April 22, 2022

Chapter 141: To Make Some Inquiries

On Christmas Eve, Yue Song and Zhang Yansheng were still together after all.

Yue Song usually lives with the old man Yue, but he also has his own separate residence. The young couple spend most of their daily appointments and overnight stays there.

After the passion, Zhang Yansheng took Yue Song’s hand and put it in the palm of her hand, showing a peaceful and comfortable expression.

Yue Song stroked her face gently and joked with her: “I’ve told you before that you like good-looking things like my hands, but you still won’t admit it.”

Zhang Yansheng closed her eyes and smiled: “I just like this feeling.”

“How does it feel?” Yue Song asked.

Zhang Yansheng opened her eyes: “I feel very relieved.”

With this hand, in her previous life, he held her hand to soothe her fear. This hand, in this life, can also heal her anxiety and hostility.

A smile bloomed in Yue Song’s eyes, and he leaned over to kiss her carefully.

The next day, Yue Song was tortured in the company to extract confessions.

The old man sneered: “Go ahead. Confess obediently by yourself, or would you rather let me use torture to extract confessions?”

Yue Song: “…what are you talking about?”

“What else can it be?!” The old man patted the table dissatisfied, “Of course it’s about your girlfriend! Why didn’t you tell me?! You are not a filial son and grandson!”

Yue Song held his forehead.

Seeing him like this, the old man raised his eyebrows with joy: “So you really have a girlfriend? If it weren’t for your Grandpa Xu who woke me up yesterday, I wouldn’t have thought of it! Tell me, whose child is it? Make arrangements, the two families will meet for a meal! We’ll discuss it, set the date, when you will get married, and when I can hold my great-grandson!”

“It’s because I know you will do this that I don’t want to tell you.” Yue Song rubbed his temples and said, “If you do this, I may not have a girlfriend tomorrow.”

“No way, how can it be?” The old man said stiffly, “This is the most normal and best wish of an old man like me!”

“You already said that it is the wish of the old man, not the wish of the young man, let alone the wish of the young girl.” Yue Song said helplessly, “My girlfriend is only a college freshman this year and she is less than 19 years old. Do you think she would be happy to be pressured by her elders to get married and have children? Besides, even if she wants to, she is not yet of legal age for marriage.”

“So young.” The old man was disappointed, “Then you have to wait for several years! You hurry up and work hard.”

Yue Song: “…”

“Aye, then let’s not mention marriage and children. It’s okay to meet first.” Old Man Yue said, “By the way, you have to tell me whose child it is first, right?” 

“Her name is Zhang Yansheng.” Yue Song said, “The old lady Song Lanying from Xingnan is her grandmother.”

“Oh! It’s their family!” The old man patted the table, “The old lady is a powerful person. When she was young, she did a few powerful things. I have heard of them, but I haven’t dealt with them much. Not bad, not bad.”

He said again: “I remember Xingnan… Old Lady Song has two sons, right? One is named Zhang Huan and the other is Zhang Yu, correct? Oh oh! No wonder! No wonder you introduced those brothers to me last time!”

Yue Song nodded: “Her father is Zhang Huan. She has a female cousin and male cousin from her uncle’s family. She also has a younger brother and a younger sister in her family.”

He paused and said, “But the younger brother and sister are both her half-siblings. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, and her father remarried.”

“Call Zhang Huan out and let’s have a meal together.” The old man regretted, “Oh, if I knew that he was my in-law, I should have had two more drinks with him last time.”

Unexpectedly, Yue Song refused: “No, I just told you, if you do this, I won’t have a girlfriend tomorrow.”

The old man was not happy: “No way. I didn’t know it before. But now that I know it, shouldn’t the two sides meet for a meal together?”

“If you want to see her, I can arrange for you to meet her as my girlfriend.” Yue Song warned the old man who was secretly rubbing his hands with a thief’s heart, “However, you can’t assume that the two families will talk about marriage and set a date for it.”

The old man was a little guilty: “I just want to have a meal with her parents.”

“Let me remind you again, she is less than 19 years old. At her age, she has not considered getting married at all, and she is most disgusted with her elders forcing her to get married. If you say something like getting engaged first, there is a high probability that she would rather break up with me than lose her freedom. It’s not because that’s how she is, but the young people of her age are like this, regardless of their gender.”

The old man knew that he was telling the truth, but he was still unhappy and muttered.

Yue Song raised his eyebrows: “If you complain so much, it’s better not to meet her. Just treat it as if you never knew about it.”

“Meet, meet, meet! I finally looked forward to a candidate for my grandson’s wife, so how could I not see her?!” The old man’s dream of quickly giving birth to great-grandchildren with his grandson was shattered, but he couldn’t give up his granddaughter-in-law, so he hurriedly said, “You hurry up and arrange it for me. I want to meet my future granddaughter-in-law!”


Zhang Yansheng waited to meet Huang Zhe by chance on Christmas Eve. Her original plan was actually quite simple: to make friends with Huang Zhe, control some of his daily action information as a friend, and find suitable opportunities to take action.

The so-called action is also very simple. In fact, it is to call the police.

Huang Zhe not only took drugs by himself, but also lured other teenagers to take drugs, and even poisoned Zhang Yansheng. He tried so hard to pull others into the pit, Zhang Yansheng suspected that he might be selling drugs by himself, or at least working for drug dealers.

If you don’t call the police to catch him like this, then what are you waiting for?

Zhang Yansheng wanted to approach him, the first was to know his whereabouts, and the second was to confirm whether he had started taking drugs and selling drugs now.

But she never expected that Wang Qian would show up there. She thought that her fate with Wang Qian had ended already in this life.

