April 28, 2022

Chapter 104: Thrift Market 2

After Xiulan finished choosing in the clothing section, she picked two pairs of shoes as well.

This time her luck was pretty good. In addition to a pair of black-soled fabric shoes, there was also a pair of sixty percent new pull-out shoes with the right shoe size.

In this era, being able to have a pair of pull-out shoes was also something that made many people envious.

If she brought them back and put them on Xiuzhu, the little girl would definitely be very happy.

After choosing them, the sales clerk began to settle the bill for Xiulan. “These two sets of clothes are seventy to eighty percent new and the fabric was also good. You can give me fifteen yuan for these two sets.

“These fabric shoes are fifty cents and these pull-out shoes are two yuan. No cloth coupon is required.”

The price of used items was three or four times lesser than that of new ones. Xiulan felt that it was too cheap, plus there was no need to pay with coupons.

If she didn’t buy them, it was possible that these seventy to eighty percent new items would be bought by others soon.

So, she quickly took out the money from her pocket, then she left the thrift market after paying in full.

Upon seeing the garbage station next to it, she didn’t think about checking it. However, at that moment, someone pulled a cart over to dump some unwanted things there.

Some things were considered unnecessary and broken in other people’s eyes, but in her eyes, they became rare good things. 

What was pulled from the cart just now was a piece of broken furniture, but as she looked at it thoroughly, she found that this furniture seemed to be made of yellow flowering pear wood.

This kind of wood was of great value.

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In the 21st century, it would cost a lot of money to build furniture from such wood.

Only those who were rich could afford such furniture.

In this era, many rich people’s homes were raided by thieves and their belongings were either robbed or thrown in the garbage station.

Just like this good furniture but it was a pity that it was broken.

While Xiulan felt distressed by the condition of this good thing, she thought that she could try looking for these kinds of things as well. If she was lucky enough and encountered something good, she would make a lot of money if she bought it.

Especially furniture and porcelain that many people didn’t care about, it was possible to find treasures if you were lucky enough to find them.

So, after that conclusion, Xiulan went directly to the garbage station.

The guard of the garbage dump was a middle-aged man. When he saw her coming over, he asked why did she go there.

Xiulan made up an excuse and said, “Comrade, I want to come in and look around, and hopefully buy something. I heard that the items here are cheap. My family is poor and I don’t have that much money, but I need some things, so I wanted to see if I can find them here.”

After listening to her words, the staff guarding the garbage station nodded and decided to let her in.

He had been working there for a long time and had seen clearly that there were many people in the same situation as her.

Compared with the items sold in the supply and marketing cooperative and the thrift market, the items in the garbage station were the cheapest.

No matter how many items you picked up, they would just go to the scale and weigh them. Many people who had no money or had limited livelihoods liked to come to the garbage station just to take a look.

But whether you could find what you wanted would still depend on your luck.

If you were lucky, you could pick something in good condition and not broken. But if you were unlucky, you might not be able to pick anything good at all.

Most of the items that were dumped in the garbage station were broken and incomplete.

The staff member nodded at Xiulan and said, “Well then, you can look around. If you pick up some items, just bring them over there for weighing and pay.”


Xiulan entered the garbage station and after looking around, she realized that the place was very big with all kinds of tattered items piled up everywhere.

Most of them were broken copper and rusty iron, as well as broken wooden furniture.

There were also all kinds of books. A lot of books were scattered all over the place.

Then there were pots and pans, especially some porcelain bowls, many of which were broken.