March 14, 2022

Chapter 102: Pervert

The red envelopes given by the old lady are always cheques, which is customary.

Zhang Huan’s gift was a watch, which was not bad.

Zhang Shuocheng’s gift is a hand-painted greeting card, and the four words Happy birthday are really ugly. It can be guessed that either Zhang Huan or Zhang Heling forced him to do it.

Liang Yingying’s ‘gift’ was thrown directly aside.

Looking at the gift, it has the logo of a big brand of jewelries, Zhang Yansheng used her toes to figure out how Liang Yingying would prepare a birthday gift for her. It was most likely that she just picked one from her own shopping spree, she just pulled one to make up as a gift.

You have to say that she is correct.

Zhang Heling’s gift looks very beautiful and has a sense of design just by looking at the box. Of all the gifts, Zhang Yansheng is actually most looking forward to this gift.

And when she really took it apart, it was beyond her expectation.

Zhang Heling is just an elementary school student. It is beyond Zhang Yansheng’s expectation that she can understand her aesthetics so well and buy such tasteful jewelry.

The bracelet is very well-designed. It’s not a delicate and exquisite style, but simple and rough, with an industrial style.

Zhang Yansheng took the bracelet to her eyes to take a closer look, and found that on the inside of the buckle, in addition to a font that looked like the designer’s signature, there was also a word: Power.

It complements its design style.

Zhang Yansheng put the bracelet on her wrist and fastened it. She raised her hand to take a look and felt very satisfied.

Thinking of the expectation in Zhang Heling’s eyes when she gave the gift, Zhang Yansheng pursed her lips and decided to say thank you to the little girl.

She has to tell her that she likes the gift she gave very much.

The door of Zhang Heling’s room was ajar. Not everyone has the habit of closing the door casually like Zhang Yansheng. Many people are big-tailed wolves like Zhang Heling who can’t close the door.

Zhang Yansheng opened the door and was about to call her, but heard Zhang Heling say, “Big Brother, wait a minute, I will show you the photos.”

Big Brother?

Zhang Heling has only one big brother in the Zhang family, their cousin Zhang Lin. Zhang Yansheng didn’t think that Zhang Lin would have any contact with Zhang Heling in private, and she also doesn’t usually have much interaction with Zhang Lin. They only meet at the old lady’s place or at relatives’ gatherings during the New Year holidays.

Her aunt, Zhao Lanfen, was so disgusted with Liang Yingying, so she probably wouldn’t let her son approach Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng.

Also, Zhang Heling has only one cousin in Liang’s family, Liang Zheng, who was sent back to his hometown by Zhang Huan to prevent him from appearing in K City. Zhang Heling didn’t wait to see this cousin at all, let alone contact him privately after that incident.

So, who is this person Zhang Heling calls ‘big brother’?

Zhang Yansheng walked in suspiciously, but saw Zhang Heling sitting in front of the computer, wearing her gaming headset, and didn’t notice her coming in at all.

Several windows opened on the little girl’s computer, one of which was the game interface. Zhang Yansheng stared for two seconds to see and she understood — Zhang Heling was a little fool, talking to someone in the game whom she didn’t know: “This one.”

Isn’t the picture she sent to him the bracelet she gave to her?

Yue Song was also unlucky as he was caught by the elementary school student just after he went online. There must be an after-sales service when helping others. The elementary school student sent a request for a private voice chat, Yue Song had no choice but to accept it. The roommate next to him urged him: “Hurry up, hurry up!”

Yue Song could only say: “Wait a minute.”

Then, the elementary school student said, “Big Brother, Big Brother! Today is my sister’s birthday, I gave her a gift! Ah, Big Brother, do you remember who I am?”

Such a shameful name and the lolita sound are quite unforgettable.

Yue Song laughed: “I remember. How was it, did she like it? What did you buy?”

“I don’t know if she likes it or not. She went back to her room to open her presents.” Zhang Heling said, “Big Brother, wait a minute, I will show you a photo.”

Zhang Heling sent Yue Song the picture of the bracelet of the ‘Power’ series that she had picked. Yue Song opened it and was surprised: “Such an industrial style? Would your sister like that?”

Very wild and rough, but Zhang Heling’s voice was so soft and cute. So, Yue Song naturally imagined the high school student sister of this elementary school student as a soft and sweet girl. The result surprised him.

“I think she will like it!” Zhang Heling replied solemnly, “As soon as I saw this series, I thought of my sister. Big Brother, you don’t know how cool my sister is! She was trained in martial arts. She can throw a person to the ground with a “whoosh” and a “pop”, and she is a girl! My sister is super awesome!”

Can throw a man to the ground? What kind of majestic sister does she have, a girl with a broad waist, burly figure, and great strength?

The corner of Yue Song’s mouth twitched, and he said, “It’s fine as long as you are happy. Well, Little Sister, my roommate is urging me about something, so I can’t talk to you anymore.”

“Oh, okay! Big Brother, you are a college student.” Zhang Heling said, “Goodbye, thank you, Big Brother!”


The private chat channel hung up, and as soon as Zhang Heling took off her headphones, she was knocked on the head, very lightly.

Zhang Yansheng walked behind Zhang Heling and understood when she saw it. This little girl turned out to be chatting with strangers in the game! She also told strangers about her family and her birthday!

The bracelet is more than 30,000, she found it on the receipt which was still in the box. She didn’t know that it should be taken out. It can be seen that she doesn’t understand anything. In all likelihood, she probably has told strangers the price of this gift and even how much money she has! You would know that they won’t care about the money, but it makes many people’s eyes red.

As far as her stupid brain is concerned, she was afraid her sister will be deceived into buying things! Or may also even cheat her money!

