April 16, 2022

Chapter 135: Competition

As soon as Yue Song appeared, he attracted the attention of many people.

If someone came to ask, Zhang Yansheng would openly introduce: “This is my boyfriend, Yue Song.”

Yue Song’s response to people is like a breath of fresh air, and the elders do not dislike him.

When it’s time to introduce him to her classmates, they have been waiting for a long time!

“Zhang Yansheng, you didn’t even tell us that you have a boyfriend!”

“You’re too much!”

“What, you just graduated from college this year? Oh my God, so you were already a college student when you were dating!”

In the eyes of high school students, it is already a cool thing to be able to associate with college students.

At this time, Zhang Qi and Wu Zhihua came over.

“Senior Brother Yue.” She shouted, looked up, and asked, “How did you meet my cousin?”

“We just happened to meet.” Yue Song nodded and said politely, “You are here too.”

Zhang Qi asked again. “Then you are…”

Yue Song said without hesitation: “Yansheng is my girlfriend.”

“No wonder Senior Brother has a different taste in dressing now than before.” Wu Zhihua smiled and said, “It turns out that you have made such a great girlfriend.”

The high school students didn’t understand what’s going on, so they smiled along.

They looked at Yue Song and found that his clothes were completely different from them. Although he is a recent college graduate of this year, he is completely dressed in an adult style.

And… he looks so handsome in a suit. His every gesture is like a noble son.

However, Zhang Yansheng’s family is so rich, so her boyfriend should also be rich. If you think so, Yue Song’s extravagance is taken for granted.

But Wu Zhihua didn’t think so. He had seen Yue Song wearing the same plaid shirt they had purchased in a group with the whole dormitory. Although Yue Song in front of him is obviously wearing branded items from head to toe, Wu Zhihua has positioned him as a ‘man who eat soft rice’, and he must have spent Zhang Qi’s cousin’s money just to show off.

He is a well-known rich second-generation in the school, while Yue Song is the school grass, so he is always compared with Yue Song. He has always lost and has been unconvinced for a long time.

A trace of contempt flashed in his eyes, then he smiled and said, “Qiqi’s sister is now admitted to our K University. In the future, you will be a senior and a boyfriend. So, what now? Have you prepared any congratulatory gifts for your girlfriend?”

He deliberately wanted to see Yue Song make a fool of himself.

In such a mansion, for a daughter like Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song, who live off a woman, there is no way to come up with any ostentatious gifts, and it is shameful to just prepare anything.

Zhang Qi couldn’t bear it. She tugged at Wu Zhihua, and motioned him not to force Yue Song to make a fool of himself.

Wu Zhihua is usually obedient to her, but this is a rare opportunity to embarrass Yue Song, so Wu Zhihua doesn’t want to give up. He grabbed Zhang Qi’s hand and exaggeratedly said: “It’s not that you didn’t prepare anything, right?”

By this time, the high school students finally realized that something was wrong. Zhang Yansheng’s cousin’s boyfriend seems to be a bit domineering, and he seems to be… a bit hostile to Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend.

Fortunately, Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend smiled and said, “How could it be? Of course, I have prepared a gift as well.”

He’s been busy meeting the elders just now, and after meeting them and Zhang Yansheng’s classmates, Yue Song originally wanted to give her a gift later, but Wu Zhihua was so aggressive that Yue Song took out his gift for Zhang Yansheng from the inner pocket of his suit.

It’s a small, flat box.

“For you.” Yue Song smiled and handed it to Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng also took it with a smile and opened it in front of everyone.

Some of her classmates didn’t recognize it and asked: “What is… that?”

The other classmates said: “A car key!”

It is indeed a car key, Lamborghini. Wu Zhihua drove a Lamborghini himself, so of course, he recognized it at a glance.

Zhang Yansheng’s classmates were shocked: “Really? He is… giving you a car?”

In the eyes of these high school students, buying a car is an adult’s business, not to mention giving a car as a gift.

Wu Zhihua didn’t believe it even more, so he said with a sneer, “It’s not a lighter, is it?”

