May 2, 2022

Chapter 108: Jiang Tiedan Is Sick 1

Yumei didn’t expect her husband to defend Xiulan instead of her, so she was dumbfounded.


Having an idea of what Yumei was about to say, Weiguo interrupted her directly. “I’m going to rest now. It’s getting late, so you should all hurry back to your own rooms as well.”

He turned around and went into their bedroom. Yumei still wanted to complain, but she was a bit helpless to see Weiguo act like that.

After glaring at Xiulan angrily, she also followed her husband to their room.

Xiulan also led Xiuzhu back to her room, then she washed up and went to bed early.

The little girl was very satisfied because of the clothes and shoes her sister gave her, so she went to sleep contentedly. Although they were old and had already been used, they were still better than her existing clothes and shoes.

The next day, Xiulan didn’t go to the county seat anymore and stayed on the production team to work.

The task she received was still the job of shoveling pig manure. But when she went to the pigsty, she didn’t see the two children from the Jiang family.

She was puzzled, but after a while, she saw Xiaoya coming over.

She noticed that Xiaoya’s eyes were red, so she hurriedly asked, “Xiaoya, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen? Where is your brother?”

She hadn’t come to the pigsty in the past two days because she went to the county seat, so she had no contact with Xiaoya and Tiedan, and she didn’t know the situation of the Jiang family now.

Xiaoya rubbed her red eyes and cried, “Boo hoo hoo… Sister Xiulan, my brother is sick.”

Xiulan frowned when she heard that Tiedan was sick. “He’s sick? What’s wrong with him? Is it serious?”

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Xiaoya continued sobbing, “Sister Xiulan, my brother seems to have a very serious fever. He has been sleeping in the bed for a whole day and has not woken up yet. His face is all red and his body is so hot.”

When Xiaoya explained the situation, Xiulan thought that it was indeed a bit serious.

Fever was not a trivial matter, especially for young children. If they kept on burning, they were likely to burn their heads and cause very serious results.

So Xiulan asked her again, “Did you send him to the commune’s health center?”

But Xiaoya shook her head. “No.”

“Why didn’t you send him over so the doctor could check him?” Xiulan was very puzzled.

Xiaoya lowered her head and replied sadly, “Sister Xiulan, our family has no money and we have special status which is not good. Even if we send him to the commune’s health center, people will not necessarily help my brother see a doctor. In addition, we have to find the team leader to write a letter of introduction.”

When Xiulan heard that, she didn’t feel good in her heart.

The Jiangs’ social status was not good and many things were indeed very troublesome for their family.

In addition, the lack of money was also a problem.

She could solve the money matter for them, but their social status issue and the letter of introduction were more difficult.

Xiaoya rubbed her eyes and started crying again because she was worried about her brother’s condition.

The little girl’s crying was a bit loud this time and when Xiulan heard that, she patted Xiaoya on the head and comforted her. “Okay, Xiaoya, don’t cry. Take me to see your brother first.”

Since Tiedan could not be sent to the health center to see a doctor now, she would have to see if she could help lower his temperature. It was not a good idea to keep dragging his condition like this.

It just so happened that there was fever medicine in her space, which could be taken out and used. It should be able to reduce the fever, at least it was better than continuing to delay the situation.

After hearing Xiulan’s words, Xiaoya wiped away her tears and took Xiulan to their house.