March 13, 2022

Chapter 101: Birthday Celebration

“So, you are in the fourth-grade student and want to buy a birthday present for your sister, but you don’t know what to buy, so you want someone to give you suggestions?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Little lolita said hurriedly.

“If you want some suggestions, then we’ll just give you suggestions. Why are you looking for someone with a high income?”

PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite said: “Our driver suggested that I go to a high-income person to ask.”

“Wow, you have a driver?”

“So, you are a little princess, hahahaha!”

Upon hearing these weird laughter, little lolita hesitated and asked: “Why are you laughing?”

The voice was really soft and nice, with a naive childish tone in it.

The laughter gradually fell, and some people couldn’t help asking, “Does your family really have a driver?”

Little lolita asked rhetorically: “Uncle, don’t you have any at home?”

“Call me brother!”

“Who is uncle?”

“Okay, kid. How much do you plan to spend to buy a birthday gift for your sister? Let’s refer to it for you. I just bought a birthday gift for my girlfriend last week.”

“Thank you, Big Brother!” Little lolita was super polite, and finally found someone willing to help her, so she said happily, “I have a total of 83,972 yuan. Shouldn’t it be enough to buy a birthday gift?”

There was another moment of silence in the channel.

“How much?” The interrogator’s voice was out of tune.

Little lolita repeated: “I have 83,972 yuan.”

Someone’s soul asked, “No way, how can you have so much money as a child?”

Little lolita answered calmly, “It’s my pocket money, I spent very little money, just spent some money on shopping, and all the other money was saved. There was still New Year’s Eve money, but the red envelopes were taken away by my mother.”

“I also bought birthday gifts for my classmates, but my sister is different from them. My sister is an adult. I really don’t know what to buy for my sister. My sister treats me very well and I hope to buy something that she would like.” Little lolita’s words revealed her intimacy and dependence on her sister.

But few people care about this. Everyone’s concern focuses on the two words ‘pocket money’, and they ask one after another: “How much pocket money do you have a month?”

Little lolita replied: “Not too much since I am still an elementary school student, I only have 10,000 yuan of pocket money a month.”

After a few seconds of silence in the channel, everyone finally understood that they had really met a girl who is fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful; but such a pity… it was a small one.

Someone scolded: “F*ck!” This is a real sigh.

Someone asked, “Just asking, are you still missing a brother-in-law?” This is a harmless joke.

Then finally, someone said: “I can help and refer something to you, add me as your friend…” There was coaxing and temptation in his tone.

At this point, Yue Song, who had been just listening, couldn’t help but speak. After all, he pulled the little girl into this team.

While Zhang Heling was hesitating, he heard a clear and pleasant voice: “Well, …Little Purple.”

PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite, such a name is too shameful and normal humans can’t say it with their mouths.

Yue Song said: “I am ListeningToPineByTheCreek, do you still remember me?”

“I remember, you are that big brother!” Zhang Heling said cheerfully.

Zhang Heling actually didn’t add any people he didn’t know in the game, most of them were classmates in the class. She was very impressed by this ListeningToPineByTheCreek. Although they hadn’t spoken since they became friends in the game, and hadn’t continued to play together, this brother was not only willing to look after her as an elementary school student, but also kicked the person who sounded like a bad person out of the team and killed him back to the city in the game.

And today, he pulled her into this team. When she received the invitation, she remembered who he was.

“Don’t add anyone, leave the team now, I will chat with you privately.” Yue Song emphasized, “Don’t add anyone, just leave now!”

The man said, “F*ck, don’t you dare eat alone…”

Before the words were finished, the rich and soft lolita had withdrawn from the team very obediently, and after that, the annoying ‘ListeningToPineByTheCreek’ also left.

The man cursed and swore. He went to send a friend request to the little lolita, but he was rejected by her. It’s all because of that troublesome ListeningToPineByTheCreek!

Yue Song and Zhang Heling opened a private chat channel.

“So how much do you want to spend on a gift for your sister?” he asked.

Zhang Heling said happily: “It’s okay to spend all my money!”

The elementary school students have a simple and pure mind, which makes people very relaxed when they listen to it. Yue Song smiled and said, “When my classmates buy gifts for their girlfriends, they usually give lipstick and perfume, but I don’t think it might be suitable for your sister?”

