April 15, 2022

Chapter 134: Oh No!

“Yanyan, can we start now?” Zhang Huan asked.

Zhang Yansheng said, “Wait a minute.”

Zhang Huan said inexplicably, “Is there anyone else here who hasn’t arrived yet?”

Zhang Yansheng: “My boyfriend.”

“???” Zhang Huan was stunned, “When did you have a boyfriend?”

Isn’t she studying so hard all the time? When did this happen? He hadn’t noticed that his own cabbage was eaten by someone.

“Hey! Hey!” Zhang Huan said angrily, “I’m not ready yet!”

Zhang Yan said: “???”

Zhang Huan said, “I’m not yet mentally prepared to be a father-in-law!”

This person is really annoying. Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes, turned around, and walked away.

Most of the people who came were relatives and friends, and when they saw Zhang Yansheng, they gave praises of ‘grown up’, ‘mature’, and the like.

Her uncle and aunt took her cousin Zhang Qi everywhere to greet relatives and introduce them: “Zhihua’s family owns the Luo Ming Electronics.”

Zhang Huan talked to Zhang Yansheng in a low voice just now. He let Zhang Yansheng know that although Luo Ming Electronics is good, it’s not too great, at least not as big as the Zhang’s.

The ostentatious introduction of her uncle and aunt was more like an eagerness to erase the haze brought to her by Zhang Lin’s rebellion.

But not every relative can be as rich as the Zhang family. Wu Zhihua seems to be another talent. There are still many relatives who listen, show envy, and say nice compliments. Zhao Lanfen enjoyed it completely.

Zhang Zhiyuan has been watching Zhang Yansheng in the crowd.

In fact, he discovered that Zhang Yansheng’s family background was excellent earlier than the other classmates, but he did not expect that her family background would be ‘excellent’ to this extent. He can only blame his limited imagination.

He came here today with some ideas and determination, but now, he can’t help but hesitate.

Zhang Yansheng caught a glimpse of Zhang Zhiyuan, and she brought him a drink: “Don’t be restrained. There is food over there. Don’t be hungry at my house.”

He smiled at Yanyan and found that her eyebrows were shining and she seemed to be a little different from his memory. After all, in the past two years, the two of them have not had much contact.

But in fact, in the past two years, when he walked through the crowd on the playground and corridor, he could always spot her at first sight and stared at her quietly.

The look on Zhang Yansheng’s eyebrows was so attractive, and Zhang Zhiyuan felt a rush of blood surging.

He is a young man, so what is he afraid of?! Everyone will go their separate ways right away, so why should he leave regrets for himself?!

“Yansheng…” He finally plucked up the courage to speak, “Can…”

He wanted to ask if they could find a convenient space to talk. He came here today because he had something to say to her.

But Zhang Yansheng’s eyes suddenly lit up, her whole face lit up, but she’s looking elsewhere.

Zhang Zhiyuan was startled and followed her gaze.

At the entrance, a tall young man had just come in, but he stopped there, looking for someone.

As soon as that person stepped into this place, Wu Zhihua’s aura became frivolous, and Zhang Zhiyuan’s gentleness and elegance became sentimental.

Zhang Yansheng greeted him. When the man saw her, there was a smile in his eyes, and his cold eyebrows became gentle.

“Sorry, I’m late.” He said.

“It’s okay.” Zhang Yansheng didn’t care. She knew what arrangements he had today. He had to represent his parents to attend to something, so he couldn’t get away with it.

She took his hand: “Say hello to my dad first.”

Zhang Huan saw Yue Song when he came in.

Yue Song and Xu Lichen had friendship with Zhang Yansheng, and they were all close friends, and Zhang Huan was also happy that she had contact with them.

However, why is the young man surnamed Yue and Yanyan coming here holding hands???

“Dad.” Zhang Yansheng said calmly, “Yue Song is here. It’s time to start this.”

“Uncle Zhang, it’s been a long time since I saw you, you look very good.” Yue Song complimented him.

I’m very good, you, big head!

Zhang Huan asked angrily: “When did you two get together?”

