March 20, 2022

Chapter 67: Meet the Male Lead Again 1

Mrs. Chen didn’t believe what Cheng said. “You have something to do? What is it? I don’t think it would waste so much of your time if you leave after lunch.”

Cheng had no choice but to say, “Auntie, I won’t hide it from you then. I came to Anxian County this time with a very important task. I came to find a relative of my family, my grandfather’s younger brother, who is also my second grandfather.

“Qingguo works here and knows some people, so I asked him to help me find out about him. I just heard a little bit of news today, so I have to go back and deal with it now.”

That was not something he had made up. Qingguo did find out a little bit of information that day, but he was not in a hurry at that moment. He just took advantage of it and gave it as an excuse, so they wouldn’t have to eat there.

Mrs. Chen didn’t doubt him anymore and finally resigned.

She didn’t think that the reason why Cheng came to Anxian Country was specifically to look for his master. It turned out that he was looking for his relatives, which truly made sense.

Since it was an important matter, she stopped insisting for them to stay and have a meal, but she still felt that it was a pity.

“You finally came here this time, but you’re leaving without even having a meal.” She was a little upset and sighed.

Cheng smiled and told her, “Auntie, I’ll come back tomorrow and have a meal here at noon.”

With that, her mood improved a little bit. “Cheng, you have to keep your words, okay? You must come over to have a meal here tomorrow at noon!”

After Cheng’s repeated assurances, she was very pleased.

Soon, Cheng and Qingguo left their house.


Xiulan also wandered around the black market, traded with some people, and prepared to go back.

Most of the people there had money and coupons. She originally wanted to trade her foodstuffs for some antiques and jewelry, but she didn’t come across any.

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They didn’t dare to take out any jewelry during this time, and at most, they would only dare to take out some money. Unless it was their last resort, no one really wanted to take such a big risk.

At noon, Xiulan took out a serving of clay pot rice and added a cup of milk tea from the space. She was very satisfied. It was much better than the meals at home, but unfortunately, she couldn’t take them out and eat them openly. If she could eat those at home in the future, then her days would go by smoothly.

The next morning, she got up early to go to the county seat again.

She would go to the Chens’ house again to deliver some foodstuffs.

The pieces of jewelry that Mr. Chen’s classmate used to trade with her was of great value and she was not a stingy person, so she took out a lot of good things.

She took out rice, white flour, and dried noodles, each weighing ten kilos.

There were also two and a half kilos of sesame oil, thirty eggs, twenty salted duck eggs, five pieces of bacon, and fifteen pieces of sausages.

In addition, she also added snacks that could go well with alcoholic drinks, but not much, just half kilo each of peanuts and aniseed-flavored beans. If you ate them slowly, then that would be equal to having a few meals.

Any of these goods were all good things and difficult to get.

It was incredible for Xiulan to come up with all of these.

However, she would not be at a disadvantage by giving these goods. She actually made a lot of money by getting expensive pieces of jewelry in return.

Once the era of peace came, foodstuffs would not be worth a few yuans altogether. It was true that the people in the current era would not be able to imagine that in a few decades, every family would be able to have good meals with meat and eat until they are full.

When she was about to arrive at the Chens’ house, she took out the goods from the space and then entered their house.

Mrs. Chen was filled with emotions because Xiulan had sent so many good things again.