March 12, 2022

Chapter 100: Birthday

Zhang Yansheng was taken aback and asked: “Why?”

“There’s no other reason, she is just getting older and wants to go home.” Zhang Huan said. Looking at Zhang Yansheng’s expression, he knew that Zhang Yansheng and Aunt Luo had a deep relationship, and hurriedly said, “There really is no other reason.”

He said this with a premise. Because Liang Yingying used to prick Aunt Luo in secret. He had warned Liang Yingying a long time ago that Aunt Luo was the one hired by Yanyan’s mother. If there was nothing wrong, he would definitely not fire Aunt Luo. But Liang Yingying couldn’t help being angry with Aunt Luo on all kinds of trivial matters.

Those little things are so small that they can’t be picked up and said alone.

Fortunately, Aunt Luo also had affection for Yanyan, so she stayed quietly.

Zhang Yansheng stared at Zhang Huan for a moment, then she suddenly turned around.

Zhang Huan shouted from behind: “There is really no other reason, it’s true!”

Zhang Yansheng had already stridden away.

She went straight to Aunt Luo, who was already tidying up her things — she had lived in this house for more than 10 years, and she only returned to her home during the New Year holidays. She almost regarded this place as her real home, and there are so many pieces of things. There are so many pieces.

When she saw Zhang Yansheng’s expression, she understood that she already knew.

“I’m getting older and can’t do my job well. I actually burned your clothes worth thousands of yuan last week.” Aunt Luo said, “Master had thought that when his wife leaves, he’ll let me take good care of you, and he will raise my salary every year. I do the least work here, but my salary is the highest, and none of them are happy about it.”

“Actually, my son and daughter-in-law called me home a few years ago. They opened a small noodle shop in the town, and the business is not bad. They want me to go back and take care of my grandson.” She said, “But I promised your mother to take care of you until you grow up. However, your father brought that person in and you became a little kid again, so I didn’t feel relieved to go. I have been holding such a high salary and staying here cheekily to accompany you.”

“But it’s different now.” Aunt Luo looked lovingly at this child who had grown up in her arms since birth, “You have grown up. I can see that no one can bully you anymore. Madam in heaven should be relieved too. It’s time for me to retire and take care of my grandson at home.”

She no longer needs to be pitied, worried, or protected. She can already take care of herself, protect herself, and fight back against all malice by herself.

Zhang Yansheng felt as if a cocoon on her body had been broken. Her growth seemed to be seen by her mother in the Kingdom of Heaven through the nanny who took care of her. Through Aunt Luo’s gratified gaze, she seemed to see her mother smiling and nodding at her.

She was silent for a long time, and finally, she held Aunt Luo’s hand and said softly, “Okay.”

A few days later, Zhang Huan and Zhang Yansheng wrapped red envelopes thick with bricks for Aunt Luo. One of her nephews who works in K City drove a van to pick her up and take her back to her hometown.

When the van drove out of the courtyard, Zhang Yansheng was still standing on the porch staring.

Zhang Huan waited for a while, and when he saw that she didn’t mean to move, he patted her on the shoulder.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly turned to look at him. Those eyes were dark and faint. Zhang Huan was taken aback.

Zhang Yansheng turned around and entered the house first, and Zhang Huan murmured while standing under the porch.

“Seriously, you’re getting more and more like your mother…”


Life at school hasn’t changed much, as usual.

Zhang Yansheng would also meet Zhang Zhiyuan in the corridor, smile at each other and nodded, brushing shoulders.

She will also see Xu Lichen, this guy seems to have quickly integrated into the new class group, and got along with the boys. Zhang Yansheng used to worry about whether he could fit in. After all, they had some prejudice against the ‘good kids’ in the previous life, so they drew a line and divided themselves and the ‘good kids’ into two different worlds.

But now it is obvious that this worry is superfluous.

Zhang Yansheng walked through the corridor and heard Xu Lichen bragging about his movie making. He talked about how cool and handsome the mech combat suit is, and how cool the tank is.