“Yes, my sister has a full-color lipstick set, she doesn’t lack this kind of thing.” Zhang Heling said, “Giving gifts should give things that the other party doesn’t have, right?”

Sure enough. Yue Song asked: “How old is your sister?”

Zhang Heling said: “She is 16 and a freshman in high school.”

Girls in their first year of high school have full-color lipsticks. Do girls start to put on makeup at such a young age?

A beautiful face suddenly appeared in Yue Song’s mind. There was youth hidden under that gorgeous lipstick. The cold sensation between his eyebrows made his fingertips seem to touch an electric current, and his hormones throbbed strangely.

Yue Song tapped the mouse with his finger, glanced at the ring on the index finger of his left hand, and said, “I know a relatively niche designer, and the jewelry he designed is quite personalized. The price is in the range of 20,000 to 100,000. I think it should be an acceptable price for you. You might as well take a look.”

He gave Zhang Heling the brand name and website, and told her: “He has no agent in China, so you can only purchase directly through this website. You go in and take a look at the upper right corner. There is a language option and you can choose ‘Simplified Chinese’. He has a Chinese version and the other is a direct purchase. What he quoted there is the bare price, excluding customs fees, you have to…”

He told the elementary school student what she should pay attention to.

“I saw it! Wow, the items really look good!” The elementary school student on the opposite side said happily, “Thank you Big Brother! I got it from here!”

Yue Song added, “But mail orders from overseas have to take time into consideration. I wonder if it will be too late?”

“My sister’s birthday is in April, is it too late?” The elementary school student asked.

Yue Song: “…Isn’t that only coming next month? Are you so anxious to buy gifts for your sister?”

Zhang Heling said, “I want to prepare well! I want to celebrate my sister’s birthday!”

Yue Song smiled: “Do you have a good relationship with your sister?”

“Because my sister treats me very well!” Zhang Heling said naturally.

Yue Song didn’t play the game, but he was happy to help others. Before he went offline, he once again told Zhang Heling not to add friends in the game.

The red scarf1红领巾 – In countries such as China and other Communist Party governments, elementary school students wear a cloth like a red scarf around their necks. It means that we can live a happy life now because there were seniors who shed blood in the war, and that we should not forget the blood that they shed. on her neck feels more vivid.

Zhang Heling found that the uncle named ListeningToPineByTheCreek… No, big brother, the designer he recommended is really special. She browsed on the website for a while and saw a series called ‘Power’. She clicked on it and suddenly held her breath.

“This is it!” There was a big smile on her face, “My sister will love this!”

During the Qingming Festival, Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan went to the cemetery to sweep Zhang Yansheng’s mother’s grave.

Zhang Huan shed a few tears routinely.

Zhang Yansheng was very calm. She swept and cleaned the tomb, arranged new decorations, put on new flowers, and said afterwards: “Let’s go back.”

Zhang Huan wiped away tears, then turned around, and left with Zhang Yansheng.

After another week, Zhang Yansheng came home from school, only to see Zhang Heling looking around on the porch.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you do your homework?” Zhang Yansheng got out of the car and walked over and asked.

Zhang Heling hugged her hand: “Sister! Come with me!”

Zhang Yan said: “?”

She was dragged into the house inexplicably: “What are you doing?”

Zhang Heling used all of her strength! In fact, if Zhang Yansheng hadn’t resisted, she wouldn’t be able to drag her sister.

In short, Zhang Heling dragged Zhang Yansheng into the dark dining hall.

Zhang Yansheng was even more baffled: “What the hell is this? Why are the curtains drawn in broad daylight?”

Before her voice fell, she suddenly heard Zhang Shuocheng howling!

“Happy birthday to you~” Zhang Shuocheng also tried his best, tearing open his throat and howling desperately, “Happy birthday to you~”

There are not many people who can sing birthday songs out of tune and Zhang Shuocheng is one of them.

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

She has to say that although it is out of tune, it is very imposing!

Following Zhang Shuocheng’s howling, no, singing, an aunt slowly pushed the dining cart into the hall, and the candlelight on the exquisite cake illuminated the dark dining room.