This person is so annoying.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows and wanted to speak. Yue Song squeezed her hand and said respectfully to Zhang Huan: “I’m afraid that it will affect Yansheng’s college entrance examination. We haven’t had much contact, so we’re just telling you now and didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

His tone and attitude are respectful, and Zhang Yansheng has indeed studied hard throughout her third year in high school, otherwise Zhang Huan would not have discovered that she had a boyfriend.

Moreover, and more importantly, Zhang Yansheng stood there holding Yue Song’s hand, and the relatives, family friends, and her friends around them all cast their eyes.

Yue Song has a reserved temperament, a clear face, and a long-legged clothes-rack figure. He is also the back wave that Zhang Huan has always been very optimistic about…

Under the admiring gaze of friends and family, Zhang Huan raised his chin, and forgave the two children modestly and generously: “Okay. Yanyan has a big temper, so you have to go easy on her more in the future.”

Yue Song pursed his lips and smiled: “That’s for sure.”

In the crowd, both Zhang Qi and Wu Zhihua, who is regarded as her boyfriend, were stunned: “Isn’t that Yue Song?”

The two of them looked at each other and saw each other’s surprise.

“Why did he get together with your cousin?” Wu Zhihua couldn’t help asking.

There was an unknown irritation in Zhang Qi’s heart, so she said: “How would I know?!”

Wu Zhihua thought of something, and suddenly realized: “Let me tell you something!”

“I saw him at school once before the holiday, dressed modestly. I was surprised…” He sneered, “It turns out that he is relying on your fair, rich, and beautiful cousin.”

When he said this, the nameless annoyance in Zhang Qi’s heart suddenly dissipated a lot, and she felt a lot more comfortable.

She frowned, pondered, and said, “Tell me, do I have to talk to my cousin…”

“Of course, you have to.” Wu Zhihua has been dissatisfied with Yue Song for several years, so she urged Zhang Qi, “How old is your cousin? She just graduated from high school. How can she know that some people are sinister? Yue Song was also shameless to fool such a rich little girl. Humph!”

That’s the truth. Zhang Qi thought and decided that she’ll talk to her about it later.

Zhang Huan was already standing on the stairs and raised his wine glass: “Thank you all for coming today. As for Yanyan, everyone watched her grow up, from being so young to this old, and now she is already an adult and is going to college. It’s a pity that her mother died early and she couldn’t see her being admitted to the university…”

As Zhang Huan was saying that, he shed several tears, and his voice choked: “In short, Yanyan is fine now and had not let her mother down. I hope her spirit in the sky can be happier. Today, everyone came over to show their faces. Her mother and I are here to express our gratitude!”

When he talked about his first wife affectionately, Liang Yingying, who was standing on the ground at the entrance of the stairs, had a dead mother’s face, as if she was an air. Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng stood next to Liang Yingying, and in front of Zhang Huan, both of them were older than the year when Zhang Yansheng’s mother passed away.

The people who came here today are all very close relatives, such as her granny and grandma’s families. Who still doesn’t know what’s going on with Zhang Huan’s family affairs? Some people are very subtle and some people twitch their mouths.

However, everyone’s attention was still attracted to Zhang Yansheng.

Not only is this girl who has lost her mother now grown up into a fine lady, it was also because the young man standing holding hands with her was so attractive.

Looking at the hands held together, and the position standing next to Zhang Huan, it goes without saying that you know what the relationship is between the two of them.

Among the guests, there were also some of them who recognized Yue Song, who were surprised and nodded secretly, feeling that they were a perfect match.

Zhao Lanfen quietly went over to find Zhang Qi and asked her, “What does Yanyan’s boyfriend’s family do? Do you know?”

Zhao Lanfen no longer remembered Yue Song, whom she had only met once. Although Yue Song is handsome, ladies like Zhao Lanfen often go in and out of the fashion circle, and she sees a lot of handsome men and beautiful women every day.

Face is the least valuable thing in her opinion. Relying on the face to eat is even less valuable.

Zhao Lanfen didn’t care about the poor handsome guy Zhang Qi liked a little bit at the beginning, so she turned her head and forgot about it.

But there is Wu Zhihua!

