March 7, 2022

Chapter 95: Clear Conscience

“That’s not a woman, so of course it’s a man.” The old lady looked at this mentally handicapped son, “What else could it be?”

Zhang Huan felt for a while that talking to his old mother was like talking to a duck.

“No.” He said, “Yanyan said that she thought this project was good, so she called a classmate to invest together. Why did she call a male classmate? Are all her female classmates dead?”

The old lady wondered: “After giving birth to you, how many years has it been since I was liberated?”

Zhang Huan: “?”

Old lady: “I lost it early in the morning.”

“…!” Zhang Huan, “Yanyan is still young!”

“Did you think that she is still young when you let her make an investment of 30 million?” The old lady asked him, “What is it in your brain? Water?”

Zhang Huan sat down on a chair and said, “Let me tell you, when that kid came in the morning, he greeted me. Let me ask you, do you know who his parents are?”

The old lady said, “No matter who they are, these are people who can give 10 million yuan to test the water for their children, which are similar to us.”

“No! We can’t just look at the money!” Zhang Huan said angrily, “This kid has a bad family style!”

The old lady lifted her eyebrows from behind her reading glasses again.

Zhang Huan told the old lady about the gossip he knew: “His father raised an illegitimate son outside, the same age as him! So, tell me, just with this family style, should I let Yanyan be friends with him? Are you willing?”

The old lady slowly took off her reading glasses, pinched her glabella, and slowly asked, “Tell me, just you, what mentality do you use to say that other people’s family style is not right?”

Zhang Huan: “…”

“Tell me.” The old lady asked, “When were Hehe and Shuoshuo born? Was Xiao Min dead or alive at that time?”

Zhang Huan sweated on his forehead: “No, we’re talking about others! Why are you talking about me?!”

“Someone else? I don’t care about others, and they don’t beep here and there in front of my eyes.” The old lady said, “I wonder why your face is so big? Can you just simply say such a thing? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?”

Zhang Huan felt so wronged: “I am different from others. His wife is healthy, how about me? Xiao Min has been ill for several years, and I don’t even have a married life. Can I be the same as him?”

The old lady looked at him: “Back then, I told you to have a traditional wedding, and you had to have a foreign wedding in the church. What did you say there about marriage? ‘Life, old age, illness and death cannot separate you and her’, right? Then, did you do what you said there?”

Zhang Huan’s words are poor.

The old lady sighed: “I have always felt sorry for Xiao Min. During Xiao Min’s last moments, I went to see her and felt that she had lost the joy of life. She was walking restlessly. If you had waited for Xiao Min to leave, then find another one, no one would talk about you. If you only let Xiao Min know that you are a responsible man and can walk with confidence. But look at what sh*t you did! How uneasy it was for Xiao Min when she left! You didn’t even let her go in peace!”

Only after her daughter-in-law left that year did the old lady learn about the existence of Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng, which made her very angry.

But on one side is the daughter-in-law who has passed away, and everything is empty when people die, and on the other side are the grandchildren who are alive and kicking. It is impossible for the old lady not to kiss her grandchildren for the sake of her dead daughter-in-law.

Zhang Huan’s eyes were wet.

“I didn’t…” He argued for himself, “Before Xiao Min left, I swore to her that I would never treat Yanyan badly. Mom, I’m telling you, I have a clear conscience! I really have never treated Yanyan badly! Even if her uncle is here, he can’t say that I am not good to Yanyan! I’m telling you that I have long thought about it. In the future, Yanyan will marry and I will prepare a thick dowry for her!”

The old lady looked at him: “Do you think it’s just a matter of money to say that you treat her badly or not?”

A look of confusion appeared in Zhang Huan’s eyes.

The old lady sighed.

“You, when will you grow up…”

Zhang Yansheng’s side went relatively smoothly. In fact, at this step, there is nothing wrong with her. After the decision maker has taken a picture, someone will naturally do specific work.

If it were Zhang Huan, he would have already given it to the department below at this step. It’s just that Zhang Yansheng hasn’t entered the family business at all and doesn’t understand anything. Zhang Huan and the old lady also deliberately asked her to listen to it and know what the process is.

Seeing that it was all done, Mo Lin finally asked: “So, do you have anything to add?”

Zhang Yansheng listened to the whole process, glanced at her own lawyer, and the lawyer nodded slightly at her. When Zhang Yansheng was about to say “No more”, Xu Lichen suddenly said, “I have!” He also raised his hand!

Do you think you are in class?

Immediately afterwards, everyone heard the young master, who was sleepy all the time, loudly said his appeal: “I want to participate in the movie!”

The air suddenly became quiet.

Zhang Yansheng turned her head slowly, looked at Xu Lichen, a big fool, and squeezed out a voice from between her teeth: “A new semester is about to start and you still want to play around?!”

Have you finished your homework during the winter vacation? Didn’t we just discuss bringing capital into the group?

With the nature of his second-grade disease, she can’t force the director to change the script and add scenes!

In his previous life, Xu Lichen boasted about《Leaving the Solar System》: “Every role is personally selected by the director! Every actor meets the role requirements so well! When you look at that expression, you can guess who he is! The plot adaptation is faithful to the original and higher than the original, making up for the shortcomings of the original story.”

So, you idiot, don’t destroy your most beloved movie with your own hands!

Xu Lichen said, “Isn’t there a few days left?”

Is this a matter of f*cking time?

If Xu Lichen really goes in there to toss around, Zhang Yansheng can’t guarantee that this movie will burst into a dark horse!

