March 19, 2022

Chapter 107: Invitation

After returning to school at the end of the weekend, Yue Song lived his ‘colorful contemporary university life’ again.

He asked Qian Wei for a link to that video and found that there was more than one video of ‘Zhang Yanyan’. Several uploaders who pay attention to each other have reposted her videos. Just this video of koala-hugging, she probably took it with four or five different girls. It should be taken in the same place based on the background.

The titles of these videos are ‘The girl in our class is an A burst’, ‘Why do I want a boyfriend with such a girlfriend’, ‘I want to be hugged too’, and the like. People will smile when they see it.

Others are tidbit videos.

She was surrounded by several girls, some of them jumped anxiously: “It’s my turn, it’s my turn! Hug me next!”

She also took off her sunglasses and handed them to others: “I’ll help you take it, don’t hurt her.” Then, she went to borrow a hat from the boy again: “Cover my face.” 

It turned out that she didn’t want to show her face in the video, so she must have known that her face had been exposed by these classmates in these tidbits.

A group of high school kids don’t do things well at all. If she finds out, he doesn’t know if she will be angry.

Yue Song thought it was funny.

Yue Song saved the videos of her koala hugging others. He took a look at the channels of the uploaders who were obviously her classmates, and sure enough, he saw some daily videos shot from their school. Meals, school breaks, lunch breaks, self-study… In those random, shaking videos, she is occasionally seen.

Even if she is wearing a sack-like school uniform and standing in the crowd without makeup, she will not be indifferent to everyone.

Zhang Yanyan was born with an aura, which is different from other high school students.

If it was said that he had met her only by chance or found traces of her before, then this is the first time that Yue Song has begun to actively look for her traces.

Qian Wei leaned his head over and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Yue Song tilted the screen of his cellphone unbothered: “Chasing the star.”

During the holidays, he will have a lot of business. However, during the semester, he will reduce the arrangements for those affairs to ensure that he has plenty of time to live a normal campus life.

Yue Song knew very well that he had a lifetime to do business and invest, but his student days were only a few short years.

The ivory tower is a calm and comfortable place. Since he was a child, he has been in contact with many people in the business world with his grandfather and uncle. Compared with simple-minded classmates, he is relaxed and happy.

Of course, not everyone has a simple mind. There are always people who want to show some untimely scheming at this age.

One day, Qian Wei gloated and told him: “Have you heard that Zhang Qi made a pass at Senior Brother Zhang.”

Senior brother Zhang is the boyfriend of senior sister Jiang and is in graduate school in their university. He is tall and handsome, and he is a perfect match for senior sister Jiang. Although Qian Wei likes senior sister Jiang, this kind of liking is accompanied by some admiration. He has only envy, no jealousy, and no negative emotions for senior brother Zhang.

This is also the reason why Yue Song likes college life. There are not so many conflicts of interest and intrigue between you and others, and even some small emotions look a bit cute.

Yue Song asked, “What did Zhang Qi do again?”

Everyone in the student union knows that Zhang Qi and senior sister Jiang do not get along well, or it should be said that Zhang Qi didn’t look very pleasing to senior sister Jiang. This rich lady has never confronted senior sister Jiang head-on, always attacking her side by side, saying things that are flattering and derogatory.

In short, she is a very green tea b*tch.

But she is beautiful and she has a few suitors in school. She is rich and she has a few small sidekicks. Speaking in the student union, some people are willing to respond to her.

This semester, senior year students are all looking for a job. Rumor has it that she has arranged a good-paying job for a senior brother, so more people are willing to curry favor with her.

Fortunately, senior sister Jiang is also beautiful, popular, and has a wide base of people, so she is not afraid of her. But there is no way to be restrained by her from time to time.

“You don’t know how stupid this woman is.” Qian Wei said with a bit of contempt, “Senior Brother Zhang went to the student union to pick up Senior Sister Jiang. She actually told Senior Brother Zhang, ‘I really envy your girlfriend. She is so popular with boys. I really want to have a physique that attracts boys like Senior Sister Jiang’.”

