January 31, 2022

Chapter 60: Mental State

At the end of the National Day holiday, Huan didn’t know which little lover he had fun outside with. When he came back, he was grabbed by the old lady.

The old lady was kind to her granddaughters, but not to her son. “Take care of your wife, don’t let her annoy my granddaughter all day long!”

A while ago, Huan was very guilty after Zheng’s incident, so he said in a low voice, “She wouldn’t dare to do anything bad to my daughter. If she dares, I’ll tell her to get lost.”

The old lady rolled her eyes. “She shouldn’t have been allowed to enter the family in the first place.”

Huan smiled. He was secretly observing the old lady, but she didn’t seem to know about Zheng, so he let go of this in his mind.

“Yanyan is sensible now.” He tried his best to exaggerate in front of his mother. “She knows how to study, and she can take care of her younger brother and sister. Now, Hehe and Shuoshuo listen to her very much.” This was the reason why his recent family life had been particularly harmonious and peaceful, which made him feel very happy as well.

Unexpectedly, the old lady was furious and slapped his head with her hand. “Isn’t that all you, as a father, should take care of! You throw it all to Yanyan and you still have the face to say that! You’ve had a good holiday, but Yanyan can’t have a good time, as she had to watch the two kids for you! She had to do filial piety in front of me for you! I gave birth to you for nothing, it’s much better for my granddaughter to think of me!”

“Should I think of you then? I thought you hated it because I’m just annoying to you.” Huan rubbed the back of his head. “I didn’t ask Yanyan to look after her younger brother and sister. Aren’t there maids at home?”

The old lady slapped him again. “Maids? You forgot that when you were a child and I went to the company, a maid stabbed you with a needle! Yanyan didn’t dare to leave Hehe and Shuoshuo to those maids. She came to see me with the two kids. It’s good for you couple to be gone as soon as you have a vacation.”

When Huan was a child, he was taken care of by a maid for many years, which made the old lady still hold a grudge over that incident. Therefore, Yansheng didn’t want to worry about her younger brother and sister, so she took them with her to take care of them, which really made the old lady feel very relieved.

“Yanyan, this child, has a cold face and a soft heart. At her age, during adolescence, she is prone to irritability. You let that person surnamed Liang provoke her less and you should speak softly to her. Although she’s not that young anymore, she is still a child and needs adults to care about her. Don’t think that because she is sensible now, you just have to put your hands down and don’t care about anything. If you become a father like this, there will be retribution for you in the future.”

They didn’t know that in another life, the old lady’s words had come true.

Huan said indifferently, “No, I’m not! I’m still in charge.”

The old lady snorted, she knew her own son well, so she didn’t believe him. She had already inquired clearly from Heling. Yansheng was in charge of her now and Huan didn’t care about her studies. Heling was still an elementary school student but Huan didn’t care, it all depended on Heling’s self-awareness.

As for Shuocheng, he was pressed down by Yansheng. However, Yansheng would not work hard to take care of his studies personally. Her granddaughter was very good at employing people—she put Heling in charge of Shuocheng’s studies.

It was not because he was not born to the same mother. If Yansheng really worked hard to manage Shuocheng like an old scalper, the old lady would feel very awkward.

The old lady herself was a person who dared to love and hate, and she couldn’t be a saint. If Yansheng didn’t get along well with her half-brother and half-sister, although the old lady would sigh, she wouldn’t blame Yansheng. If Yansheng would act as a saint, the old lady would not be able to accept it.

So now, Yansheng set rules and made good use of Heling’s labor force. After all, Heling and Shuocheng were real siblings, and Yansheng was only responsible for punishing those who did not follow the rules.

Shuocheng, under Heling’s deterrence, did not dare not to disobey her words.

This was good.

There were no more chickens flying and dogs jumping loudly at home, everyone was safe and well, and they looked like a family.

But this had nothing to do with her sh*tty son, this was all to the credit of her granddaughter.

