April 14, 2022

Chapter 133: Celebration

Zhang Yansheng only told Xu Lichen about Yue Song’s proposal to her.

“D*mn, thanks to you for rejecting it!” Xu Lichen had PTSD when he heard the word marriage, “What’s so good about marriage? Why do people want to get married? Are they mentally ill? Isn’t it good to just fall in love and sprinkle dog food? Why tie them together and jump into the grave?”

Zhang Yansheng knew that if anyone could understand her, it would be Xu Lichen.

He and her are too similar in certain life experiences, so they resonate too much in some ways.

However, when Xu Lichen thought of someone like Yue Song who was always calm and relaxed and Zhang Yansheng refusing his proposal, he laughed wildly: “Is this old man mentally ill? He was only in his early 20s, what kind of marriage does he want to get married to?!”

After laughing, he still asked again: “I’m just saying, what happened to Lao Yue, to say that he is old, but he is only 22. Seriously, how could he think about getting married? The brains of the elderly are really different from those of our teenagers, right?”

In fact, Zhang Yansheng could understand Yue Song.

Experts say that the shelf life of love is only within 11 months, but although they have been together for a year, because Zhang Yansheng had to take the college entrance examination, they rarely date during the semester, and the real effective love time is less than 11 months.

Therefore, Yue Song and her have actually been stuck in the hot sweet period when they were just together.

There are two situations where men take the initiative to propose the most: the first reason is that they were unable to restrain their emotions when they are so in love; the second reason is that many parties weigh and recognize the cost-effectiveness of this marriage contract, and believe that two people can form a relatively stable family.

And most of the remaining people have no reason to propose or do not want to propose at all. It’s just that when the time has come, as they get older and their parents urge them to get married, the two of them would then decide to not look for someone else. They will ask each other, “When are we going to get the certificate?”, and will just go with the flow.

At present, Yue Song obviously belongs to the first kind, with strong love and strong affection.

Although Xu Lichen laughed and called Yue Song an ‘old man’, Yue Song was actually a boy who had just graduated from his senior year in university. No matter whether he usually behaved more mature and calmer than his peers, he was the same young boy after all.

When he proposed, he clearly expressed his concerns: he would leave the campus, but Zhang Yansheng was about to enter the university campus. Yue Song knows that the four years of university are an important stage in the transformation of a person from a teenager to a young man or young lady. There may be considerable changes in his thoughts, so he just wants insurance.

He should have made plans to propose before this trip.

And this trip after the college entrance examination was actually scheduled a long time ago. Although the two of them did not make it clear, with Zhang Yansheng’s ‘precocious maturity’, Yue Song knew that she would be able to understand what he meant — a man and a woman traveling alone is just to take the relationship further.

But that night, Yue Song actually hesitated. This person always thinks too much and worries too much. Instead, Zhang Yansheng took the initiative to attack, so the two of them took a step forward and had a closer relationship.

The only thing Zhang Yansheng couldn’t be sure about was that if they didn’t have an intimate relationship that day, would Yue Song propose the next day?

But this hypothesis no longer needs to be considered, because they had an intimate relationship after all, and the next day, Yue Song proposed without hesitation.

And when Zhang Yansheng rejected him, he was not so frustrated. In fact, he naturally accepted Zhang Yansheng’s rejection, and it can be seen that he had already predicted the rejection in his considerations.

His marriage proposal is not so much about results as it is an expression.

He didn’t insist on a result now, but he clearly expressed to Zhang Yansheng his ultimate expectations for the future of his relationship with her.

Love is sometimes a game.

Zhang Heling’s graduation exam has just been completed, and Zhang Yansheng’s college entrance examination results have also come down. She not just did good; it can even be said to be excellent.

“University K, it’s stable!” Zhang Huan said beamingly after checking her scores.

“Dad, that means that my sister will definitely be able to enter K University, right?” Zhang Heling is more nervous and excited than Zhang Yansheng herself.

She suddenly became taller in the sixth grade and her height may have been more affected by her mother. Her height is now close to that of an adult. Anyway, Zhang Yansheng feels that Zhang Heling is taller than she was when she was in middle high school. She looked completely girly at that time.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Zhang Huan rubbed his knees with joy and emotion, and said to Zhang Yansheng, “Dad really didn’t expect that there would be such a day.”

Three years ago, when Zhang Yansheng was in middle school, her academic performance was mediocre and her personality was not good. At that time, Zhang Huan had already made plans to pave the way for Zhang Yansheng’s studies with money in the future. If Zhang Yansheng was sent to a good school like Yi High School, and Zhang Yansheng can’t keep up, then he will spend money to send her abroad for an undergraduate diploma, so that his face would look better.

