March 28, 2022

Chapter 75: Zhao Xiulan Piqued His Interest 2

When Mrs. Chen saw Cheng eating like that, she didn’t feel distressed about the food at all. On the contrary, she smiled and said, “Haha, this kid… Cheng is still the same as before, he hasn’t changed at all!”

As the host, she was very happy to see that the guests were satisfied and ate a lot.

Cheng wiped the oil stains from the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, “The dumplings you’ve made are still as delicious as before.”

“There is still another pot, I will cook it, so you can eat more.” Mrs. Chen’s smiling eyes became blurred.

Cheng didn’t refuse her offer. “Then, I’ll trouble Auntie.”

“Don’t mention it!”

The last batch was cooked quickly and there was a total of thirty-five dumplings.

In the first batch of thirty-six dumplings, twenty of them were given to Cheng, sixteen were given to Xiulan, and forty-eight dumplings were cooked in the second batch.

For the third batch of dumplings, Mrs. Chen was going to give twenty more to Cheng.

When Cheng saw that she had given him a lot, he hurriedly stopped her and said, “Auntie, no need to give me a lot, just give me ten dumplings only.”

“How can ten dumplings be enough? I’ll give you twenty instead.”

“Auntie, I’m different now, I can’t eat as much as I used to. It’s true, so you can just give me ten dumplings. I will not be able to hold it if I eat too much.” When he said that, he also glanced at Xiulan worriedly, afraid that he would leave a ‘glutton’ image in her heart.

“That won’t work, fifteen then. This aunt will give you fifteen dumplings and you will be able to eat them all.”

Regardless of his objection, Mrs. Chen directly picked up fifteen dumplings for him. She compromised and didn’t push him more.

Cheng had no choice but to take the dumplings and continued eating.

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“Xiulan, I will also give you a little more, so you should eat a few more.” Mrs. Chen saw that she only ate sixteen dumplings and thought of adding more for her.

“Auntie, I have a small appetite. I’ve already eaten so much. You and Uncle Chen can eat them. I’m not being polite to you, so you don’t need to give me more,” Xiulan shied away.

“This kid, you’ve only eaten that much, so how can you be full already?” Mrs. Chen was a little reluctant and wanted to give a few more to her.

“Auntie, you can see that I am so thin, so I really have a small appetite and can’t eat much. If I can eat a lot, then I will eat more. I won’t be polite to you because of our relationship. It’s just that I really can’t eat anymore. If you give me more, then it’s going to be hard for me. If you can’t finish the remaining dumplings, then it’s better if you and uncle warm them up and eat tonight.”

Mrs. Chen thought about it and saw that she didn’t seem to be lying. The girl was indeed too thin, she was almost skinny, so her small appetite was understandable.

Since Xiulan couldn’t eat anymore, Mrs. Chen didn’t force her to eat.

Mrs. Chen was also satisfied after eating twenty dumplings. She gave ten more to her husband and there were still five dumplings left.

Everyone ate dumplings and became very full from that meal. Mr. Chen sighed and was a little emotional. It had been a long time since he ate until he was full, which was so good.

After lunch, Xiulan chatted with a few more words, then got up and said goodbye.

“Xiulan, don’t forget to take this vinegar and chili sauce with you,” said Mrs. Chen, as she covered the lids on the bottles, then she picked them up and handed them over to Xiulan.

“Uncle, Auntie, you can keep them for yourselves. I won’t take them back.” They had already been opened, so it would not be easy to sell them now. Moreover, there were still a lot of those in her space, so she simply didn’t want to take them back.

The couple both like to eat with chili sauce. They lived in the city which was not as good as in the countryside. There were still vegetables to eat in the countryside, but if you wanted to eat them in the city, you would have to pay for them.