He squeezed his throat, imitating Zhang Qi’s tone of voice.

Yue Song’s smile faded as he waited to hear the joke.

Because both he and Qian Wei belong to the student union, they are familiar with senior sister Jiang and senior brother Zhang. When Zhang Qi said this, she implicitly involved both him and Qian Wei, not only provoking the relationship between senior brother Zhang and senior sister Jiang, but also provoking the relationship between senior brother Zhang and them.

“She told Senior Brother Zhang again, ‘If your girlfriend is like this, then it’s going to be hard for Senior Brother as well, right? You often come to pick her up. In fact, you really can’t be rest assured. Oh, I really feel sorry for Senior Brother’.” Qian Wei continued.

He asked, “What did Senior Brother Zhang say?”

“Senior Brother Zhang didn’t plan to deal with her. Since he is a few years older, Senior Brother Zhang regarded her as a child and didn’t want to know her in general.” Qian Wei said, “As a result, Senior Sister Jiang came out and saw the two of them talking. She was a little surprised. You know that the two of them really don’t get along in the student union. Then Senior Sister Jiang asked her boyfriend why he was talking with the girl whom she doesn’t pay attention to, right? As a result, Zhang Qi suddenly took a step back, distanced herself from Senior Brother Zhang, and said: ‘We didn’t talk about anything, really, just talk casually, Senior Sister, don’t think too much about it’.”

Yue Song smiled ‘sneeringly’ and shook his head: “She really doesn’t know Senior Brother Zhang.”

“Yes, she is a freshman. She hadn’t seen Senior Brother Zhang’s heroic voice fighting against Confucian scholars in the debate. She just watched Senior Brother Zhang’s tenderness and gentleness to Senior Sister Jiang, listening to everything. She might have thought that Senior Brother Zhang is a dumb and easy-to-handle person.” Qian Wei also sneered.

He said: “Senior Brother Zhang must be anxious and must hurry to change the situation. If he doesn’t clear it up on the spot, you won’t be able to tell how Senior Sister Jiang will think, and it will only get worse and worse.”

Because Zhang Qi was too fierce in the end, Senior Brother Zhang who didn’t want to mind her at first, decided to take care of her in the end too.

He immediately took Senior Sister Jiang’s hand and told her: “This junior sister envies you for being liked by boys.”

Senior sister Jiang’s face changed color on the spot.

But senior brother Zhang turned his head and said to Zhang Qi: “You don’t need to be envious. It’s natural to be envious of this kind of thing. Some people, like Jiang Ya, are attractive and beautiful. What can you do about it? It’s useless for you to be envious.”

“You don’t have to feel sorry for me. It’s not that I’m uneasy when I come to pick her up. I just want to stay with her for a while. I’m too busy studying. If I can squeeze even a minute to be together with her, it’s still a minute and I have to race against time. Besides, if you have time to feel sorry for other people’s boyfriends, it’s better to use this time on yourself and reflect on why you can’t be as likable as others?”

“No matter what the situation is, as long as the reason can be found, there is always a way to improve it. If you are ugly, you can wear makeup or have a plastic surgery. If you have a bad personality, you can learn more from Jiang Ya. In fact, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will always get better slowly.”

“Then Senior Brother Zhang and Senior Sister Jiang walked hand in hand.” Qian Wei laughed so hard, “Zhang Qi was stunned. The others who were on the side ate a big meal of dog food for Senior Brother Zhang. You shouldn’t ask for leave. Look at you. If you ask for this leave in 10,000 years, you will miss a good show!”

Yue Song laughed as well, shook his head and said, “Senior Brother Zhang’s mouth is so poisonous that even I am afraid of it. Zhang Qi is really fearless.”

The two laughed again.

Qian Wei said, “I’ll tell you something again. I heard them say that Zhang Qi and Senior Sister Jiang had a disagreement because of you.”