When he said that, Zhang Yansheng’s classmates were even more uncertain, because between giving a car and giving a lighter in the shape of a car key, they preferred the latter.

Aren’t there many videos of that kind on the internet? A large row of luxury car keys, but in fact, all of them are just lighters.

However, being in such a mansion, they felt… as if…

At this moment, someone suddenly raised his voice and said, “Yes, it must be a lighter, how could it be a real car key?! A Lamborghini costs five or six million, so it’s impossible! That’s a fake! Fake!”

The speaker’s tone was so exaggerated that Zhang Yansheng almost rolled her eyes, because that person was not someone else, but Xu Lichen, who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic enough.

Xu Lichen didn’t know the students in Zhang Yansheng’s class well, so he didn’t come there at first. Zhang Yansheng also doesn’t know when he came over. Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng both followed him as well.

He also had a plate in his hand with half a cake on it and had some cream on the corner of his mouth.

He didn’t pay attention to this side at first, he was eating the cake, and suddenly heard Zhang Heling say, “Why did Sister Qiqi go there?”

Zhang Shuocheng snorted and said, “It must be nothing good, she must have to say something unpleasant again!”

Xu Lichen’s lively radar stood up unexpectedly! It came over with the radio waves!

Of course, Wu Zhihua didn’t know Xu Lichen. First reason is that Xu Lichen is still young and hasn’t come out to mix in the circles much. The second reason is that Wu Zhihua‘s family business is Luo Ming Electronics, which is not located in K City. So, he is not a local.

Although Wu Zhihua thinks that the tone of this person’s speech is a bit too pompous, looking at his age, he should be a classmate of today’s heroine. He doesn’t know why, but he also feels that this boy looks familiar, as if he has seen him somewhere before, but of course Wu Zhihua is happy to have someone to support him. This person’s words seemed to make Yue Song very shameless and he couldn’t get off the stage, so he laughed.

Xu Lichen hasn’t had enough. He is a man who is not afraid to watch a play on a high platform.

Putting the cake plate into Zhang Heling’s hand, he pushed aside the two classmates of Zhang Yansheng and leaned forward: “Let me see, let me see.”

As he said that, he took the car key from Zhang Yansheng’s hand, he looked at it over and over again, and said, “This is a great workmanship…  but it’s kind of a bit rough. Hey, the quality is not very good, can it make a fire? Hey you, try it!”

With that said, in a parabola, he threw the key over.

Wu Zhihua quickly stretched out his hand to catch it, subconsciously held it by holding the lighter, and used his thumb to ‘ignite’ it.

Of course, it can’t be pressed! If he could use a real car key to make a fire, Xu Lichen would cut off his head and give it to him!

As a result, he only hurt his thumb.

Wu Zhihua was a little confused. He took a closer look and found that it was really a car key. And this quality, not only is it not ‘a bit rough’ as Xu Lichen said, but on the contrary…

Wu Zhihua drove a Lamborghini by himself. He felt that this should be a key to a real Lamborghini. Instead of the kind of fake key used as an accessory which you can buy at X Treasure.

Couldn’t it be that…

While hesitating, Xu Lichen stuck to his ear and whispered: “Did he just use a key to show off and there’s really no car at all?”

Wu Zhihua was enlightened, yes, this is also very possible!

He still remembers when Yue Song attended Zhang Qi’s birthday party back then. He was obviously going to take the bus, but he told them with a blank face that he had called a taxi!

This person has always been a show-off!

“It seems that it is really not a lighter.” Wu Zhihua said loudly, “So what about the car? Where is it? Let us also see it too!”

Zhang Qi was about to be mad at him.

Because even Zhang Yansheng’s classmates could see that something was wrong, Zhang Yansheng’s cousin’s boyfriend didn’t seem to believe that Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend actually gave Zhang Yansheng a car, and aggressively wanted to prove the authenticity on the spot.

The classmates did not have a preconceived impression of Yue Song, but from the beginning, they saw Yue Song as a son of a noble. They didn’t know what kind of dark history Yue Song had in the past, but they had been shocked by the Zhang family’s mansion when they came there. In this environment, they felt like a child of a noble just like Yue Song. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of contradiction when it comes to handing out a car as a gift.

