang Shuocheng, then the girls, and finally the boys.

Only Zhang Zhiyuan didn’t go to join in the fun. From beginning to end, he stood under the porch and watched what happened quietly.

Zhang Huan disappeared for a while, and when he reappeared, someone joked with him: “Her boyfriend gave her almost 10-million-yuan worth car. How about you as a father? What did you prepare for Yanyan? Take it out and show it to us.”

Zhang Huan thought to himself, fortunately, he was clever enough to prepare just now.

He laughed “haha”, and took out something from the inner pocket of his suit for Zhang Yansheng — a check.

Everyone finds it boring.

Checks are generally used by the elders from generation to generation. Because the elders of the next generation are usually not so familiar with the preferences of the juniors, and because there are so many juniors, preparing gifts is a troublesome matter, and it is easy to simply send a check.

But when her father gave her the check, he didn’t seem to be so sincere.

Some people also heckled: “Yanyan, look at how much he gave you, less than 9.2 million yuan will not work!”

Everyone laughed.

Zhang Yansheng twitched the corners of her mouth, opened the check, and told everyone: “Ten million yuan.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Everyone laughed again, “He almost lost.”

Zhang Huan gritted his teeth with anger.

Originally, he designed a particularly good gift-giving plan!

When everyone is almost done eating and drinking, he will lead everyone outside to admire the gift he carefully selected for his daughter — as soon as the garage door opens, a bunch of balloons will fly out, and then the red Ferrari sports car will slowly drive out and stop at the foot of the porch steps. Then he will personally hand the key to his daughter, shed tears and say, “You have really grown up now, I really hope your mother can see it too.”

A peerless father was created!

D*mn, it’s all messed up by Yue Song!

Zhang Huan’s teeth were tickled with hatred and felt that Yue Song was not pleasing to his eyes. But his mother and aunt both smiled at Yue Song and Yanyan, and they seemed to like him very much. Zhang Huan was with them, and he could only smile with them, so how could he dare to express dissatisfaction.

After a while, he got out there and talked to his elder brother again. Zhang Huan looked around and asked, “Where are sister-in-law and Qiqi? I don’t see them anymore.” 

Zhang Yu gave a “cough” and said embarrassedly: “Your sister-in-law is not feeling well, so Qiqi accompanied her back first.”

Seeing the embarrassment on his brother’s face, Zhang Huan felt relieved.

What is she uncomfortable with? She must be uncomfortable in her heart.

Yanyan’s boyfriend stabilized Qiqi’s boyfriend, can she still be comfortable? The youngest son of the family from Luo Ming Electronics compared with the Qingting Group’s only heir, tsk tsk tsk!

Zhang Huan looked at Yue Song and suddenly felt that he’s pleasing to the eye again.


It is another school season.

Zhang Shuocheng has been promoted to the fifth grade, and his height is soaring. He was half a head taller than other children, and he basically looked like a child from behind.

Zhang Heling was promoted to middle school and became a beautiful girl with a slim figure. She always behaves very coldly outside, a very royal sister,1御姐 – royal sister – refers to the mature young female type in appearance, body, personality and temperament. and attracts many boys who pursue her in school.

Xu Lichen went to H City and started his studies.

Zhang Yansheng drove her car and went to K University.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to keep a low profile this time.

The low-key attitude at the beginning of her rebirth is a kind of reform, and it is also because the world of high school students is too simple, and there is no need to let those miscellaneous factors affect the only major task — learning. But after three years, Zhang Yansheng no longer has the mentality of repenting and reforming, wanting to bow her head, and share the dust with the light.

She has also experienced college life a long time ago. Although it is a pheasant university with a poor school ethos, she had also learned that the university campus has become a small society on its own, which has people of all kinds.

Zhang Yansheng’s life has come here and she can’t keep a low profile anymore.

The school club recruited new members and she joined the student union.

The previous president is now a senior student and has stepped down, and the new president is a junior year student. The important cadres are also senior elder sisters of the junior year.

When the newcomers had a meeting, Zhang Yansheng was among the freshman girls, regardless of their appearance, temperament or clothing, they were so dazzling that they attracted the frequent gaze of the seniors.

One of these seniors is the boyfriend of another senior sister, and this can’t help but make the senior sister look at each other with glaring eyes.

After the meeting was over, Zhang Yansheng put on her bag and walked out with her classmates — she didn’t stay in the dormitory, so she drove around to study like Zhang Qi, but someone stopped her outside the building.

Looking back, it was the junior year senior sister who was present in the meeting who called her. Zhang Yansheng is a new member, so she still didn’t know the relationship between people in the student union, let alone the senior brother who had been paying attention to her just now was the boyfriend of this senior sister.

But she could see that the senior sister had prestige in her eyebrows and two people with her, and it seemed that they were not good.

“Is there something wrong?” She asked.

“Zhang Yansheng, right?” The senior sister said, “My name is Ma Yun, I am a junior student, and the head of external relations of our student union.”

“I know.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You introduced yourself in the meeting just now.”

Ma Yun glanced at her up and down, and said, “Well, our student union has a default rule and that is we don’t wear fakes and we don’t buy fakes. For bags and clothes, you would rather buy ordinary brands or even unbranded ones than fakes.”

Zhang Yansheng: “Oh.”

“…” Ma Yun originally came to say this because she saw Zhang Yansheng’s bag. She felt that Zhang Yansheng’s reaction was too calm, she was dissatisfied and said, “So you have to pay attention.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “What does it have to do with me? I don’t use fakes.”

Ma Yun didn’t react for a while, then said, “Your bag…”

But another senior sister reacted, grabbed Ma Yun, and asked Zhang Yansheng, “Your bag looks good, where did you buy it?”

Zhang Yansheng replied, “Hongbao Square.”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

The shopping mall of Hongbao Square is full of specialty stores one by one. Some stores also limit the customer flow, and when there are too many people, they have to line up outside the door.

It’s a place where there are more sales ladies than customers.

So, Zhang Yansheng’s bag is… genuine.

She was really reckless just now, she just thought it was unlikely that freshmen would carry the real goods. But now, as she looked closely…

This freshman girl is very delicate from head to toe. The bag is also very exquisite, indeed…

The new school girl raised her eyebrows and said: “Of course, I do not support piracy. But as far as the national conditions of our country are concerned, it is enough to make a demand only to yourself. If you demand something from others, Senior Sister, you have to be too lenient. After all, this is just the school’s student union, where the per capita living expenses are 1,500 yuan. It is not a lady’s club. There is no need to be so demanding on the students.”

“Yes, that’s right.” The other freshmen also agreed.

It is inevitable that some of them have imitations of famous brands, and they were all dumbfounded when Ma Yun said it just now.

What Zhang Yansheng said is the truth. Just mind your own business, and do not mind the others business.

Ma Yun’s face was not very good: “How could you speak like that?”

“I speak very well.” Zhang Yansheng’s eyebrows have never fallen, “I didn’t curse or swear. I just told you that the cadres of the student union should do the work of the student union and that’s it. The life and consumption of other students are not under your jurisdiction. Senior Sister, please take care of yourself first.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

The freshman girls looked at the unsatisfactory faces of the senior sisters, didn’t dare to say a word, and slipped away.

Ma Yun was trembling with anger.

That’s how hatred was born.

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    御姐 – royal sister – refers to the mature young female type in appearance, body, personality and temperament.