“I am now giving Yanyan three times the pocket money!” Huan shouted, “Qiqi and Xiao Lin definitely don’t get that much!”

The old lady scolded him again, “That’s what Yanyan deserves! What you should do and what you should worry about are all taken care of by Yanyan. She is the eldest child but she’s only a child, and you have the nerve to say that?! If Yanyan hadn’t been so sensible now, after you married a troublemaker, you wouldn’t know what kind of pandemonium your family would have!”

Huan was embarrassed in front of his mother. He couldn’t please her so he couldn’t get along with her. In the past, Yansheng’s mother was there and it was because she was favored that his mother gave him a good face. But now, Yingying couldn’t get into his mother’s eyes at all, and he couldn’t get a good face from her.

The old lady gave him a good scoff before she came to the point.

“Yanyan is now at a very sensitive age, so you have to look after her more,” she said, “I talked to her the other day, this kid is very confused now. I thought for a while but it’s useless to say so many empty words to her, so you have to show her more about the world. Knowledge can be learned in school, but insight cannot be learned. She has to look more at what it is like outside the school to know what she wants to do and what she wants to become in the future.”

In the past few years, the relationship between the father and eldest daughter had been stiff, and Huan had hardly talked to Yansheng alone. After hearing this from the old lady, his conscience, which was not too much, was activated again.

“Okay, I understand,” he agreed. “I’ll check back and communicate with her more.”

Yansheng didn’t know that her grandmother had a long talk with her father about her growth. During the vacation, she opened up to the old lady and confessed her confusion. The old lady said, “If you don’t understand, then don’t think about it. Why do you let yourself have a headache for the ‘future’ that you don’t know yet? Just do what you have to do first.”

She felt that what the old lady said was very practical. If you don’t understand, then don’t think about it, just do what you got to do first.

After the holiday, she started to wear her school uniform to school again.

The uniform of No.1 High School was as ugly as all other public school uniforms. But the more you wore this kind of clothes, the more you could compare the value of your face.

When Yansheng entered the classroom early in the morning, everyone’s eyes lit up and they greeted her one after another.

Yansheng didn’t travel anywhere during the holiday. She watched the old lady rest leisurely in the mountains, watched her younger brother and sister return to the wild, and watched the landscape by day and the stars by night. Her state of mind became peaceful as if she had become a Taoist immortal.

When she returned to school, she was greeted by heavy academic work. Don’t think about anything else, let’s study hard first.

When she encountered problems in her studies, she went to consult Zhiyuan—knowing that the future champion of the college entrance examination was there, there was no reason not to use him.

Zhiyuan had a very clear idea of the topic, and he could immediately find out where she was stuck on the question and answer it clearly. Yansheng felt that her mind had never been so clear. It was true that if you were close to smart people, you would also become smart.

She was studying hard in Class 2, not realizing that Class 8 was brewing a plot against her.

Qian intended to destroy Yansheng with rumors.

She had done this in middle school. The girl she slandered with rumors was later rejected by everyone. The girl’s grades plummeted and she didn’t talk to people in school or even walk with her head up.

“That Yansheng in Class 2 is a fake noblewoman who worships gold,” she declared to her small group, “you all saw how she ignores Lichen at school, right? But guess what? I saw her get into Lichen’s car after school. Obviously, she can’t resist the Maybach’s attraction.”

The members of the small group were all outraged, “Why is Lichen so stupid? Can’t he tell what kind of person she is?”

No, no, the main point is not Lichen!

Qian tried her best to pull the line back. “The boys are all so stupid and girls, like Yansheng, are especially good at confusing the boys. Look at her, she is such a b*tch, but every boy thinks she is a pure white lotus, untainted with mud.”

The small group expressed their opinions, “B*tch! Shameless! She also gave Lichen a punishment, how could she not be embarrassed to be with him?”

“I’ve never seen such a sl*t!”