It’s like a movie plot! So exciting, so romantic!

On the contrary, this cousin’s boyfriend gave people a kind of mentally retarded feeling when speaking.

The loud voices on their side attracted the adults. Zhang Huan came over and asked, “What is going on?”

Zhang Heling said loudly, “Dad, Big Brother Yue gave a car to my sister as a gift!”

Zhang Heling actually didn’t quite understand why Wu Zhihua was competing in this matter. If big brother Yue said that he is giving her sister a car, he would give her sister a car. Why should he talk strangely?

However, the matter of delivering the car…

Zhang Huan was taken aback when he heard it, and then his complexion became bad, so he asked Yue Song, “Did you really give Yanyan a car?”

“Yes.” Yue Song said, “Yanyan has a driver’s license now, so it will be convenient for her to drive by herself in the future.”

Xu Lichen leaned over and said shamelessly: “I also have a driver’s…”

Zhang Huan pushed his big face away: “What kind of car?”

“Lamborghini.” Yue Song told him the model number as well.

Wu Zhihua froze and blurted out: “The one that was just released and costs 6 million yuan?”

He himself is a fan of Lamborghini and is very concerned about this information.

Yue Song glanced at him and said, “It’s the top model that costs 9.2 million yuan.”

Zhang Yansheng’s high school classmates were stunned. Everyone sweats on their foreheads slightly — the people in the Zhang Yansheng’s family are all in the unit of millions.

“Where is the car?” Xu Lichen deliberately made things big, winked at Wu Zhihua, and said, “We won’t believe it if we don’t see the real thing!”

Wu Zhihua already had a faint feeling of being out of control, but he was always unwilling to believe it. He was encouraged by Xu Lichen and gritted his teeth: “You didn’t just say a few thousand-yuan car, so where is it? Let’s have a look.”

Zhang Qi also had a very bad feeling. Since Wu Zhihua didn’t listen to her dissuasion, things seemed to be a bit out of control.

She hurriedly came out to mediate: “Forget it, what’s so interesting about it. Everyone must be hungry, right? Let’s go there to eat.”

This matter already went up to this level, so who would want to eat now? Even the simplest high school students want to see and know what will happen to this gossip until the end.

Zhang Qi said to Zhang Yansheng: “Yanyan, come on, let your classmates go over there to eat. What’s so nice about the car.”

Everyone looked at Zhang Yansheng and she smiled faintly: “Everyone wants to see it, so let’s go. I want to see it too.”

As she said that, she stretched out her hand to Wu Zhihua. He was taken aback before he reacted. The car key was still in his hand, so he hurriedly returned it to Zhang Yansheng.

The movement on their side was a bit loud, and it disturbed the surrounding guests. Everyone whispered: “What’s the matter?”

“He said he gave her a car and they all wanted to see it.”

“Oh, what kind of car, let’s go and have a look too.”

When Zhao Lanfen wanted to come over to stop Zhang Qi and Wu Zhihua, it was already late.

Not only these young people, but also some guests who heard the movement also followed out to see the car.

Zhang Yansheng said to Yue Song: “Let me say some ugly words first. I won’t accept anything that doesn’t suit me.”

Yue Song smiled and held her hand: “Then change it to another one until you like it.”

Oh, my mother!

Zhang Huan and Xu Lichen had goose bumps all over the place at the same time!

Only Zhang Heling cupped her face: It was so sweet…

Zhang Shuocheng looked excited and just wanted to see the car.

Because it was to be given as a gift, Yue Song parked it directly under the steps of the gate porch when he arrived.

Originally, he intended to quietly call Zhang Yansheng out and give it to her quietly.

There is also a bouquet of roses he prepared at the co-pilot seat.

Everyone held their breath and looked at the car that was said to be worth 9.2 million yuan.

The car’s body has a black paint and its contours are full of futuristic touch. The tires and its base seemed to be attached to the ground. The beauty of power and speed is breathtaking.

Zhang Yansheng raised her hand and pressed the car key.

The pitch-black scissor door rose silently.

The cold metal ignited the blood of a group of young people.

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