With the addition of Wang Qian, the origin of her previous life and the lingering doubts in her heart, things become complicated. It is definitely not possible to rely on herself to toss it alone. She must have some help.

Xu Lichen inquired about Wang Qian the next day.

“After she transferred to that private high school, she only studied there for more than a year. She was sent out in her senior year of high school and went abroad to study preparatory subjects.” Xu Lichen told Zhang Yansheng, “These days, during the Christmas season, foreign schools will have holidays, so she will return home. For details, see the screenshot I sent you.”

Xu Lichen is a person who is very good at making friends, and once he makes friends, others will always treat him as a friend.

Although he left Class 8 early, he has always had many friends in Class 8, and there are still quite a few whom he still has contact with. He looked for the boy who had played well with Wang Qian to help him inquire.

The screenshot is the chat history of the boy and Wang Qian.

Boy: “Did you go back to China? Yesterday, someone told me that he saw a girl who looked like you.”

Wang Qian: “What a coincidence! I indeed came back. I went to the bar street to play yesterday.”

Boy: “He said he also saw you with a boy, your boyfriend, right?”

Wang Qian: “No, he’s a relative of mine.”

Relative? Zhang Yansheng stared at this screenshot for a long time.

“Hey, have you finished reading it?” Xu Lichen said, “I still have something to tell you after reading it.”

“Say it.” Zhang Yansheng said in a deep voice.

“It’s also luck. Wang Qian transferred not long after staying in Yi High School. I almost gave up and when I wanted to break my head yesterday, I only remembered that this guy could talk to her, so I looked for him.” Xu Lichen said.

This person has a good relationship with Xu Lichen. He helped him do these things. After getting back to him, he also confessed another thing.

“I just remembered when you asked me to inquire about Wang Qian for you. Actually…” He said, “After she transferred to another school, she contacted me several times in a period of time, just to inquire about you, Zhang Yansheng from Class 2, Zou Zihan, and other girls in our class. Do you remember them? At the beginning, they used to expel others with Wang Qian, but in the end, Wang Qian was expelled directly to transfer to another school.”

The boy said, “She liked you at the time and the whole class knew that she liked you, but you liked Zhang Yansheng. Zou Zihan and a few of the girls had a grudge against her… I think I can quite understand her feelings. If she wants to come and inquire with me, I will tell her everything. Anyway, it’s just about the school and nothing else, and there is no privacy for you.”

Xu Lichen said that it didn’t matter, he didn’t care about this trivial matter. He also asked this boy to help keep an eye on it. The other boys are in contact with Wang Qian and have added friends to each other. They can see each other’s Moments. Xu Lichen asked him to tell himself if he saw anything wrong with Wang Qian.

The boy agreed, smiled and said, “F*ck, it’s been two to three years since that thing happened, why haven’t you two dropped it yet? Are you continuing the leading edge again?”

Xu Lichen vaguely went over it and only asked him: “Don’t mention me to her, don’t let her know that I’m asking about her.”

The boy smiled and agreed.

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a long time, and then suddenly asked Xu Lichen: “Your dream, when I went to H City to find you, the dream you had at that time. You said I was dead in that dream, who notified you of this news?”

Xu Lichen paused before saying, “…Wang Qian.”

Zhang Yansheng asked: “Do you remember the exact day she told you about it? How long has it been since I died? Did she say that she knew it through someone who knew it, or how did she know it?”

Xu Lichen’s whole body became tense!

“Zhang Yansheng!” He looked at the clear sky/daytime, and said loudly, “You f*cking don’t scare people just for fun!”

Since he left H City, Xu Lichen tried his best not to remember that dream. Because the feeling in that dream is so real, and the ending of the dream is that he is sitting on a plane that is about to crash and dives into the ground…

F*ck! The feeling of facing death is so uncomfortable, so terrifying!

Who wants to reflect on it!

Zhang Yansheng said, “When will you go back to K City, come and find me, let’s have a good chat.”

Xu Lichen asked vigilantly: “What are we going to talk about?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Talk about your dream.”

Xu Lichen: “Bah!”

He hung up the phone directly!

Yue Song told Zhang Yansheng about the old man’s desire to see her.

“Yes, it is okay.” Zhang Yansheng said, “The elders have already spoken, so you can arrange it.”

Yue Song thought for a while: “New Year’s Day?”

That will be less than a week.

Zhang Yansheng thought that it was okay.

However, Zhang Yansheng had no experience of seeing elders in her two lifetimes. In order to be cautious, she went to consult the old lady.

The old lady said, “It’s nothing, just pay attention to politeness. If the elders have any ideas that are different from yours, you don’t have to refute them on the spot, just pass them vaguely, and talk about it with Xiao Yue in private.”

Zhang Yansheng asked, “What kind of idea could you, elders, have? It can’t be that you just want me to get married and have children now, right?”

The old lady said angrily: “You don’t know how to be an elder.”

The old lady sponsored Zhang Yansheng a century-old wild ginseng: “Ask your father to prepare the rest.”

When Zhang Huan learned about this, he took out a bottle of wine from his wine cellar and gave it to Zhang Yansheng: “This is from Dad’s collection. The old man will understand and he’ll know at a glance that your father is sincere.”

With gifts and courtesy, Zhang Yansheng was ready to meet Yue Song’s grandfather.

On the morning of December 31st, Yue Song vaguely heard the noise.

He got up from the bed, walked to the side of the bed and opened the curtains to take a look. The car was parked in the courtyard downstairs, and the staff at home were helping to move the luggage down from the car. With so many suitcases, it looks like his parents’ style.

Sure enough, when he went downstairs, his parents, whom he had not seen for a long time and were said to be both sickly, said with blushing faces: “Songsong, we are back!”

“What is my daughter-in-law’s name?”

“Does she look good?”

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