March 6, 2022

Chapter 94: Negotiation

Mo Lin’s plane landed in K City early in the morning. She took a short nap on the plane, got off the plane, washed her face, brushed her teeth, and put on makeup in the airport bathroom. She didn’t even check in at the hotel, and went straight to the clients first.

Very dedicated.

President Yue is also a new boss she met at the financial forum, and he is interested in a project in her hands. She had invited him to her investment promotion meeting before, but it was a bad time, President Yue couldn’t get away with something, so Mo Lin flew over for him.

When they met, there was a handsome young man beside President Yue, with good-looking eyebrows and a clear temperament. Sitting on the side, he didn’t speak much and listened quietly. Mo Lin thought he was an assistant, secretary, or something, and just thought that President Yue paid great attention to appearance when he chose the secretary.

The meeting went very smoothly. Mo Lin has dry goods here. She herself has excellent professional quality, and President Yue’s questions were all restrained. President Yue smiled and nodded, obviously very satisfied.

Mo Lin sighed softly in her heart.

The young man beside President Yue who had been silent for a while suddenly leaned forward and asked two questions. Mo Lin immediately cheered up and answered in detail. After answering, she looked at President Yue: “This is…?” She felt that his tone of voice didn’t sound like a secretary.

President Yue said, “He is my grandson, Yue Song.”

He would take the person with him, so he naturally attached great importance to this person and wanted to teach him personally. Mo Lin wisely offered some rainbow farts.1彩虹屁 – Rainbow Fart is a literal translation word from Chinese, which means giving somebody exaggerated compliment that even seems a little fake.

Sure enough, there are no parents who don’t like to hear others praise their children. For big guys like President Yue, they would usually raise their chins slightly and say modestly: “Where, what, I’m flattered.”

Mo Lin praised and said, “This is the first time I have come to K City. It is really a place of outstanding spiritual people, elite young talents. The client I will meet tomorrow is a high school student, who has already started to operate capital and learn to invest.”

“Oh, high school student?” President Yue turned his head and smiled at Yue Song, “From whose family is this, is the child in such a hurry at such a young age?”

Yue Song looked at Mo Lin, she smiled, but closed her mouth, obviously not revealing the client’s information.

President Yue and Yue Song didn’t ask again, and they just asked casually: “What is this kid planning to invest in?”

Mo Lin said, “It’s a movie, a science fiction movie.”

Yue Song was surprised: “Domestic science fiction?”

Mo Lin said: “Yes.”

Yue Song said: “It won’t be…《Leaving the Solar System》, right?”

Mo Lin smiled: “Are you a fan?” The movie hasn’t come out yet, only fans will pay attention.

“I’m a fan of the original work. The original work is really excellent.” Yue Song pondered and said, “Is this project still being financed?”

Mo Lin sat up straight: “Yes, it’s in progress. Would you like to hear me tell you about it?”

President Yue looked at his watch.

Yue Song said: “We will have a meeting after this, so please send the information to my grandfather’s secretary, Miss Mo, and let him pass it on to me.”

Mo Lin: “?”

President Yue smiled: “He is still studying. He is only in his sophomore year in college.”

Mo Lin suddenly realized: “No wonder I thought that Young Master Yue looked very young, but he was very calm, so I didn’t dare to guess his age.”

President Yue smiled flatteringly.

When Mo Lin left, President Yue said to Yue Song: “The little girl is very hardworking. When I saw her in the forum, she was on crutches while smiling and talking with people, she was very energetic. Looking at her, oh, such a little girl, should be given a chance.”

Yue Song nodded. To President Yue, she is a little girl; and to him, she is a big sister.

“If you are looking for a wife in the future, you must also find someone who can fight and be capable.” President Yue thought bitterly, “You have to exercise your body well yourself, and don’t worry about me like your father and your mother.”

