March 9, 2022

Chapter 56: Jiang Family 3

The Jiang family had to remember this camaraderie.

If a person could get anything in return later, then you shouldn’t treat others badly.

Xiaoya and Tiedan broke each of their buns into halves and handed the other halves to their grandparents.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I have never eaten a white bun,” Xiaoya said excitedly.

But the old couple could hear a touch of sadness from those words.

Thinking about the money situation of their family back then, whenever they wanted to eat, they could enjoy the delicacies of the mountains and seas.

Now that they had fallen to this point, to be able to eat a full meal had become a great challenge.

Fortunately, the mentality of the old couple was not bad. If they had a bad mentality, they would have collapsed a long time ago.

Mrs. Jiang smiled and patted the little girl’s head. “Xiaoya, you can just eat it all, Grandma doesn’t need to eat it.”

With just two buns, Mrs. Jiang ached to split them into halves and wanted to leave them all to her grandchildren.

“No way! Then I will be like you, Grandma. If you won’t eat, then I will not eat either.”

Seeing her stubborn look, Mrs. Jiang had no choice but to say, “Okay, then Grandma will eat and Xiaoya will eat too.”


The four members of the Jiang family had a rare good meal because of the buns given by Xiulan.

After Xiaoya and Tiedan left the field, Xiulan found a cool place to lie down and rest.

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On the other side, Lijuan had already arrived at the county seat and had been wandering around for a while.

She, who had been walking for three hours and finally arrived at the county seat, was already exhausted a long time ago, as if her legs were about to break.

As soon as she arrived, she began to regret it. Compared with working, she was even more tired from walking a long distance. If she had known it, then she would not have made that bet with Xiulan.

Now that she was there already, if she couldn’t get foodstuff, it meant that her ability was far worse than Xiulan, which was too embarrassing. She didn’t want to be ridiculed by Xiulan when she got back home with nothing.

Relying on this pride, she wandered around the county seat firmly.

She had seen a little bit of the world, but not a single foodstuff had arrived at her door.

After tossing all morning, she was really tired and exhausted. By noon, she could no longer walk and her stomach was also growling with hunger.

If it went on like this, how could she tolerate it?

However, when she went out today, she didn’t think so much. She didn’t have any money on hand. Not to mention eating now, it was even harder to drink some water.

At noon, the sun above her head was very fierce, and she felt that she was about to be burned to death.

“I’m so hungry!” Lijuan touched her stomach. She was expecting to get something to eat like Xiulan, but when she arrived there, she realized that things were not as simple as she had initially thought.

It was not okay to continue to talk a lot of nonsense in the county seat. If you were not straightforward, you would starve to death and die of thirst.

It was also not okay to just go back empty-handed because she would definitely be laughed to death by Xiulan.

In the future, how could she have the face to yell out at Xiulan?

So, the best way was to get foodstuff quickly. If she really couldn’t get anything, then she could steal or grab a little bit. As long as she could get foodstuff, she wouldn’t lose face in front of Xiulan.

She continued walking with a sigh of relief after this conclusion.

When she walked into an alley, she saw an old lady drying some corn under the sun in the yard.

She stepped forward and asked, “Old lady, can you give me some foodstuff?”

The old lady looked at her, only to feel perplexed.

Seeing that she was well dressed, the old lady pondered why this girl had to run out to find someone to ask for foodstuff. These days, there was not enough foodstuff in every family, so who would be willing to give foodstuff to others?

So, facing her question, the old lady replied sarcastically, “My family only has this kind of foodstuff and we don’t have enough to eat ourselves. But here you are asking me to give it to you? Look at you! You are dressed better than me, so you really don’t seem to be a beggar!”