March 17, 2022

Chapter 105: A Friend

Xu Lichen hung up the phone, still sitting on the desk, looking at the oil painting thrown on the floor and the destroyed safe on the wall.

There was some cash and jewelries in it. His father didn’t find what he wanted. He just ignored the money and jewelries, then got angry and left.

It left a mess all over the place.

Everyone is gone, and the house becomes quiet.

The aunt hesitantly came over and said: “Chenchen, look at this…”

Xu Lichen expressionlessly: “Clean this up.”

The aunt said, “I don’t dare, there’s so much money! Why don’t you collect the money and all these things first? They are all old and expensive things. If we knock them over or if some of them gets missing, we can never tell.”

Xu Lichen then called his mother’s secretary: “Secretary Wang, I need a new safe. Okay, send it over as soon as possible. Those people have already left. Tell my mother not to worry about what happened here at home, I’m still here.” After making this call, he continued to sit there, motionless. Watching the aunts clean up the floor first, and then they all went out.

The light in the room gradually dimmed.

By the time an aunt suddenly turned on the light, it was already dark outside.

The aunt said: “The new safe is here.”

Xu Lichen then saw the workers bring in a new safe. When the workers saw the contents of the old safe, they turned their heads and asked him, “Sir, this…”

Xu Lichen: “Help me put them all in the new safe.”

The workers resolutely refused: “There’s so much money, please put it yourself.”

Xu Lichen didn’t want to move and said, “Auntie, you do it.”

The aunt glanced at him, sighed, and transferred the money and jewelries to the new safe.

The workers recorded the voiceprint password for Xu Lichen, installed the new safe, and left.

The aunt came and called Xu Lichen: “Let’s go and eat something.”

Xu Lichen only shook his head.

He didn’t eat or drink, sitting on the desk all the time, staring at the new safe. He didn’t know how long it had been, then an aunt knocked on the door: “Chenchen…”

Xu Lichen didn’t look back: “What?”

The aunt said, “Your friend is here.”


Xu Lichen suddenly turned his head.

The girl standing at the door is tall, with heroic eyebrows and compelling beauty. Isn’t that Zhang Yansheng?

The aunt looked at Xu Lichen, then looked at the beautiful girl, and quietly walked out.

Xu Lichen turned his head and looked at Zhang Yansheng across the air for a while, then jumped off the table and laughed twice.

“What’s the matter, Zhang Yansheng? Did you come here to comfort me?” He put his hands on his waist triumphantly, “Just admit it, do you like me?”

“It is impossible to like you.” Zhang Yansheng put her hands on her waist too, and affirmatively said, “It is impossible in this life.”

Zhang Yansheng had no intention of coming.

Xu Lichen sounded strong on the phone, much calmer than her previous life. He also said: “I will take care of it.” Zhang Yansheng hung up the phone with confidence.

No matter what happens in this life, she has a stronger confidence in Xu Lichen now than in the previous life.

At dinner earlier, Zhang Huan talked about Zhang Shuocheng at the dining table: “…there is not a day that makes me worry about you.” 

Zhang Yansheng: “Huh?”

What happened?

Zhang Heling complained to Zhang Yansheng: “Shuoshuo had a fight with someone, and my father was invited by his head teacher today.”

Now that Zhang Shuocheng is much more obedient under Zhang Yansheng’s management (cultivation) and teaching (logic) at home than before, he didn’t expect him to cause trouble in school again.

Moreover, since Zhang Shuocheng’s head teacher invited Zhang Huan instead of Liang Yingying last semester, she found that the effect was much better than inviting Liang Yingying. As soon as something happened, she didn’t hesitate to call Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan was particularly helpless.

“You are so big, but still dare to fight with the boys in the third grade?” Zhang Huan threatened Zhang Shuocheng fiercely, “I will ask your sister to clean you up later!”

Although Zhang Shuocheng refused to admit his mistake, there was still guilt and nervousness under the gaze of Zhang Yansheng.

As long as Zhang Shuocheng doesn’t bully girls and doesn’t develop in that bad direction in the future, Zhang Yansheng doesn’t actually care what he does or who he fights with. Even Zhang Heling is in charge of his studies.

Zhang Yansheng is responsible for beating him when he crosses the line.

However, although nuclear weapons are not easy to use, their deterrence is enormous. Zhang Huan’s threatening sentence caused psychological pressure on Zhang Shuocheng.

After dinner, Zhang Yansheng went back to her room, and Zhang Shuocheng actually took the initiative to knock on her door.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Yansheng asked as she blocked the door.

Zhang Shuocheng was embarrassed and said something in a low voice.

“?” Zhang Yansheng was impatient, “Speak up, what did you say?”

Zhang Shuocheng amplified the volume: “…he pushed Coco to the ground and pulled her braids before I hit him.”

Zhang Yansheng understood. It turns out that Zhang Shuocheng became an angry confidante.

“Coco?” Zhang Yansheng still had a vague impression of the name. “The girl you like?”

Zhang Shuocheng said, “Coco has no front teeth. It’s so ugly, so I don’t like her anymore.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Is this a genetic scumbag attribute? Why don’t you look in the mirror and see your own virtue of missing teeth and leaking wind?

“Do you still fight for her even if you don’t like her anymore?” Zhang Yansheng asked strangely.

Zhang Shuocheng naturally said: “Because we are friends!”

The little thing has been a tyrant since he was a child, but now he has friends? He knows what a friend is!

A friend is…

Zhang Yansheng remembered what Xu Lichen said on the phone, “Don’t worry about me, I can handle it myself.”

She actually heard the strong support in Xu Lichen’s words. Compared with smoking, drinking and fighting in her previous life, and smashing wine bottles in anger, Xu Lichen has become more mature and calmer in this life.

