March 18, 2022

Chapter 106: Law-Abiding Citizen

Yue Song pulled the neckline of his shirt, revealing a nice collarbone.

“What’s wrong? Want to go up there?” Xue Xintong smiled.

Yue Song put his hand down: “I will just take a look.”

Xue Xintong was speechless: “You are about to become an old man!”

“You can’t forget that I am a contemporary college student with a colorful campus life because I accompany my grandfather to play golf every week,” Yue Song said.

This underground boxing ring was transformed from an old factory building. The space is high and wide. There are many iron corridors and iron escalators circling overhead. It has now been transformed into a ‘VIP’ area. Looking down from above, you can not only see the fierceness between the boxers, but also the flurry of demons in the audience, which can be seen more clearly and more passionately.

One player knocked another player to the ground with a punch, and cheers and screams erupted from the audience below.

Xue Xintong also shouted — in this environment, it is difficult not to be passionate.

Therefore, wearing a white shirt, leaning against the iron railing, smoking quietly and looking down, Yue Song is as different as he stands out from the crowd.

A touch of coldness and brightness above the boiling emotions.

Xue Xintong was very helpless with her cousin. He was basically brought up by old man Yue, so she didn’t know how, just like an old monk who entered a meditative state, it is difficult to see him showing other emotions other than being ‘calm’.

Xue Xintong has a dandy elder brother who vie with her for family property until his eyes become red, and he is almost like a mortal enemy. Yue Song is the only grandson of the Yue family and has no other brothers or sisters, so he has been closer to Xue Xintong since he was a child, and he is no different from her siblings.

Xue Xintong has a hot and straightforward temperament. She often rolled her eyes at her cousin, who is not sloppy and does not change his face in front of the mountain.

“I told you to blend with the atmosphere as well!” Xue Xintong shouted, “Get high!”

“I’m very high now.” Yue Song said with a cigarette in surprise, “Can’t you see it?”

Xue Xintong: “…” Rolled her eyes with anger.

Yue Song flicked the soot in the cigarette and smiled happily.

The bell rang below and there was an intermission. A show girl wearing a miniskirt and holding a sign went in to go in circles.

Taking advantage of this time, Yue Song took out his cellphone and glanced at it. There were new posts in the ‘dormitory’ chat group. He clicked it open and took a look.

Qian Wei posted a short video: “Look, look, long legs!”

Another roommate looked at it and said, “F*ck, if girls are like this, would the guys still matter? (widenoodletears.jpg)”1宽面条泪.jpg –

What’s this? Yue Song moved his finger to play the video.

The petite girl was standing there, and suddenly, the girl with long legs and a baseball cap broke into the camera, picked up the petite girl with one hand, held it with the other, and carried the girl away in a koala hug.

This power is beyond the reach of ordinary men.

No wonder his roommate would say such a thing.

The video is very short, only a few tens of seconds. After the playback is over, it will be automatically replayed and looped repeatedly.

For the first time, he naturally paid attention to the girl’s long legs and her strength that might even be stronger than that of a man.

For the second time, Yue Song only noticed in the last few seconds, when she was about to walk out of the camera, the girl turned her head around, as if looking at the camera.

With the sound of “dang”, the bell rang below. A show girl walked around holding the “5” signboard.

A new round has begun again.

However, Yue Song suddenly paused, holding the phone closer to his face.

The video loops again, twice, and three times.

Yue Song asked Qian Wei in the group: “Where did the video come from?”

Qian Wei replied in seconds: “It’s on the short video platform. This video is on the homepage. It’s very popular.”

Yue Song clicked on the video and stared at it, he watched it several times.

Although the baseball cap covered part of her face, you can see that she’s not wearing any makeup. But that face, the shape of the lips that made people look at it with hormonal changes, Yue Song believed that he would not admit the wrong person.

This girl looks cold and gorgeous when she puts on makeup, and she has invested boldly even though she’s still in high school. Yue Song didn’t expect her to… also have such strength.

Zhang Yanyan.

Yue Song thought she was amazing.

Since he noticed her for the first time, he would find her presence or traces of her in these unexpected places.

Yue Song put his cellphone away, held the railing with both hands, and looked down.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

As if in the dark, he has a strange relationship with this girl.

But he would not know that fate had arranged for him to brush shoulders with her many times before they really met.

Because among the dark heads below, there is a Zhang Yansheng who he mistook as ‘Zhang Yanyan’.

Zhang Yansheng found the man nicknamed “Brother Pang” familiarly and told him: “My friend wants to fight.”

Brother Pang looked at the pair of youngsters and hesitated. Although they are in a gray business, they don’t want to get into trouble.

“How old are you two?” He asked, “Are you an adult?”

Zhang Yansheng raised his eyebrows: “Do you want me to call 110 to report? No one cares about our age now.”

Brother Pang looked at her, and she stared back.

After a few seconds, Brother Pang said, “Follow me.”

Yue Song saw from the top that a new fighter was replaced from the bottom. But he had already enjoyed himself today, and said to Xue Xintong: “Let’s go back.”

Xue Xintong said: “Hey, it’s still early.”

“It’s not interesting anymore.” Yue Song said, “I also have to get up early tomorrow to accompany my grandpa to play golf.”

Xue Xintong was angry and said: “Seriously, I won’t take you out next time.”

“I’m telling you now that I won’t come with you then.” Yue Song said, “You have to drag me out.”

“You don’t know what’s good and bad for you!”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know that someone had left from above her head, and missed him again.

She had never looked up at the deserted brightness. She kept looking at Xu Lichen and said to him: “Go ahead and have a good fight.”

Xu Lichen slammed his two gloves and said, “Zhang Yansheng, I found that you… really know what I need. You’re a god.”

