March 16, 2022

Chapter 104: Too Difficult

During the Golden Week in May, Zhang Yansheng and her classmates went out together.

Of course, she can also choose to fly to Europe or Australia or wherever she wants to live a high-end vacation life. But she did have too many experiences in her previous life on this kind of travel, on the contrary, she never had the experience of traveling with classmates.

So, when everyone registered the number of people, the classmates asked her if she wanted to sign up. She thought for a while and signed up. After all, in this life, she has already determined to be different from her previous life.

Almost half of the students in the class went. The target is located in the mountains between K City and the next city.

They did not go to scenic spots, but to the wild scenery in the mountains, where they camped and slept in the open, avoiding the crowds of people during the Golden Week. Moreover, looking at the wild scenery, turning over the top of the mountain is actually the village. Vegetables, meat, and noodles are all bought in the village, and the male students carry them back to the camp. Everyone has barbecues and picnics together.

It’s simple, but very interesting.

During the bonfire party in the evening, Zhang Yansheng scanned her Moments and saw the photos of skydiving posted by Xu Lichen.

In addition to fighting, this guy also likes various extreme sports. On several occasions, he can be said to rub shoulders with death. Wang Qian can’t do this kind of exercise, but Zhang Yansheng can accompany him. She herself had some moments when she rubbed shoulders with death.

But at that time, she didn’t care.

Looking up at the young and sentimental faces of her classmates in the firelight, she felt that in her previous life, she and Xu Lichen really burnt money and made all kinds of things to death.

In the end, she really killed herself because she made friends carelessly.

Zhang Yansheng tugged at the corner of her mouth and put her cellphone away.

They stayed in the mountains for three days and when they woke up on the fourth day, they walked down the mountain waiting for the reserved bus to pick them up. Everyone swiped their cellphones and chatted in boredom.

Suddenly, a few girls got together and squeezed to look at a person’s cellphone, and said again and again: “Wow!”

“Great A ah!”

“A few boys can really do it, right?”

“Boys may not, but… Yansheng can!”

The girls burst into laughter, and the boys inexplicably said, “What’s that? What are you looking at?”

The girls called out to Zhang Yansheng: “Yansheng, Yansheng, come and see!”

Zhang Yansheng leaned over and took a look, and it turned out to be a short video.

In the camera, the girl stood there as if bored and waiting for someone. Suddenly, a tall boy broke into the screen, and the girl stretched her hands happily and suddenly jumped into his arms. The boy only held the girl with one hand, with the other hand even in the pocket of his trousers, holding the girl handsomely and left.

The boys also leaned over to watch, and after watching: “F*ck! I can’t do that!”

Holding a girl with one hand is really not something that ordinary people can do. On TV, the male protagonist princess hugged the female protagonist. They heard that the female protagonist’s buttocks were actually sitting on the stacked boxes, and they were not real. Even princess hugging, 80% of men can’t do it, not to mention this kind of one-handed hug.

The boys touched their noses and could only recognize it.

“Yansheng, Yansheng, can you do it?” the girls asked chirpily.

Zhang Yansheng: “Emmmm…”

Her perfunctory attitude can’t fool the girls. The girls’ eyes lit up with excitement: “You definitely can!”

“Let’s record a video too!”

“Anyway, the bus hasn’t come yet, and we’re just idle!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Although she resisted in her heart, but after all, she was wrapped around (loose) and coerced (pampered) by the people’s (female) desire (liveliness) and agreed to be recorded.

Everyone was excited, and the boys also came to help to set the scene and design the lens. Two boys brought professional cameras and served as videographers. Most of them just use their cellphones to record a video.

“Walk like this!”

“Yena, pay attention to your expression!”

“It’s best to take the view from this angle!”

Suddenly everyone has become a great director, and everyone can give pointers.

Before going on stage, Zhang Yansheng was afraid that she would hurt the female classmate, so she took off her sunglasses and temporarily borrowed a baseball cap from a male classmate: “Cover my face.”

After two rehearsals, filming officially started. In fact, the real shooting will only take a few tens of seconds.

Someone imported the video into the short video platform on the spot, processed it with background tools, adjusted the speed, added background music, added stickers, and turned the filters on. This classmate was obviously proficient in editing short videos, and he was done in a swish.

Not to mention, as soon as the slow motion was put on, the BGM sounded, and the tall girl with an indifferent expression was wearing black trousers. She picked up the slim girl, held her with one hand, and walked away with her long legs. That was so cool and so A!

The girls screamed when they saw it!

“I want it too!”

“Yansheng! Hug me too!”

“Hug me! Hug me!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…” She knew it!

The boys are envious and jealous. They just don’t know if they should be jealous of the one who is holding the girl or the one being held.

This mood is also sour and refreshing.

By the time the bus finally came to pick them up belatedly, four girls who were very confident in their figure and appearance had already recorded a video with Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng was sullen. Don’t ask, asking is irritating!

Anyway, everyone had a great time!

Zhang Yansheng was not idle when she returned to K City. There was no one in the house, so she ran to the villa to accompany the old lady.

This time, her cousin, Zhang Qi, didn’t come. She heard that her uncle’s family had gone on vacation abroad.

Zhang Yansheng told the old lady about her trip with her classmates, and also pulled out the videos taken by the classmates to show the old lady: “There is no way to turn them down, so I have to do it.”

