March 21, 2022

Chapter 68: Meet the Male Lead Again 2

Mr. Chen’s classmate would be very happy to get these good things.

Although Mrs. Chen was curious about how Xiulan got these good things, she still didn’t ask.

Who doesn’t have a secret at this time?

Some people could just find a way to get anything.

But the only certainty was that it was a blessing for them to meet Xiulan.

As long as she was there and willing to trade foodstuffs with them, then they would not be famished.

Before their downfall, they also hid a lot of those good things, and now, it was the right time for those to come in handy.

Otherwise, there was no way to imagine what their days would be like.

Their luck was not bad because they met Xiulan, or else they might not be able to trade for foodstuffs with those good things.

For the current situation, the couple was very grateful and satisfied.

They even no longer want to live a better life. After suffering for several years, both of them now felt that as long as they could have enough meals and live, it was better than anything else.

As for the quality of life, it must not be the same as before. Their current living conditions were not as good as before after all.

Xiulan chatted with the couple for a bit and prepared to leave after delivering the goods. But as soon as she was about to go out, there was a knock on the door.

Mrs. Chen said happily, “Haha! Cheng must have come over.”

Xiulan frowned when she heard that name.

Is this Cheng the Jiang Cheng she knew and met the other day?

She thought that it would be too coincidental.

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While she was still pondering about it, Mrs. Chen opened the door and she saw a familiar figure.

He was really the Jiang Cheng she knew.

She only felt that the world was too small for them to meet again. Furthermore, it happened at the house of the couple.

Cheng coming there was different from last time because he brought a lot of good things this time.

You could see that he was carrying a half kilo of pork belly, two cans of malted milk powder, a packet of peanuts, a half kilo of candies, a half kilo of glutinous rice, and ten eggs in his hands.

In the 21st century, those things might not be much, but in this era, they were all excellent things.

You had to have money and coupons to purchase them.

Good things like pork belly were in short supply that even if you had coupons and money, you might not be able to buy some.

Xiulan guessed that it was because he used special coupons, so he was able to buy meat.

On the other hand, Mrs. Chen hurriedly complained, “You kid, what’s wrong with you? You just came here but why did you bring so many things?!

“These good things cost you a lot of money, right?”

She was a little embarrassed to accept them. No one had a good life at this time, so when Cheng came to see and check on them, she was already very moved. She naturally felt bad for him to spend more money on them.

Cheng just smiled. “Auntie, don’t be polite to me. I live alone and I usually have packed meals and accommodation in my work unit, so I don’t have any expenses at all. I have accumulated a lot of money and coupons over the years.

“Keeping them is also a total waste, so don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. I finally came over here, so how can I not bring something on my visit?

“If you let me stay here for a meal, I would be embarrassed to just sit and eat here without giving you anything in return!”

He was telling the truth. He didn’t need anything to spend all the money and coupons he received from work. Those coupons also had a time limit, so if he didn’t spend them within the time limit, they would be forfeited. It was better to spend them and buy some things to send to the couple.