May 1, 2022

Chapter 107: Li Lijuan Is Envious 2

“Sister, this is so good! I have never worn such beautiful clothes and shoes before!”

After listening to Xiuzhu’s words, Xiulan felt a bit sad and just smiled in response.

After Xiuzhu contained her happiness, she looked at her sister again and asked, “Sister, am I the only one who has new clothes? Did the kind-hearted person give you clothes too? This blouse is too big for me and should fit you, Sister. Why don’t you have it instead?”

Xiulan shook her head and refused, “No, it’s not suitable for me so you can wear it. If I dress too well and don’t keep a poor look and then go out to beg for foodstuffs, people will definitely not pity me and give me anything.”

After hearing Xiulan’s words, Xiuzhu felt that it made sense so she nodded. “I understand, Sister. If you dress so well, others will think you have a very good life. So of course, they will not give you foodstuffs.”

Lijuan listened to their conversation and was very uncomfortable. She felt that they were saying those words directly to her.

Last time, she dressed too well and went out to beg for foodstuff, but she didn’t get anything.

This bitch did not mention it to me on purpose!

Xiulan saw that she wore new clothes but didn’t even inform her last time. She thought that Xiulan might have intentionally waited for her to go to the county seat, and knew that she wouldn’t be able to get anything. She really couldn’t wait to see me deflated, right?

Looking at the new clothes and shoes that Xiulan brought back, Lijuan was so jealous that they looked better than her clothes, especially those pull-out shoes.

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She heard that they could only be worn by people in the city, but now they would be worn by a dead girl like Xiuzhu.

If it wasn’t because the size was too small, she would have wanted to take them over and wear them herself.

The idea of getting those shoes didn’t work, but she still got the idea of having Xiuzhu’s clothes.

She rolled her eyes and said, “I think these sets of clothes are too big and really not suitable for Xiuzhu. Why don’t you let me wear them? They should fit me perfectly. When you get back with clothes that will fit her, then she can have new clothes by then.”

When Yumei heard that, she also followed suit and said, “Yes, I think Xiuzhu is really not suitable for wearing these clothes now. Don’t waste them and just let Lijuan wear them.”

Xiulan gave both Yumei and Lijuan a straight face and thought, how brazen is this pair of mother and daughter to ask for Xiuzhi’s clothes?

Why do I have to give them these good things?

She definitely would not give Lijuan any benefits.

“What’s the matter if the clothes are a little big for Xiuzhi? She will eventually grow anyway, so it’s just fine if she wears them!

“If Lijuan wants new clothes, she can go to the county seat to ask for them by herself! Don’t get any idea about all the things I brought back. I can give them to whoever I want, so don’t make a fuss,” Xiulan replied with a hint of criticism.

Lijuan’s face suddenly turned red in anger.

On the other hand, Yumei started her own performance and cried in front of Weiguo, “Boo hoo hoo… Weiguo, look at Xiulan, how impulsive is she? I’m just looking at the fact that those clothes are too big for Xiuzhu. So I just thought that it would not be a waste if Lijuan wears them instead. I didn’t mean anything else, but she said that I’m getting ideas on them. What does she mean by that? That I’m having bad thoughts, is that it?”

Facing Yumei like this, Weiguo frowned with some headache. 

This woman is stirring things up again!

Now that his heart turned towards Xiulan a little bit, he naturally defended Xiulan, so he impatiently got back at his wife, “Xiulan just said something casually, why are you taking it seriously?

“Lijuan has a lot of clothes, but Xiuzhu only has a few clothes. It’s not easy to find a kind-hearted person who is willing to give out some of his clothes. So naturally, Xiuzhu has to wear them.”