March 15, 2022

Chapter 103: Arrangements

After the two monthly exams, the head teacher talked to Zhang Yansheng.

“I talked with Teacher Xu and Teacher Ma, they both think you are good and willing to work hard.” The head teacher said, “I also talked with all the teachers in our class. I feel that compared to other students, your foundation is still not solid enough. I think you still have room for improvement, especially in mathematics.”

“If it were another student, I wouldn’t make this suggestion. After all, this financial burden is relatively heavy. But in your case, if you think it is financially affordable, I suggest you continue to receive tutoring. Of course, this autonomy is yours, I am just making a suggestion.”

In her previous life, any students from Class 8 who had a one-on-one talk with the head teacher will be scolded. Of course, the head teacher in her previous life was not the head teacher she was talking to now. But it was true that Zhang Yansheng had never been so cared about by the head teacher in her previous life.

Of course, the Class 8’s head teacher might be concerned, but she hadn’t accepted it at all, and it might even bounce back directly. Zhang Yansheng’s memory in this regard is very vague, and she probably didn’t care about the school or the teacher in her heart at that time.

In this life, she humbly accepted the teacher’s suggestion.

This year’s study made her understand that although rebirth gave her a chance to do it again and gave her many lessons, but… Rebirth does not change your brain and it will not improve your IQ. What should be the IQ or what not, after rebirth, one will turn from being a scumbag to a schoolmaster who rushed to Q University and B university…

Does not exist.

Even the future provincial champion like Zhang Zhiyuan is spurring his head to get to Q University.

After the detailed discussion with the head teacher, Zhang Yansheng considered her own schedule, and decided to focus on making up for the weaker subjects which are physics and mathematics. As for the teachers, Zhang Yansheng thought it was really good to invite Teachers Xu and Teacher Ma, whom she had invited at the end-of-semester remedial tutoring last semester, and wanted to invite them again.

Teacher Xu negotiated with her as soon as she found him. One class a week, the two people coordinate their times, high school freshmen have no late self-study anyway, so it can be arranged after school.

However, there are some twists and turns with Teacher Ma.

Teacher Ma is a special grade teacher. Although he charges a price of 850 yuan an hour, he is still very popular. His time has been scheduled to be full!

Teacher Ma said, “How about I find another teacher for you?”

But Zhang Yansheng was unhappy.

This eldest lady who was born with a golden spoon in her hand, even if she later broke up with her relatives, she had never suffered grievances in the matter of spending money. She just wants the best.

If it weren’t for money, why would the teachers be so diligent and teach students at night and on weekends? Anything that can be solved with money is not difficult.

After emphasizing her respect and admiration for Teacher Ma, Zhang Yansheng offered to pay double the price. That is 1,700 yuan an hour.

Teacher Ma was very moved.

But he said: “Don’t make your own decision without discussing it with adults. This will not work.”

Zhang Yansheng pondered for a while and understood what he meant. She is a high school student, and the teacher doesn’t believe her when she talks about such ‘a lot’ of money.

She said politely: “Then I will go home and ask my parents to discuss it with you?”

Teacher Ma was noncommittal, neither agreed nor refused.

But it was Friday and Zhang Huan was socializing at night, so Zhang Yansheng didn’t see him at night.

The next day, she went to her boxing training early in the morning, and she had already returned when the little slackers at home got up. Thinking about the teacher, when she walked in with a sports bag, she first asked an aunt, “Is my dad at home?”

“Yes, he is in the living room.”

Zhang Yansheng gave the bag to the aunt, who took her gym clothes to the laundry room. Zhang Yansheng went to the small hall.

The functional partitions in the house are clear, and the living room and receiving area are separated. Her family’s daily life is in this small hall, and there are many traces of life in the small hall.

Before Zhang Yansheng walked to the entrance of the small hall, she saw Liang Yingying sneaking at the wooden edging in the corner of the entrance and wondered what she was doing.

Zhang Yansheng paused and strode over.

When Liang Yingying heard footsteps behind her, she immediately turned her head. Seeing that it was Zhang Yansheng, there was an unnatural expression on her face, and she smiled dryly: “You are up. Oh, I’m going to have breakfast.” After speaking, she slipped away in a hurry.