The old lady looked at the videos, laughed and said: “Our Yanyan is so cool! I think all the boys in your class can only stand and stare on the side. If you are a boy, would your girlfriend not be afraid to line up on a football team?”

The old lady asked about her family again.

After knowing that Liang Yingying had taken the children to R Country, she only nodded. However, after knowing that Zhang Huan was busy with a ‘resort’ project, the corners of her eyes twitched.

She knows very well what projects Zhang Huan has on his side. Now he has no ‘resort’ project in his hands. Why did he go under this guise, does she still need to say it?

All of his ancestors knew it very well.

However, no one will do any justice for Liang Yingying.

The Golden Week in May passed like this, and on the last day, everyone returned to their home.

Liang Yingying’s face was stinking. The two little ones were full of energy, and as soon as they saw Zhang Yansheng, they surrounded her and happily told her how interesting the island designed for parent-child travel was.

The two said in unison: “You should go with us next time!

Liang Yingying’s face stank even more.

Aunt Wang and Xiao Zhou are both in good spirits.

Although the two of them were unable to take a vacation, they not only traveled abroad for free, but also received three times the overtime pay stipulated by the Labor Law and Zhang Huan’s additional allowance.

For those who want to support their families, it is still a good deal.

Seeing Xiao Zhou, Zhang Yansheng remembered another thing, so she went back to her room and grabbed it. In the corner of the cloakroom, she found the ‘gift’ that Liang Yingying gave to her on her birthday and gave it to Xiao Zhou: “The gift from someone else is not suitable for me.”

The eldest lady gave it, so of course, it is genuine. Xiao Zhou’s eyes lit up when he saw the logo.

“Keep it, I’ll keep it for now!” He smiled, “I’ll wait for my girlfriend’s next birthday.”

Zhang Yansheng remembers that his girlfriend’s birthday is either August or September. This is a posture that he intends to wait for three or four months before giving it to her? He really plans it carefully.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but twitch the corners of her mouth.

Zhang Huan also returned from the ‘resort’ project. He is very energetic and he looks as if he had gotten a few years younger.

Is he not afraid of picking yin to replenish yang?

Therefore, no matter how old men are, they always like young girls between the ages of 18 and 22, especially middle-aged and elderly men. It seems that only from their tender bodies can their lost youth be recovered.

Liang Yingying’s face was drawn as if she was a dead mother.


The student’s life is still monotonous, and the summer seems to be quiet and good.

One Friday evening, Xu Lichen suddenly called her which broke the tranquility.

He didn’t speak for a long time and she could only hear the sound of breathing.

Zhang Yansheng said “Hello” a few times, and began to feel impatient: “Are you there? Are you not going to speak? I’ll hang up if you won’t talk!”

Xu Lichen finally spoke. His voice was not loud, but it was like a flash of lightning across Zhang Yansheng’s brain, which made her finally remember about that feeling of forgetting something that occasionally appeared to her.

Xu Lichen said: “It’s starting, my dad and my mom.”

Zhang Yansheng had totally forgotten about this!

Yes, it was during this semester that Xu Lichen’s father finally discovered that Xu Lichen’s mother was quietly transferring assets. The paper can no longer hold the fire.

This married couple who started from scratch, started a business together, and became famous for their love, finally tore their faces. Their eyes were red, fighting desperately until one died.

Sometimes Zhang Yansheng also thinks about it, what the hell is going on?

Obviously, these people, a man and a woman, have also fallen in love, have been lingering, have accompanied each other when they were lonely, and supported each other in times of difficulty. Why did they become enemies afterwards, eager to cramp and skin each other?

What kind of magic hole is marriage, which makes everyone who falls in it unrecognizable and hideous?

“…” Zhang Yansheng asked softly, “How are you?”

“I’m okay.” Xu Lichen said on the phone, “I have been mentally prepared, I really don’t feel much to this day.”

On the other end of the phone, the boy sat on the desk, looking at the mess in front of him.

“I just want to tell you that it was like a scene in a movie.” He said, “My mom’s study room was like being robbed — my dad, with some men, violently broke open my mom’s safe. He didn’t find what he was looking for and smashed a jade sculpture worth more than one million yuan. It’s fucking awesome!”

The safe was violently cracked by an electric welding torch and a cutting machine, and there was nothing in it that Father Xu was looking for, only found some cash and jewelry inside.

The jade sculpture shattered on the ground, piece by piece, shimmering. It was once a gift from a husband to his wife, and it was also a gift from the heart. Now, it became dregs all over the place.

The pungent smell of molten metal from the electric welding torch was also still wafting in the air.

Xu Lichen laughed in his mouth, but raised his head, trying to hold back the liquid irritated by the pungent smell in his eyes.

Zhang Yansheng’s calm but cold voice was heard on the phone.

“Stand on the same front as your mother, only she has the same interests as you.”

“Listen to her, don’t tear your face with your dad, so you might be able to help her if necessary.”

“In this way, it is also good for yourself…”

She is right.

His mom said the same thing. She actually hurriedly called him earlier today, gave him a preview of what might happen, and told him that she would not go home for the time being.

So, when he returned home, he was not surprised to see the messy and angry father in the study.

He even listened to his mother’s words and tried to stabilize his father’s emotions.

Yes, he can do it.

But he just obediently did it. He actually didn’t understand, his mother, and also Zhang Yansheng — why they could maintain such a calm tone and calm emotions when they faced these things.

It is really too difficult to do that.

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