May 4, 2022

Chapter 110: Jiang Tiedan Is Sick 3

Mrs. Jiang adjusted the temperature to make it warm, so it would not be too hot to drink.

Xiulan took the hot water and the medicine from her space. She opened the capsule quickly with her hands, put the powder inside the bowl, and shook it to melt the medicine into the water.

At this time, there were very few medicines available in capsules, so these could not be taken out for people to see. After taking out the powder from the capsule, Xiulan threw the capsule back into her space.

Next, she carried the cup over the bed and prepared to feed it to Tiedan.

“Grandma, please help Tiedan sit up first,” Xiulan requested.

Mrs. Jiang hurriedly nodded and then helped her grandson up.

It was better to drink medicine while sitting, otherwise, you might get choked if you were lying on your back.

Xiulan brought the medicine to Tiedan’s mouth.

However, the little boy was dazed and didn’t open his mouth to drink.

So Xiulan whispered into his ear, “Tiedan, this is medicine. Once you drink it, you’ll feel better.”

Upon hearing her words, Tiedan seemed to have a faint sense of consciousness.

The will to survive made him drink the water with medicine slowly.

A bowl of medicine was all drunk into his stomach.

After he finished drinking the medicine, Xiulan helped him lay down on the bed again.

She took some more capsules from her space and put the medicine powder from each capsule on the small pieces of white paper separately. She carefully folded them one by one and handed them all to Mrs. Jiang. “Grandma, these are fever medicines that need to be taken three times a day, one packet at a time. Just mix it in the water and let Tiedan drink it.

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“Please monitor him closely today. If his fever doesn’t go down tomorrow, then I will think of a way to take him to the commune’s health center.

“It is not good for him to continue to have such a high fever, so you must pay attention to it.”

Although the old couple was worried about their grandson’s fever, they couldn’t think of a solution for a while.

What Xiulan did at this moment undoubtedly gave them some spiritual support.

In response to Xiulan’s instructions, the old couple hastily agreed.

Once Xiulan realized that she had done everything she could, she was ready to leave.

The old couple was very grateful. “Comrade Xiulan, thank you so much.”

If it were someone else, they knew that he would not want to have anything to do with their family. But Xiulan was different as she even took the initiative to help and gave her grandson medicine. When the Jiang family was at its lowest point, they pulled together. If Tiedan could recover from his fever this time, the old couple would definitely repay Xiulan well.

Xiulan smiled slightly. “Grandpa, Grandma, you don’t have to be polite to me.

“Tiedan is a good boy and I like him very much, so I hope he will be well.”

The old couple was so grateful that they didn’t know what to say. There were some things that didn’t need to be said. So some people would keep in mind the kindness of others and would find an opportunity to repay them later.

When Xiulan saw Xiaoya’s sorrowful face and crying like a cat, she stretched out her hand and gently pinched the little girl’s small face. “Xiaoya, don’t worry, your brother will definitely be fine.”

She also took out a few candies from her space and handed them to the little girl. “Xiaoya, I’ll give you some candies, so don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Xiaoya was a little shocked when she saw the glass-like candies in her hands.

She had grown up at that age but she had only eaten a candy once. She got it from fighting over with other children when someone had built a new house in the village and had sprinkled candies on the beam of the house. Other than that, she had never eaten one again.