Everyone sang a birthday song with Zhang Shuocheng.

Not only Zhang Huan, Liang Yingying, Zhang Heling, Zhang Shuocheng, and their aunts were there, even the old lady came as well.

The cake was pushed in front of her and the birthday song was finished. Zhang Heling shook Zhang Yansheng’s hand: “Sister, blow the candle, blow the candle!”

Zhang Huan held two inflatable sticks and slammed them together: “Make a wish first, make a wish first!”

Zhang Heling suddenly realized: “Yes, make a wish first!”

She looked at Zhang Yansheng with her eyes widened, wondering what wishes she would make.

Zhang Yansheng remembered what happened that year…

She threw the cake and threatened not to celebrate her birthday again. The next year, Zhang Huan asked her in advance if she wanted to have a celebration. She was very annoyed at the time – if he really wanted to do a celebration for her, she just had to go along with it! Why does he even ask?!

She angrily threw an “I’m not” response to Zhang Huan. From then on, her family has never celebrated her birthday.

Looking at the candlelight in the exquisite cake in front of her, Zhang Yansheng felt a lot of emotions in her heart.

“Sister, sister!” Zhang Heling shook her arm, “Wish, make a wish!”

Seeing the child’s bright black eyes full of excitement and expectation, Zhang Yansheng felt soft in her heart. She let out an “hmm” and closed her eyes facing the cake.

It is not really a wish, but a sonorous and powerful pledge.

But no one knows that. Everyone saw Zhang Yansheng close her eyes and make a wish, and then open them again. Those dark eyes looked like two pools of water in the candlelight. Then she blew out the candle.

Zhang Huan slammed the inflatable sticks in his hand.

Don’t look at him as a boss in the company, Liang Yingying is just an arrogant idler in front of him, but he is the youngest son of the family, and he has always been the best at stirring up the atmosphere since he was a child.

Everyone clapped their hands, some were really happy, some were happy about eating cakes, and some just joined in the fun.

Since the old lady was there, Liang Yingying didn’t dare not smile. She has an MMP2MMP – Smile on my face, MMP in my heart – means you want to swear, but you still have to keep an awkward and polite smile on my face. “MMP” is the abbreviation of the swear word ‘mā mài pī’ in Sichuan dialect, which means ‘your mother is a prostitute’. in her heart, but she had to squeeze out a smile on her face, and she had to clap her hands to create an atmosphere.

Zhang Shuocheng and Zhang Heling also pulled a few party poppers, there was a ‘bang’ and pieces of colored paper confetti spilled all over the floor.

The curtains were opened and the dining room was brightened.

Zhang Yansheng hugged the old lady’s arm: “Why are you here?” There is no reason for the elders to celebrate the birthday of the juniors.

The old lady smiled and said, “I came here because I want to.” With that, she took a thin red envelope to Zhang Yansheng.

It’s so thin, it goes without saying that it’s a check.

Everyone offered gifts, even Liang Yingying and Zhang Shuochengs had gifts.

On the contrary, the aunts are responsible for increasing their spirits. Instead of them giving her gifts, Zhang Huan gave them red envelopes: “Come, come here, today is Yanyan’s birthday and we should all be happy!”

All the aunts smiled and said nice things.

One of them said that Miss Yanyan is getting more and more beautiful and the other said that Miss Yanyan is progressing in her studies and is in good health.

Xiao Zhou, the driver, also knew about today’s arrangements, and hurriedly came in after parking the car. He also got a big red envelope and grinned.

The family had a lively meal and celebrated Zhang Yansheng’s birthday. After dinner, Zhang Yansheng took the old lady by the arm and sent her away.

She returned to her room to open the gifts.

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  • 1
    红领巾 – In countries such as China and other Communist Party governments, elementary school students wear a cloth like a red scarf around their necks. It means that we can live a happy life now because there were seniors who shed blood in the war, and that we should not forget the blood that they shed.
  • 2
    MMP – Smile on my face, MMP in my heart – means you want to swear, but you still have to keep an awkward and polite smile on my face. “MMP” is the abbreviation of the swear word ‘mā mài pī’ in Sichuan dialect, which means ‘your mother is a prostitute’.