Zhang Huan didn’t have any expectations, but he didn’t expect that Zhang Yansheng had really been transformed by Yi High School! After three years, she was admitted to the double first-class university.1双一流 – Double First-Class University Plan – The World First Class University and First-Class Academic Discipline Construction combined and are known as Double First Class is a tertiary education development initiative designed by the People’s Republic of China government, in 2015, which aims to comprehensively develop elite Chinese universities and their individual faculty departments into world-class institutions by the end of 2050.

No, no, that’s not right!

Zhang Huan suddenly realized that Zhang Yansheng’s changes were long before she entered Yi High School.

She actually started to change during the summer vacation when she graduated from middle school. If it weren’t for the hard work of that summer vacation, how could she enter the top preparatory class?

At that time, he was affected by many emotions and he was also always in the office, so it was difficult to detect it.

But now that three years have passed, looking back on that summer vacation, those feelings of surprise and disobedience have emerged in his heart.

But it just flashed by. Zhang Huan finished rubbing his knees and patted his thighs: “Yanyan, I have to throw a party for you to celebrate this time!”

“Dad, is it the kind that Sister Qiqi did before?” Zhang Heling still remembers it and said, “The time when uncle rewarded Sister Qiqi a car?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t have much of an impression of that party. First, it was a coincidence that her celebration party was held a few days before her rebirth, so she didn’t make it in this life. In the previous life, she was mediocre in front of her excellent cousin, and she simply belongs to the control group,2对照组 – A control group refers to a randomly selected subset of experimental subjects in which individuals are not given special treatment. The reason for the need for a control group is: without a control group, there is no way to determine whether such an operation or some other variable (or several combined variables) has an effect. so she didn’t have a good impression of that party

However, this kind of party to celebrate further studies, people like them, as long as their children don’t do too well in the exam, will still do it.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t care: “Let’s do it.”

She looked at her watch: “I need to go and learn how to drive.”

After she and Yue Song returned from abroad, she immediately started to learn how to drive.

After the reform of the driving test system in City K, you will be allowed to apply for the driving test directly without going to the driving school, but this reform hasn’t happened yet. Zhang Yansheng wants to get a driver’s license, so she has to go to the driving school first to enroll.

Xu Lichen has been staying in K City honestly this summer vacation, just because he is also learning to drive now.

In fact, both of them are veteran drivers with good driving skills.

When Zhang Yansheng left, Zhang Heling quietly asked Zhang Huan: “Dad, what reward are you going to give my sister?”

Zhang Huan smiled at Hehe: “I’ll show you, but don’t tell your sister!”

He raised his mobile phone and showed it to Zhang Heling.

Zhang Heling cupped her face: “Wow~”

Oww, his little girl, who always learns from her elder sister, has learned so much. It’s just that her cold aura would often show in just less than three seconds, and she’ll turn into her original self again, still silly and sweet in her bones.

Zhang Huan instructed her: “Don’t tell your sister, it wouldn’t be fun if she knew about it in advance!”

The art universities admit students in advance. Xu Lichen was steadily admitted to SX and will go to school in H City in the future.

“My mother has already started to build a film and television company.” Xu Lichen said, “She has also begun to find a gold manager for me too.”

Because of the Xu family’s affairs and his mother’s violent methods, although the two of them stood on a unified front, they had invisible barriers and were a bit more alienated.

Zhang Yansheng could hear that Mother Xu was working hard to fulfill her promise to Xu Lichen, working hard to make up for and repair the relationship between mother and son.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t ask Xu Lichen how his father is now, and Xu Lichen didn’t say anything as well.

Since that incident, he has never mentioned his father to Zhang Yansheng once.

Xu Lichen changed the subject and asked her: “What car are you going to buy?”

Zhang Yansheng said indifferently: “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

Xu Lichen said: “I have bought my car already, so I am just waiting for my driver’s license to go on the road legally. Having this driving class is really annoying.”

After the admission results came out, Zhang Yansheng was not surprised to be admitted to K University. Zhang Huan beamed and gave invitations to relatives and friends in the family to have a celebration for Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng’s uncle, Zhang Yu, was very happy for Zhang Yansheng, and said to his wife Zhao Lanfen, “Why do you not want to go? It’s not appropriate if we don’t go.”

Her son has refused to go home until now, so he is hiding abroad. Zhao Lanfen felt that there was nothing to be happy about this year.

“Fine, we’ll go.” She said with interest.