She felt her temples jump abruptly!

She should have not called this idiot to get involved!

Regret! She just regrets it!

Zhang Yansheng is already considering whether to beat Xu Lichen on the spot so that she can take care of him and prevent him from harming the movie, or wait for Mo Lin to leave before beating him, so as not to scare her.

Mo Lin kept the smile on her face with super professional quality: “Why didn’t Young Master Xu say it earlier? Tell me your thoughts and I will try to communicate with the film crew to see if we can reach an agreement.”

Xu Lichen knew that the look on everyone’s eyes was not right, so he waved his hand: “Don’t worry too much, I’m not fooling around, and I don’t want any important role, just give me one…”

Zhang Yansheng asked bitterly, “What do you want to do?”

Xu Lichen said plausibly: “After all, we invested our money in, so I think at least one of us should participate. Otherwise, we don’t know how well this is being shot, how it is progressing, and where the money is being spent. What do you think?”

It sounds like that.

But how well Zhang Yansheng knows Xu Lichen! She squinted her eyes and looked at him for a while, and suddenly the truth came out!

“You just want to wear that exoskeleton mecha combat suit, right?”

The exoskeleton mecha combat suit is customized from abroad. The cost of a single set is more than 700,000 yuan, and the weight is 70 kilograms. It adopts a real hydraulic booster device, and the shape is very cool! At the time, Xu Lichen saw it on the set and he couldn’t walk away on the spot!

But there are only a few sets in total. The actors wore them in turns, the shots were shot separately, and then edited later, which looked like everyone on the spacecraft was wearing them.

The combat suit has been on the actor’s body and has no lower body portion, and there is no time for it to be idle. Moreover, it takes the help of several people from the prop group to get it on and off, and they can only do it with seven hands and eight feet.

Xu Lichen wanted to squat and wait for everyone to finish work and let him try it, but Zhang Yansheng grabbed his neck and got on the plane.

“Puff!” Zhang Yansheng’s lawyer was younger and didn’t hold back.

Xu Lichen’s lawyer turned her face away.

Mo Lin kept smiling, but the corners of her mouth twitched with honeydew.

Xu Lichen’s face was red, and he stalked his neck and said, “What are you talking about, am I so naive? I’m doing it for our investment…”

Zhang Yansheng turned to Mo Lin and said, “He just wants to wear it, so don’t worry about him. He doesn’t need to participate in the show. Let’s continue.”

“Heyyyyyyyy!” Xu Lichen’s whole body was lying on the table with his arms stretched out. If the table in the conference room was not wide enough, it might have been enough for Mo Lin, “I want to wear it! I want to wear it!!!”

“Then discuss it with Director Xie and give him a minor character that can wear a mecha combat suit. If it really doesn’t work, let him wear it just once, and take a video of him for his satisfaction.” Zhang Yansheng said.

Mo Lin smiled: “I’ll talk to him.”

Zhang Yansheng turned her head and said to Xu Lichen: “I will make three conditions with you. If you participate in the show, you will be allowed to act as you like. However, it is not allowed to change the script and add scenes. Lastly, it is absolutely not allowed for a layman to direct insiders to influence the filming.”

Xu Lichen raised his hand and swore: “I definitely won’t!”

Zhang Yansheng turned her head again.

Although the smile on Mo Lin’s face has not changed, Zhang Yansheng can feel her shoulders relax obviously.

She smiled. Mo Lin winked her eyes and quietly gave a thumbs up.

It’s all done, so the lawyers pack their things and went out one step ahead. Zhang Yansheng asked Mo Lin: “When will Miss Mo get on the plane?”

Mo Lin said: “I’ll fly in the evening as I have to meet a client this afternoon.”

Zhang Yansheng was slightly surprised. She thought Mo Lin had come to K City specifically for her, but she didn’t expect her schedule to be so tight.

There is a vigorous vitality in Mo Lin’s body, which makes her particularly like it. There are actually students like that in Class 2, but compared to them, they are all just small flames, not as bright and dazzling as Mo Lin.

Zhang Yansheng said: “Do you still have time? I want to have lunch with you.”

Mo Lin’s eyes curled up: “Of course I have time for lunch.”

Xu Lichen leaned over: “Me too…”

Zhang Yansheng opened her five fingers to clasp his face and turned him aside: “Have you eaten our specialties? I’ll take you to eat authentic food.”

Mo Lin was about to agree, when suddenly someone pushed the door in. Zhang Yansheng turned to look and recognized it as one of the old lady’s secretaries.

The secretary asked, “Is Miss Yanyan done here?”

“We’re done. What’s the matter?”

“The chairman would like to arrange a meal with you, Miss Mo, and your classmate.”

Zhang Yansheng smiled and shrugged at Mo Lin: “I saved money for a meal.”

Although they have not known each other for a long time, she guessed that Mo Lin would not be unwilling to eat with the old lady.

Sure enough, Mo Lin smiled very sincerely and said to the secretary, “Thank you so much.”

Before Mo Lin came, she had already checked the background of Zhang Yansheng’s family, and knew that the head of their family was Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother. Mo Lin’s job requires more acquaintance with such big guys, of course, respect is better than obedience.

Xu Lichen also followed to freeload on the meal.

He is happy to be able to eat with Zhang Yansheng.

Old lady Zhang is also very kind and amiable. Although she chatted with Miss Mo and talked about things that she didn’t like and didn’t understand, she was a loving elder when facing her.

Zhang Yansheng’s father is a bit gloomy.

He has a weird look at him, a bit scary.

Like a psycho.

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