April 29, 2022

Chapter 105: Thrift Market 3

There were also vases and antique objects, most of which were broken or incomplete.

Seeing such a scene, Xiulan sighed in her heart and felt very sorry.

Many good things were pulled out of large households. If only they were not broken, all of them could be valuable things.

Now they could only be thrown there like garbage, which looked very depressing to her.

She rummaged through the piles of junk. Some pieces of furniture were made of red sandalwood, some were made of yellow flowering pear wood and other good materials.

It was just there were a lot of pieces of furniture that were damaged like tables and cabinets that either were broken or had missing legs and some parts.

However, these types of woods were still useful. Although these pieces of furniture were damaged, if you got more of these good-quality woods, then you could make new furniture later.

Therefore, the value of these woods was still quite huge.

Instead of being piled up here as junks, it was better for her to purchase them. If she left them there, they would only be used as firewood which would be a total waste.

Upon seeing these valuable woods, Xiulan finally decided to pick them all, then she would borrow a cart later to transport them. Next, she would find a place where no one was around, so she could put them into her space.

In addition to the woods, she took a look at other things. She paid attention mostly to books and porcelains.

She wanted to see if she could find some extant copies of books or other works like paintings and calligraphy from these junks.

If she was lucky enough, she could probably collect some which would be very valuable as well.

But of course, the most precious thing was porcelain.

In addition to Chinese people who liked porcelain, foreigners also loved Chinese porcelain the most, especially Guan ware porcelain which might be more precious than those priceless jewels.

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In the 21st century, some precious porcelain could be auctioned with a value of hundreds of millions.

Xiulan flipped through the junks and finally found a few extant copies of books and some paintings and calligraphy, but they were not from famous people.

The calligraphy and paintings looked very good, so Xiulan didn’t think so much about it and decided to put them all into her space.

Unfortunately, she was not able to find any porcelain that was in good condition. These things were already broken in the first place and when they arrived at the garbage station, they received more damage and even had some holes in them.

Xiulan looked at the broken porcelain and its fragments. There were some particularly precious pieces such as Guan ware, Ru ware, Ding ware, and blue and white porcelain.

She was heartbroken looking at these many precious things that had been broken, which might be worth hundreds of millions.

After a while, she was done looking around and pulled all her selected items for the staff to weigh. 

The books she found were directly put in her space and were not included in the weigh-in. In addition to some pieces of wood furniture, she pretended to pick up some daily necessities such as pots and pans.

But the heavier ones should be these pieces of wood furniture.

For the staff of the garbage dump, they didn’t know the value of rosewood, sandalwood, and yellow flowering pear wood, so they only treated them as ordinary wood. So, the staff didn’t care about the things Xiulan had selected.

Wood was relatively cheap. It only cost a few yuan for a few hundred kilos of wood. The pots and pans were not heavy, and they are even more worthless—just a few cents. All in all, Xiulan just paid six yuan and fifty-three cents.

After paying the money, she left her purchased items first in the garbage station, then she went to rent a cart. Next, she pushed the cart to a secluded place and put all the woods in her space.

It took her a long time and it was getting late already.

So, she didn’t go to the state-owned restaurant to eat anymore. Instead, she took a loaf of bread and a glass of milk from the space and made do with them.

After a short break, she hurried back.

It was already three to four o’clock in the afternoon when she got home.