She heard her husband say to her daughter: “This is great. Yanyan will be your schoolmate in the future. You are her elder sister, so take care of Yanyan in school.”

Zhao Lanfen said angrily: “How old is Yanyan that she still needs someone to take care of her?”

Zhang Yu smiled: “I’m just saying it.”

Zhao Lanfen suddenly said to Zhang Qi: “Bring your boyfriend to Yanyan’s celebration party.”

Zhang Qi said angrily: “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“It’s Xiao Wu from Luo Ming Electronics.” Zhao Lanfen said, “Or that little grandson, oh forget it, his family digs coal. So, forget it! I shouldn’t have mentioned him! Let’s take Xiao Wu.”

Zhang Yu was speechless: “How many boyfriends do you have?”

“What do you care about this?” Zhao Lanfen spat at him, “Just take care of the company’s affairs. Our daughter is beautiful and there are many suitors. Do you have an opinion on this?”

How could Zhang Yu dare to have an opinion? When he pursued Zhao Lanfen before, he also broke out from a group of suitors. He snorted twice.

Zhao Lanfen chatted with Zhang Qi about a show she was going to participate in two days later.

After Zhang Qi became an adult, Zhao Lanfen began to take her in and out of some social gatherings of ladies and celebrities. Balls, dinners, and fashion shows are the places where they appear most often.

Zhang Yu didn’t want to hear anything about it and walked away.

The party to celebrate Zhang Yansheng’s admission to K University was held as scheduled.

In addition to the friends and family invited by Zhang Huan, Zhang Yansheng also invited her own friends. After being classmates for three years, Zhang Yansheng naturally has classmates who have become close to her and can be called friends.

But to her surprise, Zhang Zhiyuan from Class 1 actually came.

The classmates were all shocked at Zhang Yansheng’s home.

In the past three years, Zhang Yansheng has kept a low profile and did not show off, but she can still show some clues in the details. The students in the class knew that Zhang Yansheng’s family was in good condition, but they didn’t expect that Zhang Yansheng’s family would be so rich.

Everyone has become more well-behaved than usual, and they pay special attention to politeness when speaking. Among these people, Zhang Yansheng saw Zhang Zhiyuan.

But in fact, Zhang Yansheng did not invite Zhang Zhiyuan.

In the past, when everyone was in the same class, the natural relationship was not bad. But then Zhang Zhiyuan went to the upper class. As long as there is a physical distance between people, the relationship is often alienated.

The relationship between Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Zhiyuan has long since faded into a matter of nodding when they met at school. They haven’t had a chance to speak for about two years.

“I didn’t expect you to come too.” Zhang Yansheng was quite happy, “By the way, congratulations, Champion!”

Zhang Zhiyuan, like in her previous life, has also became a provincial champion in this life and was successfully admitted to Q University.

Zhang Zhiyuan smiled slightly and said, “When I saw a few of them in the group chat talking about today, I didn’t know until I asked, so I came to join in the fun. I came uninvited, so I hope you don’t mind.”

Zhang Yansheng smiled, “Mind what? Of course, you’re certainly welcome. You guys wait a moment.”

Zhang Yansheng went to bring Zhang Huan over and introduced him: “They are all my classmates.”

She introduced all their names, and Zhang Huan smiled and nodded to everyone: “Okay, okay.”

Zhang Yansheng finally introduced Zhang Zhiyuan: “This year, he is the provincial champion of our province and has been admitted to Q University.”

Zhang Huan let out a “oh” and stretched out his hand to Zhang Zhiyuan: “Awesome, awesome!”

He regarded Zhang Yansheng’s classmates as ‘children’ and nodded when he greeted them, but stretched out his hand to shake Zhang Zhiyuan’s hand.

Zhang Zhiyuan was not used to it, but fortunately he reacted quickly and hurriedly stretched out his hand: “You are flattering me too much.”

Although he is not flustered, he can see that he has not much experience.

Zhang Yansheng noticed this detail in Zhang Huan’s attitude.

So, when you have value that can be recognized by others, others will give you treatment that is different from others.

Zhang Yansheng smiled slightly.

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  • 1
    双一流 – Double First-Class University Plan – The World First Class University and First-Class Academic Discipline Construction combined and are known as Double First Class is a tertiary education development initiative designed by the People’s Republic of China government, in 2015, which aims to comprehensively develop elite Chinese universities and their individual faculty departments into world-class institutions by the end of 2050.
  • 2
    对照组 – A control group refers to a randomly selected subset of experimental subjects in which individuals are not given special treatment. The reason for the need for a control group is: without a control group, there is no way to determine whether such an operation or some other variable (or several combined variables) has an effect.