March 27, 2022

Chapter 74: Zhao Xiulan Piqued His Interest 1

At that time, Xiulan’s funds were limited and there were a lot of supplies that she needed to hoard. She had to use the most cost-effective solution and went directly to the origin of the goods. After using simple packaging, the price could be more than half cheaper.

Her family’s conditions were quite good. Her family ran a large company and earned tens of millions of yuan a year. Although she couldn’t be compared with the first-rate wealthy and powerful person, she could still be regarded as a rich person.

To hoard those supplies, even her family’s villa was sold in the end.

Fortunately, before the apocalypse came, all the needed supplies were all hoarded. Whether in the apocalypse or in the 1960s, the things in her space were equal to a huge wealth.

Seeing that she brought out the vinegar and chili sauce, Mr. Chen said happily, “That’s great, Xiulan! Let’s eat dumplings at noon today and be infected by your light!”

“Haha, Uncle Chen, compared to the dumplings you provided, my vinegar and chili sauce are nothing. It’s me who basks in your light, otherwise, I won’t be able to eat this kind of good food.”

Although she said that, Mr. Chen’s heart was like a mirror. It was very clear who was in the light of whom. She had so many foodstuffs and good things in her hands, so he wondered why she couldn’t eat dumplings if she wanted to eat them.

The girl was very sincere and did not like to take credit for herself. There were not many girls like her, so Mr. Chen admired and liked her more and more.

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Cheng looked at her with a bit of scorching heat in his eyes. When she turned around, she was a little uncomfortable being stared at by those eyes, because he was such a good-looking man.

“Ahem! Is there anything on my face? Why are you staring at me like that?” Xiulan touched her face, coughed a few times, and asked embarrassedly.

Cheng came back to his senses, shook his head quickly, and replied with a smile, “No, I just think that you are so amazing because you can even get vinegar and chili sauce.”

“Aren’t these things easy to get? For a special talent like you, it is usually easy for you to get these things, right?”

Cheng smiled again. “Vinegar is okay, but chili sauce is not easy to get. These good things are available in the work unit.”

With spicy sauce to go with rice, it was a good combination to have wine as well. Cheng’s taste was also relatively strong, so he really liked spicy food.

He had money and tickets and he could get a lot of good supplies sometimes, but not everything was easy to get, like chili sauce. Sometimes, he could eat things with chili sauce, but most of the time he could not.

“It turned out to be like this.” After listening to Cheng’s words, Xiulan realized how rare foodstuffs were. Even a bottle of chili sauce was not often eaten by special talents like him.

“Haha, eat quickly, don’t let the dumplings get cold!” said Mrs. Chen, who was on the side. At the same time, another pot of dumplings was cooked again. She picked them up and prepared to sit down with Mr. Chen to eat.

As for the last remaining batch, she would wait for all of them to finish eating before cooking again, otherwise, they would not taste good if she cooked them already and just left them to cool, because they would be easy to get pasty.

With the addition of vinegar and chili sauce, that meal of dumplings was full of freshness and fragrance. For people like Xiulan, who had eaten a lot of delicacies, she also thought that the dumplings stuffed with shepherd’s purse and pork made by Mrs. Chen were particularly delicious, not to mention the other three people in the room, so all of them were very satisfied.

Rare things could only be eaten once. There was no doubt that they were considered to be exotic delicacies during this time.

Cheng ate exaggeratedly, one bite at a time. Xiulan ate a lot more delicately, eating in small bites.

However, seeing how Cheng ate made people feel very appetizing.

After a while, he finished all the twenty dumplings in his bowl.