April 30, 2022

Chapter 106: Li Lijuan Is Envious 1

Xiulan took some coarse grains from the space, a kilo of wheat bran and half a kilo of corn flour.

Corn flour might be considered fine grains now, but not for her. She took some out and planned to make steamed cornbread to eat in the evening.

She couldn’t stand eating coarse grains and wowotou every day.

Although she didn’t want Yumei and Lijuan to eat delicious food together with her, she didn’t want to treat herself or Xiuzhu badly as well.

She had no choice but to let this mother-daughter pair take advantage of the good things she would bring home from time to time.

While waiting for Lijuan and Weiguo to come back from work, she started cooking their dinner.

Weiguo had been working for a whole day, but he didn’t have much to eat. He was really hungry and could faint any minute. As soon as he came back home, he saw that Xiulan had already prepared their meal, so he felt a sense of happiness.

He thought that it was nice to have a daughter like her. She not only had the ability to get foodstuffs, but the most important thing was that she was really capable and hardworking.

She never complained when she was working, or when was suffering and tired, which was much better compared to Lijuan.

Their dinner was steamed cornbread and the whole family was very satisfied with this meal.

It was good to be able to eat steamed cornbread nowadays, which was much better than the wowotou made of mixed vegetable stalks.

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Xiuzhu touched her belly while looking at her sister with a happy expression. “Sister, this is so great! I can be full from our meals these days. I’m really happy!”

Not to mention how good the food was, in this era of scarcity, it was not easy to have enough meals.

That was the reason why Xiuzhu sighed happily after she was full.

Xiulan smiled and touched the little girl’s head. “I will work hard to get more good things back so you can continue to eat well in the future.”

“Mm-hmm! Sister, I will follow you so I can have food to eat!” Xiuzhu grinned. She both trusted and admired Xiulan now, and she felt that with her sister, she would definitely not be hungry in the future.

After dinner, Xiulan took out the clothes and shoes she bought from the thrift market today.

“Xiuzhu, when I went to beg for foodstuffs today, I met a kind-hearted person.

“Their family happened to have unwanted clothes and gave them to me, as well as unwanted shoes. Here, try them out.”

After she took out the clothes and shoes, the eyes of the Zhao family all looked at the things in her hands.

Upon seeing such new and beautiful clothes and shoes, Xiuzhu exclaimed in disbelief, “Sister, these clothes and shoes are so beautiful! They’re still new as well! Are these all from that kind-hearted person you’ve met today? Isn’t that great? They all look much better than my clothes and shoes!”

If she wore such beautiful clothes and shoes, everyone on the production team would probably be envious of her.

Xiulan laughed. “Haha! There are many kind-hearted people and some of them have a lot of clothes to wear at home, so they will give away some of their old clothes. I am also lucky because people look at me as pitiful, otherwise, I don’t have any way to get these things?”

Xiuzhu didn’t think so much and just believed whatever her sister said.

In her opinion, it was impossible for her sister to lie to her.

With a bright smile on her face, she happily tried on the clothes Xiulan brought back.

As Xiulan had expected, the tops and pants were a bit bigger on the little girl, but the shoes were a good fit, especially the pair of those sixty percent new pull-out shoes which had that western fashion style.

No one had ever seen a country bumpkin wearing such good shoes.

Xiuzhu liked her new clothes and shoes very much, and she didn’t want to remove them after trying them on.