Zhang Yansheng raised her hand angrily at that time, preparing to slap her head fiercely. After accumulating all her strength, she suddenly heard the little girl say, “Big Brother, you don’t know how cool my sister is!”

There was indescribable pride in that tone!

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Her hand paused, and she didn’t knock it down all of a sudden.

When Zhang Heling took off her headphones, she gently tapped on the top of her head.

Zhang Heling turned her head in surprise: “Sister? When did you come in?”

She blinked and saw the bracelet on Zhang Yansheng’s wrist. She was pleasantly surprised: “You have put it on, Sister, do you think it looks really good?”

Zhang Yansheng actually wanted to scold her severely, but in her surprised and expectant gaze, she held back the breath and said as calmly as possible: “It looks good, I’m here to say thank you.”

Zhang Heling smiled into a flower: “No need! You are welcome!”

Look at that stupid look!

Zhang Yansheng glanced at the game window on the computer screen and said, “I’m thirsty, go and get me a bottle of water.”

“Okay!” The diligent sister didn’t have any doubts on her, and quickly ran out with her thin legs downstairs.

Zhang Yansheng put on the headphones, held the mouse, and clicked on ‘Friends’ button in the game interface.

She saw very clearly just now, that this ‘big brother’ was called ‘ListeningToPineByTheCreek’. The game ID is elegant, but it’s a pity that the person behind it is a pervert!

She clicked on the ID of ‘ListeningToPineByTheCreek’ and initiated a private voice chat.

Yue Song just hung up the private chat of the elementary school student, and was about to join the team of his roommates, but the private chat application came up again!

“…” Yue Song said helplessly, “Why are you here again?”

“Who is it?” the roommate asked.

Yue Song said: “…it’s that little girl once again.”

The ‘little girl’ in his mouth means the elementary school student. But the roommates only heard ‘girl’ and became excited: “What? Girl, answer it. It’s a girl, you haven’t accepted it yet!”

Yue Song held his forehead: “It’s the elementary school student! PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite.”

This name evokes the memories of the roommates! Everyone laughed ‘puff puff’!

“F*ck, then little lolita is still in contact with you? She would even chat with you privately?” Roommate Qian Wei took off his headphones and leaned over, “Honestly, are you planning to nurture the little girl?”

Yue Song: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Qian Wei didn’t believe it: “Oh, come on, let us listen. What does Little Loli want to tell you?”

The roommates all leaned in. Yue Song felt that he was not afraid of shadows, so he boldly unplugged his headphones and accepted the private voice chat request.

The audio was transferred to the speaker amplifier.

“Hey, Little Sister…” Yue Song wanted to ask the elementary school student on the opposite side what else was going on.

However, an unusually cold female voice sounded from the speaker, which interrupted him directly and asked aggressively: “What kind of male college student would chat with elementary school girls like that? Still inquiring about the privacy of others’ homes? You are a pervert!”

Yuesong: “…”

Roommates: “…”

The roommates’ eyes went wrong!

Yue Song took a breath: “No, you misunderstood!”

“Shut up! Smelly hooligan! She is only in fourth grade!” The girl didn’t listen to his explanation at all. The voice was obviously very young, but it was faintly murderous, and told him coldly: “Listen, pervert! Listen up! I will delete you now and block you on her friend’s list. If you let me find out that you dare to contact my sister in any way, you can wash up clean and wait for your death!”

Then, she disconnected the private chat.

There was silence in the room.

Then burst into the roar of laughter!

That was the… burly sister who can throw down a man, right? Yue Song held his forehead.

Although he can hear that she really loves her sister very much, but…

“Hahahahahahahaha! Lao Yue, Lao Yue! Tell us how you nurtured the Lolita!”

“Have you ever had a video chat? Is the little Lolita cute or not?”

“Have you all inquired about her family affairs? Tell us about it!”

D*mn it!

Yue Song opened his five fingers to clasp Qian Wei’s face in front of him, and pushed his big face away: “Scram!”

Zhang Heling returned with water, looking naive!

Zhang Yansheng looked at her face with really small eyes at this point, and told herself: Be gentle with gentle people.

So, Zhang Yansheng squeezed a ‘smile’ and said ‘gently’: “Come here.”

Zhang Heling: “…”

Did something happen when she was not in the room? Zhang Heling’s hand holding the water shook imperceptibly.

The elementary school student with a strong desire to survive obediently stood in front of her murderous sister.

Zhang Yansheng told herself: Be gentle, be gentle.

Then she used a dead face to say to Zhang Heling: “I just deleted that ListeningToPineByTheCreek in your game. Remember, you are not allowed to add strangers casually in games or on any social media software. If you want to play games, just play with your classmates.”

Zhang Heling: “Hmm!” Nodding!

Nice attitude. Zhang Yansheng’s face slightly thawed and said: “There are many perverts online, including gangsters and traffickers. The bad guy won’t tell you that he is a bad guy, and he is likely to look like a good guy, otherwise how can he lie to an elementary school student like you?”

“Many bad guys specialize in looking for elementary school girls, pretending to be big brothers to deceive you into trusting them, and then use various reasons to trick you out of meeting. It may be to cheat you of the money in your hand, it may be to play a hooligan on you, and the most terrifying thing is that you may be tied up with your mouth covered and stuffed into a van, and sold into the mountains to be a wife and give birth to an old man who has not taken a bath for 10 years.”

After the threat, Zhang Heling promised with a pale face: “I will never be friends with any strangers in the future!”

The confession attitude was very sincere, and Zhang Yansheng was quite satisfied.

She touched Zhang Heling’s head ‘tenderly’ and said: “Just remember that.” After speaking, she got up and went back to her room.

Seeing her sister leave, the elementary school student wiped a cold sweat from her forehead: ”Whew…”

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