Yue Song said helplessly: “Others have tiger mothers and wolf fathers, and our family has a wolf grandfather. You have watched me grow up since I was a child. It’s not that you don’t know how healthy I am, and you always worry about it.”

The old man snorted and said, “Anyway, you have to find a wife who is healthy, can run and jump, and can be literate and trained in martial arts in the future!”

Yue Song’s mother was not in good health and is delicate and weak. Yue Song’s father was also in poor health. The two of them were childhood sweethearts, and they were so weak that they looked after each other. As simple as that!

The old man was heartbroken for them, and even the grandson was brought up by the old man himself.

The old man raised a delicate son who married a delicate wife. Finally, his grandson was strong and healthy. He wanted to marry him to another healthy and strong wife to improve the genes of the Yue family.

“Oh, Xiao Mo’s face has a round appearance, which symbolizes unity and happiness. When she speaks, her shoulders are straight and full of energy! It makes people feel comfortable to look at it! Alas, it’s a pity that she’s a bit older…” The old man regrets.

Yue Song pinched his glabella: “Grandpa, I’m still in school.”

“What’s wrong with going to school? Did the school delay you from finding a wife?”

Mo Lin was paralyzed as soon as she got into the taxi. She took out her cellphone and sent a message to her friend: “I’m exhausted. I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning. I arrived here in K City at 8 o’clock. I had to meet a client directly without stopping! I just set off to go to the hotel now! I will take another nap later. I didn’t sleep enough on the plane. There was a naughty kid in the back row who always kicked me on the back of the chair, and it annoyed me to death.”

“I have to meet with another client tomorrow. If there is no problem, I will fly back tomorrow afternoon. There is still due diligence waiting for me! I’m exhausted to death, exhausted to death, people are not as good as dogs!”

She said again: “K City is really a fairy place. Today, the client brought a handsome young man, and I thought it was a secretary or something. It turned out to be his grandson. Let me tell you, he’s only in his sophomore year in college!”

“What am I doing during the winter vacation in my sophomore year? I remembered! I’m paralyzed at home watching ‘Happy Sheep’! That good guy, in his sophomore year, is already sitting in the office wearing Armani suits and talking to me about investment!”

“I’ll be even more f*ck up tomorrow. The high school student I told you about before, I will see her tomorrow. She also pulled another high school student. Two high school students! A total of 40-million-yuan investments! Do you think I should be a lemon, a lemon, or a lemon?”2柠檬 – lemon = acid = jealousy

“What kind of spiritual spring water did the children in this K City grow up drinking? Those who race one by one have been born at the finish line of other people’s lives. They actually work harder than you? I don’t feel that I’ll be able to live anymore.”

After a while, her friend replied: “F*ck! Don’t give me this poisonous chicken soup! Deadline is still three days away, and I am paralyzed gracefully. Now, you’re telling me this? I was so scared that I quickly got up to write a repo!”

[repo – another term for repurchase agreement; repossess (a car or other item) when a buyer defaults on payments]

Mo Lin: “What kind of paralysis?! I didn’t reincarnate into a rich second generation! Are you qualified to work? Nothing else can compare, you can’t even compare your hard work to the rich second generation! Go to work for my master!”

Friend: “I have already gotten up after all and now writing a repo!!!”

When Mo Lin arrived at the hotel, she sent Yue Song the business plan for《Leaving the Solar System》before making up for her sleep.

When she woke up, she had become a girl with a dragon spirit and a tiger’s fierceness. After making a few phone calls in a row, her fingers are now flying on the keyboard, and her eyes became serious.

She called Zhang Yansheng to confirm the time and place of the meeting tomorrow. She was about to go to bed when a strange call came.

Picking it up, the other party said, “Miss Mo, this is Yue Song, we met this morning.”

Mo Lin immediately became energetic: “Young Master Yue!”

Yue Song’s voice is magnetic, and the speed of speech is neither too fast nor slow: “I’ve read the plan and I am a little interested in this. Can I talk to you about some unclear areas? Are you still in K City?”