Who would be like her that only got up at this time? Zhang Yansheng had already returned from going out.

But why is her voice so small? As if afraid of being heard.

Zhang Yansheng frowned, walked to the entrance of the small hall, and found Zhang Huan on the phone. She understood after listening for a while, and walked in.

Zhang Huan did not notice her at all. He was busy talking on the phone.

Zhang Huan’s voice was particularly pampering and indulging: “…I know, just go and buy it. Do it, buy it, go ahead and buy it. Just be happy.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng rubbed off the goose bumps on her arm, stood there with her crossed arms and listened to Zhang Huan on the phone, wanting to see how domineering and overbearing her father could be.

Zhang Huan couldn’t feel her presence as he was still talking on the phone: “The holiday in May? Oh, you want to go on vacation, that’s easy to say, easy to say. Isn’t it just a vacation, I’ll arrange it…”

He was pacing while talking. He turned around, took two steps, and when he raised his eyes, he saw Zhang Yansheng.

The air suddenly became quiet for a moment.

Zhang Huan let out a ‘cough’, forcibly changed his tone, and said solemnly: “…Ah, arrange a meeting for discussion on Monday. Then you will submit the feasibility research report of this resort project and the Investment Department will hold a meeting to study it. Okay, that’s it.”

After hanging up the phone, he rubbed his hands: “Yanyan, what are you doing here? Oh, you were so quiet, really didn’t make a sound, you scared Dad.”

Zhang Yansheng crossed her arms: “He who has not sinned against others by day does not need to be scared by a knock on the door at night.”

“Oh, you kid…” Zhang Huan chuckled dryly, “You learn the language very well, haha, haha.”

Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes and said, “I have something to say to you.”

Zhang Huan’s spirit was lifted up: “What’s the matter? Are you out of money? I told you that you can keep millions of your own money, but you have to invest them all out. It’s okay, don’t be afraid if you have no money, Dad is still here!”

Seeing the expression on Zhang Yansheng’s face as if she couldn’t bear it anymore, he hurriedly stopped and said: “Say it, tell me, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Yansheng told him about Teacher Ma and said: “I want this teacher, the top municipal special-grade teacher, so you take care of him for me.”

Zhang Huan patted his chest; “Leave it to Dad!”

Zhang Yansheng gave him the teacher’s contact information, turned around and went upstairs.

After less than an hour, Zhang Huan came up to take credit: “It’s done.”

“I told him that there will be a class every weekend. He said that the time was full and the arrangements could not be made, and it was not easy for any student to be pushed out. I asked him how many students he had and how to arrange them. I rearranged the time for him, arranged the time of each student more tightly, and squeezed out some time for you. I will send him a car to pick him up and drop him off, and pay him double the price! Hey, your teacher agreed.” Zhang Huan said triumphantly, “Everything that money can solve is a trivial matter. My daughter said that she wants this top teacher, so what can I do as a father? Of course, I have to arrange it!”

After finishing talking, he still wants to talk more and let his daughter know how hard he works for her!

“Oh, it’s not easy for your teacher. Do you know how long I have been on the phone? I chatted with him and I figured out everything clearly.” Zhang Huan said, “This Teacher Ma has an 80-year-old mother and twins. He is working so hard to earn milk powder money for his twins. His children at home are all troublemakers and there is no way to tutor the students at his home, so he can only run around.”

“Oh, middle-aged people, everyone is moving forward with a heavy burden, and it is not easy for anyone.” Zhang Huan sighed, “Dad is also carrying the three of you, and it’s not easy.”

You’re talking nonsense.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “My grandma said that you haven’t suffered a day since you were born.”

“Tsk, your grandma is talking nonsense, she just loves to mock me.” Zhang Huan was angry, “It’s not easy to be a father! I broke my heart for the three of you!”

The matter was solved like this.

Life, study, and investment have gone smoothly, and Zhang Yansheng has lived a peaceful life. It’s just that when she goes to bed at night, occasionally something would flash in her mind, but she couldn’t catch it.

She seems to have forgotten something.

A faint trace of uneasiness flashed quickly, and disappeared again.