The boys were coaxed into a group and said that they didn’t believe it and wanted to see the photos.

Xu Lichen stretched his neck and said, “The director does not allow any news to be leaked for now!”

The boys booed and laughed.

Xu Lichen hummed bitterly, but his eyes chased Zhang Yansheng who had just walked by.

What are you pretending to be so cold!

You think I didn’t see the sneer in your mouth.

The weather warmed up in a blink of an eye, the heavy winter clothes were taken off, and the light spring clothes were put on.

Zhang Heling, this young child, was distressed this spring.

She went to her dad first: “Dad, is my sister celebrating her birthday this year?”

Zhang Huan let out an “Oh!” and said: “Yes, your sister will have her birthday next month! Oh, this…”

Zhang Huan was also stumped.

Because on Zhang Yansheng’s birthday the year before last, he didn’t know what Liang Yingying said to provoke her. Zhang Yansheng threw the cake to the ground and threatened that she would not need to celebrate her birthday in the future.

It ended badly at that time.

Last year, Zhang Huan asked Zhang Yansheng in advance. Zhang Yansheng was about to pull his face to the ground at the time, and she only said “I’m not!”, then she quickly turned around and left.

Looking back at that time, Zhang Yansheng was simply unable to communicate at all, just like a firecracker, ready to explode at any time.

While thinking about that, Zhang Huan sighed with sorrow, then said, “Celebrate!”

“Your sister is different now! She must be willing to celebrate it this time!” Zhang Huan said with certainty. From last summer vacation to now, Zhang Yansheng has matured and grown up quickly, which is completely different. She’s no longer the girl who twists around and stubbornly throws cakes to the ground when she gets angry.

She must be willing to celebrate her birthday!

Zhang Huan rolled his eyes, hooked his fingers, and asked Zhang Heling to approach him: “We should give your sister a surprise, let’s prepare for her birthday, so can we not tell her?”

Of course, Zhang Heling agreed.

Then she asked her distressed question: “Dad, what birthday gift should I give to my sister?”

When she was in the first grade, she made a paper greeting card and stuffed it quietly into her sister’s door, but her sister didn’t seem to see it at all. The next day, it was cleaned up as waste paper by the cleaning aunt.

Her elder sister was still ignoring her at that time. Seeing her in the hallway, she only regarded her as air, and walked over without even looking at her.

When she was in the second grade, she felt that her craftsmanship had improved a lot than before, and made a better greeting card for her sister. As a result, her sister threw the cake that day and yelled to her dad that she would not celebrate her birthday in the future.

She saw the corners of her mother’s mouth curled up quietly.

She did not dare to send out that greeting card.

When she was in the third grade, she quietly waited and watched, and her father asked her sister if she’d like to celebrate her birthday, and her sister yelled “I’m not!”. Her father really did not do it for her sister.

But she lived next door to her sister and heard a loud bang in her sister’s room. She approached the door and wanted to listen carefully, but suddenly something seemed to hit the door and made a “bang”!

She turned her head in fright and ran back to her room.

But she always felt that her sister still wanted to celebrate her birthday.

Then in the summer vacation, just a few months later after that, suddenly and wonderfully, her sister became different.

She didn’t shout or scream, she became very quiet, but very powerful. Everyone in the family is afraid of her, her younger brother is afraid of her, her mother is afraid of her, and even her father is afraid of her.

It was only her who doesn’t think that her sister is terrible, she thinks her sister is awesome.

This family has also become different. Her younger brother is not so annoying anymore. Her mother doesn’t dare to beat her and pinch her casually. Her father often cares about her and even spent her birthday alone with her. That was really the best birthday she had ever remembered!

And she knew that it was all because of her sister!

Her sister’s birthday is coming soon. Now that she has her own pocket money, she is very distressed about what birthday gift she should give her sister.

She couldn’t think of it herself, so she came to ask her father specifically.