“Yes. I’m going to see a client tomorrow morning.” Mo Lin asked, “Do you think it’s okay for us to meet in the afternoon?”

The two agreed on a time.

Mo Lin changed her ticket for tomorrow from afternoon to evening, so she could sleep with peace of mind. The next day, she met Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen with great energy.

The meeting place was arranged at the headquarters of the Zhang family enterprise.

Xu Lichen brought a middle-aged aunt and introduced: “Lawyer.” His mother arranged it.

Zhang Yansheng also has a lawyer assigned to her by the Legal Affairs Department of the headquarters.

Once the investment intention is decided, the next step is for the lawyers to fight with Mo Lin and negotiate the terms without any fuss.

Xu Lichen almost fell asleep. Later, he played with his cellphone.

Zhang Yansheng could still hold on to listen. Gradually, she realized that if she hadn’t foretold the future in advance, it was really inappropriate to do these things at this age. The amount of knowledge reserves is still not up to the point.

In the previous life, her college life was just a mess, and she didn’t learn anything. Her whole person is hollow.

Zhang Yansheng was sweating coldly.

Mo Lin worked hard to deal with the two lawyers. She has always been the one who fights harder and braver. She fights one and two, and the more she fights, the more energetic she is.

Zhang Yansheng had been observing her, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but smile.

During the coffee break, she asked Mo Lin, “Big Sister Mo, which university did you graduate from?”

Mo Lin said, “From Y University.”

Xu Lichen’s lawyer pushed her glasses: “Y University, it’s next door to my alma mater.”

“Huh?” Zhang Yansheng’s lawyer asked, “Did you also graduate from R University?”

“Yes, you too?”

“So, you are my senior sister?”

They talked about some school things, and also talked about the restaurants they used to go to when they were in university.

Xu Lichen’s lawyer said, “I don’t know if he is still there?”

Zhang Yansheng’s lawyer said, “He was still there when I graduated.”

Mo Lin said, “Yes, he’s still there. I went to see my classmates who stayed in the university last month to go out and eat once.”

These people who graduated from prestigious universities suddenly became closer and became acquainted.

Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen, two school scumbags, ate small cakes silently, listening to them talk about their respective universities and the alumni of each other they met at work.

In the end, Mo Lin’s husband, a senior in the company, was actually in the same class as Xu Lichen’s lawyer.

Zhang Yansheng found it interesting.

During the chat, Mo Lin glanced at the door of the conference room several times. Later, while the lawyers went to the bathroom, she finally couldn’t help but say to Zhang Yansheng: “There is a man who has been going back and forth outside the conference room for a long time — it’s been many times now. Is there anything wrong?” It’s sneaky which makes people a little worried.

“Don’t pay attention to him.” Zhang Yansheng said with a sullen face, “That’s my dad.”

The air was quiet for a second.

Mo Lin: “Puff!”

Zhang Yansheng also felt very embarrassed, but she felt that it would be even more embarrassing if she went out in person to drive Zhang Huan away. She could only stand still.

Mo Lin smiled and said, “Is it the first time he has done this kind of thing?”

Zhang Yansheng said with a smelly face: “Probably.”

Xu Lichen felt that he had finally won: “That is because he treats you as a child in his heart! Look at me, my mother just asked Lawyer Zhou to be with me, and she was very relieved.” He finally fought back, triumphantly.

Zhang Yansheng stepped on his foot.

Xu Lichen’s face became very excited.

Zhang Huan sneakily went to the old lady’s office: “It’s a male classmate!”

The old lady lifted her eyebrows from behind her reading glasses: “So what’s the matter?”

Zhang Huan: “It’s a man!”

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  • 1
    彩虹屁 – Rainbow Fart is a literal translation word from Chinese, which means giving somebody exaggerated compliment that even seems a little fake.
  • 2
    柠檬 – lemon = acid = jealousy