March 18, 2022

Chapter 65: Jiang Cheng’s Mentor 2

But now that Cheng had come to visit, the couple were undoubtedly surprised.

Cheng smiled and explained, “Master, Auntie, I asked my classmate to find out about you. I just tried to see if I could find you, but I didn’t expect to really find you.”

As he said that, he pointed to Qingguo on the side.

It was thanks to Qingguo’s help, otherwise, he would definitely not be able to learn so much about the situation in Anxian County, a place he didn’t know well.

The couple nodded and Mrs. Chen allowed them to enter the house. “Don’t just stand at the door, hurry inside, and come in for a drink.”

Cheng and Qingguo both entered the house.

It was really not good to stand outside. The couple had special identities and if they continued talking for a while there, it would cause trouble if they were seen by other people.

Not that they were afraid, but if they could avoid a little trouble sometimes, then they must try to avoid it as much as possible.

When they entered the house, Mrs. Chen got busy and poured a glass of water for each of them.

“Come on, drink some water.”

Cheng and Qingguo didn’t refuse and thanked her.

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Mr. Chen sat in front of Cheng, with some excitement in his eyes, and asked about his situation in the past few years.

Mr. Chen knew Cheng’s abilities. After returning from further studies in foreign institutions of higher learning, Cheng was assigned to his work unit and eventually followed him to practice and learn.

There was no need to question the professional ability that Cheng had mastered. After putting him into work, he performed very well.

He was the kind of student who could endure hardships. He studied hard and followed Mr. Chen. For as long as you taught him something, he could basically master it quickly.

It was a pity that an unfortunate thing happened to Mr. Chen not long after he took Cheng, and they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Seeing Cheng now, Mr. Chen was naturally concerned about his work.

Cheng told him everything that happened at work after Mr. Chen left the unit over the years. When Mr. Chen left, Cheng explored things in practice by himself. He encountered many difficulties at work, but fortunately, he had overcome them all afterward.

In the past few years, the construction of national railways had been rapid and the technology of railway construction had become more and more perfect.

Cheng used the knowledge he had learned abroad, and with the accumulation of experience, he was already an excellent engineer in the Ministry of Railways.

Cheng felt pity for his mentor’s departure. He would definitely be able to learn more things from him if they were still working together.

There were not many railway talents at first, and people like Mr. Chen were really rare and hard to come by.

If it weren’t for that misfortune, he would make a greater contribution to the country’s railway construction.

Mr. Chen listened very seriously while Cheng talked about work. Even if he was no longer at his post, he was still worried about the country’s railway construction, and he asked Cheng to work hard to make the country’s railway construction better.

After talking about work, Cheng then asked about their situation.

In fact, there was no need to ask as Cheng also knew that after they had that misfortune, their lives would not be good.

Looking at the condition of their house, it looked too shabby.

Although their days were not very good now, compared to the average person, it was still not bad.

Because of contributions they made to the railway system, they could get a lot of rewards from time to time, all kinds of good things such as meat and food coupons, and the units gave them a lot of material rewards.

Although the supplies were extremely scarce, the country would not treat people like Mr. Chen that bad, who had made special contributions. In the past, his family could often eat meat.