Zhang Yansheng wanted to praise him.

She stretched out her hand, patted Zhang Shuocheng on the top of his head, and praised him: “In this case, I don’t think you did anything wrong. For girls, it should be right to protect them, not to bully them.”

Zhang Shuocheng hadn’t been praised by Zhang Yansheng once in 10,000 years, and he was flattered.

Zhang Yansheng’s hand was placed on top of Zhang Shuocheng’s head.

Does Xu Lichen need praise too? Is that right?

What he needs is to determine whether he can inherit more property in the future, right?

What exactly does he need?

Is he at home now? Zhang Yansheng is very familiar with that house. Because Father Xu and Mother Xu are full of vigilance against each other, they no longer go back to live there. Therefore, for a long time, Xu Lichen was the only one who lived there, and it became their activity base for night parties.

Right now, he is alone in that house……

It was better to be friends than lovers, this was the kind of relationship they had in the past life.

If they didn’t become lovers in the previous life, it’s even more impossible in this life.

But if it’s being a friend, then they can always be.

Because when they are most vulnerable, they have always been with each other.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly retracted her hand and turned back to the room.

Zhang Shuocheng: “?”

Zhang Yansheng came out soon, already carrying a bag on her back, and strode out.

“Where are you going?” Zhang Shuocheng asked.

“To see a friend.” Zhang Yansheng said.

So, Zhang Yansheng really came.

“F*ck!” Xu Lichen cursed while his hands are still at his waist, “Then why are you here?”

“You just said it now, I came to comfort you.” Zhang Yansheng shrugged, “To see if you are hiding and crying alone?”

“Ah bah!” Xu Lichen didn’t know that there were already two traces on his face, which could be seen clearly by the reflection of the light. He glared at her: “You won’t be able to see it, maybe in the next life!”

It’s already the next life now.

Zhang Yansheng smiled and beckoned: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to a good place. Where is your car?”

The so-called car refers to Xu Lichen’s motorcycle.

The motorcycle was parked in the garage of Xu’s house. As soon as Xu Lichen wanted to get into it, Zhang Yansheng grabbed his shoulders and dragged him behind him.

Xu Lichen: “Heyyyyyy!”

Zhang Yansheng raised her long legs and had already gotten into it.

“Hey! Can you drive it?” Xu Lichen didn’t trust her very much.

Zhang Yansheng: “Unlock it!”

Xu Lichen’s motorcycle has a customized fingerprint lock. He pressed his thumb on it and the engine started. Xu Lichen straddled to the back and asked, “Where are we going?”

Zhang Yansheng told him: “Jiao Lake.”

“That far?” Xu Lichen was surprised, “Are we going to enjoy the lake view at night? I’m telling you that I don’t like the literary style. If you want to comfort me, why don’t we go to Sihou Street for a drink…”

“Don’t talk so much nonsense.” Zhang Yansheng put on her helmet and shouted.

Xu Lichen found that he always had to be ordered by Zhang Yansheng. He sat down and put on his helmet. When he came up to her back, he still didn’t give up and asked, “Can you really do it?”

The motorcycle let out a roar. Xu Lichen hurriedly hugged Zhang Yansheng’s waist.

Really this! He was a little uncomfortable. He has always taken girls and it’s the first time a girl has taken him.

While thinking about it, the motorcycle rushed out with a roar.

So, Xu Lichen finally knew that Zhang Yansheng was very good at riding a motorcycle!

On Friday nights, people came out to live overnight, and there were serious traffic jams on the road.

This motorcycle, which is led by a girl and a boy, travels through the traffic, and the slender and tight legs of the female knight attracted the attention of the people in the cars.

The motorcycle drove out of the ring road, out of the city, and onto the national highway. The speed increased, and the trees on both sides retreated quickly. Buildings gradually became scarce. When they arrived at the outskirts of the lake, because it had always been an industrial area, there were no residential projects, but a lot of factories and warehouses. If you want to see the lake view, you have to go further.

But Zhang Yansheng drove the motorcycle into a place that looked like a factory. There were a lot of cars parked in the parking lot, which almost filled the huge yard.

Xu Lichen got out of the motorcycle and took off his helmet and looked at it: “What is this place? Why is it so tattered?”

The cement outside the brick wall has fallen off, and it is full of creepers. It looks like an old factory building or warehouse or something.

But there were several men smoking there at the gate.

Zhang Yansheng took Xu Lichen over and was stopped by them. Zhang Yansheng asked directly: “Is Brother Pang there?”

The people who stopped them looked at her warily, one of them said: “Yes, you are…” Somewhat confused by her youth and face.

But Zhang Yansheng paid 2,000 yuan familiarly: “Two people.”

These people couldn’t write down all the guests, especially Zhang Yansheng, who seemed to be very familiar with the place. After they collected the money, they opened the door.

Xu Lichen followed Zhang Yansheng in. There was another door inside. When he entered it, he found a thick soundproof curtain hanging down from it.

Pulling aside the heavy curtains, the sound rushed across his face and penetrated his ears.

The open space is full of people. In the middle ring, two people were punching each other’s flesh, and their bursting sweat was shining in the light.

The audience cheered loudly!

Xu Lichen opened his mouth and stared blankly at this underground boxing ring.

Zhang Yansheng turned her head to look at him: “If you think this is too literary, then I will accompany you to Sihou Street for a drink.”

“F*ck you! If you don’t bury the people, you won’t be able to talk well, right?” Xu Lichen scolded her with a smile, “I’m not going anywhere but here!”

Zhang Yansheng glanced at the ring and asked him, “Do you want to go up there?”

Xu Lichen’s blood was hot.

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