This is really a pot from the sky. Yue Song asked speechlessly, “Who are they?”

“Just Du Sisi, Ma Yuejuan, and a few others.” Qian Wei said, “According to what they said, when they recruited new recruits last year, you took them as the new freshman officers. Then you praised Senior Sister Jiang hard, and Zhang Qi saw that Senior Sister Jiang was not pleasing to the eye, so she always said sour words to Senior Sister from then on.”

Yue Song is not a person who makes people buckle the pot casually.

He said, “I did praise Senior Sister Jiang, but you agreed with everything I said at the time, right? Because what I said was the objective truth, and I was really just talking about things at the time, that lecture could be done because Senior Sister Jiang ran it all by herself. She did a good job, why can’t I praise her?”

“Moreover, she is not the only one who heard me praise Senior Sister Jiang. Why is she the only one who can’t get along with Senior Sister Jiang? So, the problem is not with me at all, but with Zhang Qi.”

“Don’t you understand?” Qian Wei said, “Zhang Qi already had a crush on you at the time.”

Yue Song has a handsome appearance and a clear temperament. He is a grass-level figure at the K University. Zhang Qi, a girl, fell in love with Yue Song as soon as she entered the student union, and everyone knew it. However, Zhang Qi was very reserved and did not take the initiative to pursue Yue Song like some other girls, but secretly looked for various opportunities to brush her sense of existence in front of Yue Song.

“She is too proud of herself. If she really likes you, why didn’t she chase you? It’s not that there are no girls chasing you openly. She just can’t pull her face down. After all, she is a big lady, so she might want you to chase her instead. If you always praise Senior Sister Jiang, of course she will be sour.” Qian Wei analyzed it seriously.

Yue Song rubbed his chin: “Then you can’t blame me.”

“I don’t blame you. I’m not blaming you. I just want to remind you.” Qian Wei said, “That girl is a sea king and the few who pursue her, as long as the conditions are not too bad, she did not explicitly refuse them. The day before yesterday, someone saw her and the rich second generation, who drove a Ferrari, went to lunch outside the school at noon. You can stay awake, don’t look at her being rich and beautiful, but her brain is damaged. Don’t bring her back and tell us: This is my girlfriend, call her sister-in-law. I’m telling you that if you are going to be good with her, then we can no longer be brothers.”

Yue Song smiled and kicked him: “What are you saying? Get lost! If you don’t want me to do it, then I won’t do it.”

He smiled and made noises with his roommates in the dormitory, with a relaxed posture and brisk eyebrows.

If his cousin Xue Xintong saw this, she wouldn’t say that he was “like an old man”.

By July, all activities of the student union were reduced, and preparations for the final exam were all started.

After the last meeting, Zhang Qi suddenly sent out a birthday invitation to the people in their department: “…It’s the third day after our final exam. Now I’m afraid that you will go home as soon as you finish the exam. I hope everyone can come if they have time.” She also glanced at Yue Song in particular.

Yue Song only smiled slightly, noncommittal.

A few people who usually follow Zhang Qi yelled: “I will go! I’ll be sure to go!”

Senior sister Jiang turned a deaf ear, packed her things and left first. Yue Song and Qian Wei also walked out.

Zhang Qi didn’t have that deep determination in the end, seeing that Yue Song left without making a statement, she couldn’t help but feel anxious. It was just that she was surrounded by a few people asking about the birthday party and couldn’t get rid of them, so she could only watch them leave.

After she got rid of these people and after thinking about it, she decided to invite Yue Song alone to show solemnity.

Yue Song was hoisted downstairs by the aunt in the lodge area with a loudspeaker. He saw Zhang Qi, listened to her intentions, and originally planned to refuse. But Zhang Qi said: “Come and play if you have time. They are all young people, mainly from our university, some of my middle school classmates, and then my cousins. The ages are not very different, they are all of the same age.”

Yue Song’s heart suddenly moved.

If her cousins will come, what about her younger paternal cousin?

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