Liang Yingying complained to her girlfriends at the mahjong table: “The shameless vixen outside is entangled with him so much that he often doesn’t go home now. Erbing!”1二饼 – Erbing – mahjong tile –

A little sister said, “What else can you do, do you dare to make trouble with him? Batiao!”2八条 – Batiao – mahjong tile –

Liang Yingying was speechless. She didn’t dare to make trouble. She was afraid that she would lose the Mrs. Zhang’s title, so she could only swallow it.

“Don’t be ignorant in the midst of a good fortune.” Another sister said, “You have a son and a daughter, and their surnames are Zhang. You are guaranteed for the rest of your life. We are getting older and can’t hold men anymore, you have to tie the child well. Look at us, who among us doesn’t envy you? Hey, I have Yaoji!”3幺鸡 – Yaoji – mahjong tile –

Although it made sense, Liang Yingying was still unhappy.

She didn’t know what was going on this year, and suddenly, the atmosphere in the whole family took a turn for the worse. A year ago, how high-spirited she was in this home!

Now, she often has the illusion that she is not the hostess of this family, but Zhang Yansheng is the hostess instead.

But she still listened to what the little sister said. She went to Zhang Huan and said, “Would you like to take the children out for fun during the holiday? The family hasn’t been out together for a long time.”

Zhang Huan rarely praised her once: “Okay, it is rare that you can still think about your children. Where do you want to go?”

Liang Yingying was excited, said a few places, and told Zhang Huan: “It’s all right, you can choose after looking at them.” Zhang Huan nodded: “I will let the secretary make the arrangement.”

Liang Yingying thought to herself that she had to hurry up and do a few more beauty treatments, as well as hair removal. She secretly wanted to take advantage of this vacation to redeem Zhang Huan’s heart.

What nonsense is getting older! She is still as beautiful as a flower!

She refused to admit defeat!

At dinner, Zhang Huan smiled and asked Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng: “It’s going to be a holiday soon, do you want to go out to play?” Before the New Year, Zhang Huan spent time with the three children on a vacation. The children had a very happy time, Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng still remembered it. Their eyes lit up after hearing this and both rushed to say: “Yes! Yes!”

“Dad, where are we going?”

Liang Yingying also smiled, waiting for Zhang Huan to announce the good news to the children, she also glanced at Zhang Yansheng.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Huan said, “It’s not Dad but your Mom who is going with you this time. Your mother will take you to an island in R Country. That island is specially developed for parent-child travel. There is a safari park and a big water park, which can make you crazy!”

Zhang Shuocheng: “Wow!”

Liang Yingying’s complexion gradually changed, her lips moved slightly, and she stopped talking.

Zhang Heling had already asked what she wanted to ask: “Dad, what about you? You’re not going with us?”

Zhang Huan pretended to be regretful: “Dad is busy with a resort project and can’t spare time to go with you. You guys have fun, you have to listen to your mother!”

Zhang Heling was careful and asked, “What about my sister?”

Zhang Huan turned his head and asked Zhang Yansheng, “Then Yanyan, you…”

“I have my own arrangements.” Zhang Yansheng said. “You don’t need to worry about it.”

“Your sister has arrangements.” Zhang Huan comforted Zhang Heling, who was a little disappointed, “Your sister is too old to play with you children all the time.”

He said to Zhang Yansheng again: “Do you still have money? There is no ancestor for you!”

Zhang Yansheng was also polite: “No, so make money!”

The wife and the two children have been arranged, and he doesn’t have to worry about his eldest daughter now that she is older.

Zhang Huan was beaming, feeling that he was a peerless father. The arrangements at home and abroad are clearly arranged!

She also instructed Liang Yingying: “…Keep an eye on the children, especially Shuoshuo. Let Aunt Wang go with you. Oh, you can’t look after Shuoshuo, this kid is too energetic… Otherwise, I’ll ask Xiao Zhou if I can arrange it and let him go with you to help in looking after him!”

Zhang Yansheng really did have an arrangement. She plans to travel with her classmates.

She listened to Zhang Huan’s chattering there, and occasionally raised her eyes to see, why was Liang Yingying’s face so ugly?

Why is she holding her hand over her heart, with the virtue of sudden death from myocardial infarction?

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  • 1
    二饼 – Erbing – mahjong tile –
  • 2
    八条 – Batiao – mahjong tile –
  • 3
    幺鸡 – Yaoji – mahjong tile –