May 3, 2022

Chapter 109: Jiang Tiedan Is Sick 2

The Jiang family lived in a dilapidated thatched house which seemed to be a bit rickety.

It was dark and dreary inside the house, and there was a musty smell. The environment was worse than that of an average family home in the countryside in this era.

There were no furnishings or furniture in the house, but only two heatable brick beds. The old couple slept in one of the beds and the other one was for the two little children.

In addition, there were two worn-out stools and a table with a broken leg inside.

On top of the table were a few pairs of bowls and chopsticks, but they were all worn out as well. The bowls and chopsticks Xiulan found in the garbage station were better than those on the table.

The fact that the Jiang family was a wealthy landowner back then who had fallen to this kind of ending could make people a little saddened.

If an ordinary person encountered such a gap, he might feel that he couldn’t go on with his life, but the Jiang family persisted until now.

So Xiulan also had some admiration for their family in her heart.

Although they were now living in a poor environment, such a low profile would not cause trouble for them.

Otherwise, if their life was still good after having a bad social status, it would definitely bring a lot of harm to their family.

When the old couple saw Xiulan coming over to their house, they both had a surprised look.

Mrs. Jiang asked, “Xiulan, why are you here?

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“It’s not suitable for you to come to our house because others may see you here and this will get you into trouble.”

Mrs. Jiang liked Xiulan from the bottom of her heart and had thought a lot about her.

During these past few days, Xiulan and her grandchildren worked together in the pigsty. Xiulan didn’t dislike their family in any way. On the contrary, Xiulan treated her grandchildren very well. The kids would come back home and would tell the old couple that Xiulan had given them a lot of food.

Xiulan didn’t mind it, but if she was found to be in contact with their family, Mrs. Jiang was worried that it would bring trouble to Xiulan.

The old couple naturally didn’t want this to happen and wished that Xiulan would be fine.

Xiulan smiled and replied, “Grandma, it’s okay, I’m not afraid. Besides, no one will come here and I’m not afraid of being seen here.

“I heard from Xiaoya that Tiedan is sick, so I came over to take a look at his condition. I happened to have some medicine that could help Tiedan lower his fever.”

As soon as the old couple heard that, they immediately seemed to have caught a life-saving straw and asked her with excitement, “Xiulan, do you really have medicine?”

“Yes, Xiulan, do you have medicine there?”

Xiulan nodded and responded, “Yes, Grandpa and Grandma. Please get me some hot water and I’ll check on Tiedan now.”

Mrs. Jiang responded with a trembling voice and hurried to prepare hot water.

Mr. Jiang was also nervous and didn’t know what to do, so he could only watch Xiulan get busy.

Xiulan walked to the bed and saw Tiedan lying on it. He looked dazed and confused, and his small face was red.

She stretched out her hand and touched his forehead. She found that his forehead was extremely hot and his body was also very hot.

Xiaoya nervously asked her, “Sister Xiulan, how is my brother’s illness? Can it be cured?”

She comforted the little girl, “Don’t worry. We’ll let him take some medicine first and I believe that he will survive and get better.”

With her assuring words, Xiaoya was relieved and nodded heavily.

After a while, Mrs. Jiang came into the room with the hot water. “Xiulan, here!”