March 17, 2022

Chapter 64: Jiang Cheng’s Mentor 1

The main reason why Cheng came to this county was to find a relative.

But he just remembered that after his mentor, Chen Deming, had an unfortunate incident at work before, he left his post and returned to his hometown, which was in Anxian County.

He happened to come to Anxian again, so he asked Qingguo to help him find out if his mentor was still there.

If he was, then he, who was his ‘student’, must visit him.

Since Mr. Chen’s misfortune, Cheng had been very concerned about him, but unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to visit.

For several years, there had been no contact and the news between them had been interrupted.

Fortunately, Qingguo inquired about Mr. Chen’s residence and found that he should have not left Anxian County.

At that moment, Qingguo accompanied Cheng over, just to see if his mentor was still really there.

While Qingguo was talking, Cheng’s gaze was staring ahead and he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, but he was not sure if it was her.

Seeing that Cheng didn’t speak, Qingguo looked dazed and tried to get his attention. “Cheng, what’s wrong with you?”

Cheng came back to his senses and smiled slightly. “Nothing! Hurry up! Let’s go and have a look!”


Cheng walked into the western-style house and knocked on the door.

Mrs. Chen quickly hid the foodstuffs she had just taken out for their lunch. She was startled when she heard a knock on the door, so she hurriedly asked, “Who is it?”

They would usually not get any visitors in their small house, only those people who would come to steal from them.

However, in the past few years, those thieves came over and gave up right away if they didn’t find any good things from them.

No one had come to their place for a long time, but suddenly, someone came today, so she wondered who it was.

Of course, she had to be more vigilant. Xiulan just sent them so many foodstuffs, so she was very nervous now, for fear that someone would find their foodstuffs and take them all away.

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Hearing the question from the people inside, Cheng replied from outside, “It’s me, Jiang Cheng!”

Mrs. Chen’s whole body trembled when she heard Cheng’s familiar voice.

When Mr. Chen heard the knock on the door, he also pondered who suddenly came to their house. When he heard that familiar voice and name, his reaction was similar to that of his wife.

“Jiang Cheng? Jiang Cheng is here?” he asked in disbelief.

Since their misfortune, the two of them had returned to Anxian County. The people they had contact with at work hadn’t seen them for a long time.

When he heard Cheng’s name, he suddenly felt unreal.

Mrs. Chen then came back to her senses and exclaimed, “It’s really Jiang Cheng, listen to that voice!”

Mr. Chen hurriedly told her, “Hurry up and let him in!”

“Okay, okay!”

A smile suddenly appeared on Mrs. Chen’s face and she couldn’t wait to open the door.

She saw Cheng standing at the door, followed by a young man who came with him.

Since he was brought by Cheng, she thought that there should be nothing wrong.

After catching a glimpse of Cheng, Mr. Chen said happily, “Cheng, it’s really you!”

Mrs. Chen followed suit and said, “Yeah, Cheng, I thought I made a mistake. I didn’t expect it to be you. How did you find us here?”

They had been hiding in Anxian County after their misfortune. Their former friends and colleagues had not contacted them much since then.

However, they also understood the reason. After all, their social status had become somewhat special. If they had too much contact with them, it would have a bad impact on them as well. Most people would get rid of the relationship with people like them, for fear of getting implicated.