He put on his braces and went inside the ring.

Zhang Yansheng watched him play, watched him punch his opponent, and watched him use his body to withstand his opponent’s attacks.

Zhang Yansheng knows that feeling best.

Whether it is the pleasure of hitting or the pain of being beaten, it is the best way to vent those suppressed emotions.

In the dripping sweat, those who can’t shout, those who can’t speak, and the violent emotions that can’t cry but rush from left to right in the body will eventually be vented.

Then people can get a moment of peace.

When Xu Lichen came down from the ring with a nosebleed, he felt this kind of tranquility.

He took a shower and came out, and Brother Pang handed him a roll of money: “Okay, young man, I didn’t see it. Which club are you from?”

There is still money to take?

Xu Lichen was a little surprised, and stretched out his hand to take a look. Although it was a small amount of money, it was the first time in his life that he made money. He stuffed the money into his trouser pocket and replied to the fat brother: “I’m just fooling around.”

This means that he was just unwilling to tell him. Brother Pang didn’t force it and just said: “Come back next time.”

He said again: “Your girlfriend said she was waiting for you outside.”


Xu Lichen pondered on this word as he walked out.

Zhang Yansheng was sitting on his black motorcycle, with really beautiful legs. If there is such a girlfriend, Xu Lichen would really be happy.


Zhang Yansheng stretched out a fist at him.

Xu Lichen stared at the fist and raised his eyes: “I don’t want to.”

Zhang Yansheng: “Huh?”

Xu Lichen said confidently: “I like you!”

“You like me what sh*t! I don’t like you!” Zhang Yansheng cursed, “Hurry up, idiot!”

You think it’s not sour to hold your hand!

Xu Lichen was scolded out of temper.


He sighed up to the sky, stretched out his hand, and banged his fist with Zhang Yansheng.

This fists bump means that from now on, they will be considered as brothers, ah, brother!

“I’ll drive!” He put on his helmet, “Hurry up and find a place to eat, I’ll starve to death!”

“There is no place to eat here, so we have to go back to the city.”

“Then let’s go back! Let’s go! Hurry up or I’ll starve to death!”

The two returned to the city and found a burger shop. Xu Lichen ate four burgers, six pairs of chicken wings, two large French fries, drank two glasses of coke, and ate another ice cream before he was full.

Walking out of the burger shop, Zhang Yansheng flipped through her bag and pointed to the convenience store next to the burger shop: “Go and buy me a pack of wet wipes.”

Xu Lichen: “…”

How can it be so natural for her to command him?

Thinking of this in his heart, his body had already obediently walked to the convenience store, and soon bought a pack of wet tissues.

Zhang Yansheng took out one, walked straight to the public phone on the street, and wiped the public phone. 

Xu Lichen: “?”

After wiping it clean, Zhang Yansheng took off the handset, wiped it again, put it to her ear and mouth, and directly pressed the ‘Police Station’ button.

The call was quickly connected, and Zhang Yansheng said, “Hello, 110? I want to make a report.”

Xu Lichen: “??”

Zhang Yansheng: “I want to report an underground boxing ring. The address is located at No. 11 Zhongnan Road, Jiao Lake. That place should have been a processing plant. The person in charge is nicknamed Brother Pang. They are open for business today, there are boxing matches, and they can also place bets, starting at 10,000 yuan. There must have been more than 300 people gathered there right now. This is illegal assembly, illegal gambling…”

Xu Lichen: “??????????”

“Me? I’m the successor of socialism, so you can call me red scarf.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Okay, that’s it.”

Then she hung up the phone abruptly.

Turning her head, she saw Xu Lichen’s head full of question marks.

She raised her eyebrows: “What’s wrong?”

“No, you…” Xu Lichen was confused, “You, do you have a grudge against them?”

“No.” Zhang Yansheng said calmly.

Xu Lichen became even more ineffable: “Then why did you…”

“Why?” Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrow, “Is there anything wrong with me being a law-abiding citizen and reporting the illegal gambling in that underground boxing ring?”

In theory, no. But, but, but!

“If you think about going back there next time, then don’t think about it.” Zhang Yan sneered, “Xu Lichen, I’m telling you, you can just smoke a cigarette and drink alcohol. However, you can’t touch porn, gambling, and drugs, do you understand?”

He looked at her and he couldn’t explain why he was a little afraid of her. Xu Lichen felt that the back of his neck was cold, and he nodded with a strong desire to survive: “I know, I know!”

Zhang Yansheng put on her helmet and said, “Let’s go, take me home!”


The sun is very good on Saturday, and the air in the early morning is slightly cool.

Yue Song hit a ball with a swing, and several old men praised: “Good shot!”

Yue Song smiled and stepped aside. It just so happened that his phone rang, he walked away a few steps and answered the call: “Sister?”

Xue Xintong said: “Have you watched the news?”

“?” Yue Song, “What news?”

“Fortunately, we left early last night.” Xue Xintong raised her forehead, “The underground boxing ring in the outskirts of Jiao Lake was taken over last night. Several people I know walked around the police station last night.”

Yue Song faintly said “Oh”.

“…” Xue Xintong, “You are so calm.”

“Otherwise? Do I still have to act shocked?” Yue Song said, “Isn’t it normal for this kind of place to be raided?”

Xue Xintong became suspicious: “Just tell me, you didn’t report it, did you?” She felt that it’s really possible.

“I went home yesterday and fell asleep right away.” Yue Song said, “However, although I did not report it, I think it’s okay, no matter who did it.”

He said: “Isn’t it normal for law-abiding citizens to report illegal gambling venues?”

There was a long silence on the phone.

Xue Xintong cursed: “You old man!”

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