Zhang Huan rubbed her head: “You can give her anything you want.”

This is equivalent to no answer.

Zhang Heling couldn’t find the answer from her father, so she went to her mother and asked the same question.

Liang Yingying said angrily: “What are you giving her, what gift should a kid give her? Other people just take tens of millions and spend them casually. Do you have that amount of money? Do you have to burn too much money? By the way, you don’t usually spend much money. Have you saved all your pocket money? How much money do you have in your hand? It’s useless for you to take so much money. Why don’t you give it to me and I’ll save it for you… Hey, what are you running for? You come back! You white-eyed wolf! I gave birth to you for nothing…”

Because she was running faster, she couldn’t hear the scolding from behind.

After thinking about it, Zhang Shuocheng is too young to be worthy of consulting. Zhang Heling ran downstairs again and asked the aunts.

The aunts were sitting around the small dining table in the kitchen and chatting. After hearing her question, they all said, “Oh, you’re still a child, so you don’t need to give her anything. Your sister will not care about it.”

Zhang Heling went to the courtyard and found the driver, Xiao Zhou, who was washing the car with a high-pressure water spray gun.

“Oh, I can’t give you advice about this.” Xiao Zhou said, “I’m a person with a salary of only several thousand yuan a month, how would I know what Miss Yanyan likes to use?”

He said, “You have to ask someone with a high income.”

Zhang Heling couldn’t find a good answer and went back to her room.

The elementary school tyrant thought about this matter seriously with her brain. Look for someone with a high income, right?

First of fall, to have an income, you have to be an adult. She had already asked most of the adults she knew, and then there were still teachers at the school. But it seems that the teachers’ income is not too high, right?

So, what should she do? Where can she find an adult?

Yue Song usually does not live at school on weekends, but at home. He played golf with Grandpa Yue and a few grandpas that morning and just returned home.

He had an appointment for lunch with his uncle. He looked at his watch and found that it was not time to go out yet. He turned on the computer and planned to play games to relax.

When he went online, his roommates were already playing in an instance.1副本 – Instance – In massively multiplayer online games, an instance is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy of the location for each group, or for a certain number of players, that enters the area.

He can only find a wild team, and then wait for other players to join in. After waiting for a while, they didn’t get the minimum number of entry points. He glanced at his friend list in the game, and he found that PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite is online.

Yue Song: “…” Forget it, just make up for the number of players.

He pulled her into the team.

They are still short of two players, so everyone continues to chat while waiting.

Yue Song flipped through the information on his cellphone to see what was going on in the student union group chat of the school.

He is different from his classmates. The classmates were all paralyzed at home during the holiday, and he ran between the Xue family and the Yue family during his vacation. As soon as school started, the classmates screamed for days and began to study busily, but this rhythm was more like a holiday for him, and it was much easier.

He was scrolling through the chat group, suddenly he heard a tender and nice lolita voice in the earphones, and asked in the channel: “Excuse me, is there anyone here with a higher income?”

Yue Song: “…”

After glancing at it, sure enough, it was the PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite he pulled into the team who was talking — this name is just too much and kind of stupid, so he still has some impressions and remembered that it belongs to an elementary school student?

As soon as the lolita’s voice came out, the channel suddenly became quiet for a moment. Immediately, it exploded, everyone was rushing to talk to the girl.

“What? Sister? What do you mean?”

“That’s a bit too much, right?”

“All of you shut up! Let the girl talk!”

“Sister, sister, tell me, what do you want to do with someone with a high income?”

Yue Song began to regret pulling the elementary school student into this wild team, because he was not the captain, and he didn’t know these people, so he couldn’t control them.

He heard the gentle voice of that little lolita saying: “I want to find an adult with a higher income.”

Teammates: “???”

“What? Adult?”

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    副本 – Instance – In massively multiplayer online games, an instance is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy of the location for each group, or for a certain number of players, that enters the area.