“Ahh, I’m so angry!”

Everyone was so angry. They all firmly believed that Yansheng was a fake noblewoman, that she might have deliberately ignored Lichen before, deliberately harmed him, played hard to get, and played with him in the palm of her hand.

They all agreed that she had to be exposed. They needed to let everyone know what kind of person she really was.

This ‘everyone’ mainly referred to two people, one was a student in Class 8 and Lichen’s classmate, so it was best to make Lichen sober himself. The other person was a student in Class 2, which was Yansheng’s classmate, and she had to be close to her. This was to make sure that everyone around her knew what kind of virtue was in her bones, so everyone would spit on her and it would be best for them to squeeze her out together.

That would be the best thing to do.

The first step was to spread it in their own class.

The girls smiled when they heard this and some turned their heads to tell others. This was what small groups like to hear. Rumors had to be passed down from person to person. The more they spread, the wider the better.

And then, the next step was to talk to the boys. One of the boys did a good deed and went to ask Lichen, “Hey, I heard that your car is parked on the subway right now, so what’s going on?”

Lichen, who was also evil, realized that there was a problem, so he asked, “Who told you that?”

Although no one directly said it was Qian, the names given by the boys were all from her small group. Lichen understood as soon as he heard it, this was Qian’s intention to harm Yansheng.

He found Qian to be very annoying. He used to think that she was at least pretty, but now that he looked at her, the more he looked at her, the more he thought that she looked like Mama Rong.1容嬤嬤 – Mama Rong – is the queen’s nanny. She relies on the queen’s favor. She is arrogant and hateful. She is cruel and merciless.

However, he thought this matter was quite interesting. He wanted to see if Qian could provoke Yansheng’s hard temper, and he also wanted to see how Yansheng would respond.

But things were not going well.

The students in Class 8 accepted the gossip or rumors spread by Qian and her accomplices. But Yansheng was not in the same class as them, so her classmates were out of their reach. It was not easy for them to spread the rumors on Yansheng side, especially if her classmates were not that attentive to these kinds of rumors.

Under this method, it was actually the people around the victims who were really lethal to the victims. The contempt, ridicule, and exclusion of people around the victim would really cause harm.

So, Qian also knew that the key point was to pass the rumor to Class 2.

But in this matter, she and her friends encountered setbacks.

Although a school like No.1 High School had to accept a group of students who spent money, its overall style of learning was still very positive, especially the top class and the two preparatory classes, which were the key classes that the school valued most.

The school’s management of these three classes was particularly strict.

The students in Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 were facing the elimination system in the middle of the semester. Their homeroom teachers stared at them every day like a pair of electric eyes, inculcating and exhorting them repeatedly.

The pressure these students were under was simply not what the students in Class 8 could think of.

It could be said that the brain circuits of these scholars were completely different from those of Qian.

She wanted to spread the rumors to Yansheng’s class but encountered a wall between the good students and the scumbags.

Yansheng’s female classmates informed her about their unusual encounters, “Someone talked to me in the canteen for some reason, but we don’t know each other and she just started talking about you. I’m so confused.”

“It looks like a paparazzi in the entertainment industry, just want to know who you are and if I know you. Why should I listen to her?”

“Did you review the topic about Huanggang?”2黃岡 – Huanggang City, known as Huangzhou in ancient times, is a prefecture-level city in Hubei Province

“Did you brush up on 5-3?”3五三 – five college entrance examination three years analog, is a copy of brush experience of high school students

“How many times have you memorized the vocabulary list?”

“That’s insane.”

  • 1
    容嬤嬤 – Mama Rong – is the queen’s nanny. She relies on the queen’s favor. She is arrogant and hateful. She is cruel and merciless.
  • 2
    黃岡 – Huanggang City, known as Huangzhou in ancient times, is a prefecture-level city in Hubei Province
  • 3
    五三 – five college entrance examination three years analog, is a copy of brush experience of high school students