Wu Zhihua hurriedly said, “Auntie, have you forgotten him? You’ve seen him before.”

Zhao Lanfen was surprised.

Wu Zhihua said: “His name is Yue Song, a senior of our school, and he was the president of the student union. He went to your home to attend Qiqi’s birthday party once before.” He also recalled some details for Zhao Lanfen’s reference. Zhao Lanfen suddenly realized, and asked Zhang Qi: “Is that the boy (whom I disagree with)?”

Zhang Qi understood the omitted part of her mother’s mouth, and nodded: “It’s him. Don’t you remember him?”

Zhao Lanfen said lightly: “I’ve been seeing so many people every day, how can I remember just anyone?”

Wu Zhihua liked Zhao Lanfen’s attitude and took the opportunity to ridicule: “That’s right, especially now that he has changed a lot. When he went to your house at that time, he was reluctant to call a taxi and walked by himself. He went out and took the bus. But look at him now, he has found a girlfriend, and now wearing an… Armani?”

Zhao Lanfen hated this kind of man who eats soft rice1‘A man who eats soft rice’ is a Chinese insult. When a man is told, or is spoken of, that ‘he eats soft rice’, it means that he relies on his wife or girlfriend to feed him. the most, and pulled down her face: “Who is this person? He’s got eyes on our family, huh? Since his moves didn’t work on you, so he had to find your cousin instead?”

She has become increasingly irritable in the past two years, and immediately said: “No, I have to talk to your uncle!”

Zhang Qi hurriedly grabbed her: “Let’s talk to Yanyan first, don’t be so angry.”

Zhao Lanfen also knew that it was inappropriate to do it on this occasion, so she suppressed her anger and said, “Okay.” She said again: “You are her elder sister, so you have to take care of your sister more! Look at her, don’t let anyone fool her, grab her, and suck her blood!”

Zhang Qi nodded: “I know!”

Zhao Lanfen went to have a drink. After a while, Zhang Yu left the others, went to her and asked, “What’s the matter? Who are you angry with?”

His wife and him are now old, and his wife look grumpy now. His wife is now in menopause, her temper often bursts out at the slightest, and sometimes she doesn’t regard the other people’s faces on some occasion. Zhang Yu was a little worried, so he came over to ask.

Zhao Lanfen sneered: “Look at your younger brother. Yanyan’s mother is gone. Has she become an orphan in the hands of her stepmother? And now, she found a boyfriend who eat soft rice and your brother doesn’t care about it.”

“Eat soft rice?” Zhang Yu was surprised, looked back, then turned back, and asked with uncertainty, “Are you talking about Yue Song?”

“I don’t know his name. Oh, Zhihua mentioned it just now, it seems that his surname is Yue. Why? Do you know him?” Zhao Lanfen suddenly reacted.

“Where have you heard that he is man who eats soft rice?” Zhang Yu was speechless, “Yue Song is the only grandson of Qingting’s old chairman, Yue Qifeng, and the only heir of Qingting Group.”

Zhao Lanfen was stunned. She couldn’t believe it, so she asked, “How do you know?”

“At the beginning of last month, Zhang Huan and I went to participate in the provincial taxation symposium together. The young man came to talk to Zhang Huan, introduced us to old man Yue, and had dinner together.” Zhang Yu thought it was funny, “Who is talking about this nonsense in front of you?”

Zhao Lanfen was completely stunned.

Of course, she knows the Qingting Group. But a lady like her often goes in and out of the fashion circle, and she deals with other ladies and celebrities, not their husbands or fathers.

Yue Song went in and out of business occasions, and seldom stepped into Zhao Lanfen’s field. The two people have no intersection at all.

Zhao Lanfen suddenly reacted, she should find Zhang Qi and tell her not to say anything to Zhang Yansheng.

But when she turned her head to look for her, she found that Zhang Qi and Wu Zhihua had already gone over to Zhang Yansheng’s side.

Not only had they already spoken to Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song, but there was also a lot of noise.

……Oh no!

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    ‘A man who eats soft rice’ is a Chinese insult. When a man is told, or is spoken of, that ‘he eats soft rice’, it means that he relies on his wife or girlfriend to feed him.