March 8, 2022

Chapter 55: Jiang Family 2

After taking out two vegetable buns from the space, Xiulan walked towards the children.

“Hey kids, here, take these buns. One for each of you, eat these to fill your stomach.”

The children were stunned when they saw the buns she handed over.

Xiaoya rubbed her eyes exaggeratedly.

Stuffed steamed buns!

When she saw the buns, she was dazzled and thought if she was dreaming.

But what appeared in front of her were two white buns, which were very tempting to look at.

Xiaoya raised her head and saw Xiulan, which she recognized.

She swallowed her saliva into her stomach, and then asked to confirm, “Sister Xiulan, do you want to give us these buns?”

For a peasant like her, this was the first time she had ever seen such a steamed bun made with white flour.

But even as a child, she knew how precious white buns were.

When she was asking Xiulan, she couldn’t bear to look away from the buns.

“Yes, I’m giving these for you to eat. I just saw that your wowotou was stolen. If you don’t eat something now, how can you have the energy to work in the afternoon?” Xiulan stuffed the buns directly into their hands.

Holding these buns, the two children had an unreal feeling.

Tiedan frowned and did not immediately accept Xiulan’s kindness. “Sister Xiulan, why did you give us such precious buns? Why don’t you eat them yourself?”

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Although they were very hungry and wanted to eat the buns, they felt uncomfortable with such good things and they didn’t want to take advantage of her.

“I’ve already eaten some. These are what I got when I begged for food yesterday in the county seat. A kind-hearted person gave me a few of them and there are only two left now. So, go ahead and eat them, just be careful not to be seen by others.

“Don’t be polite to me, everyone has difficulties. If I don’t have anything to eat next time, you can also give me a little bit of what you have.”

Xiulan said this deliberately, just because she didn’t want to put psychological pressure on these children.

And because of that, the children did not refuse her again.

These were white buns after all. In this era, when people were starving to death due to lack of food, it was undoubtedly a huge temptation that could not be refused.

A sweet smile appeared on Xiaoya’s little face. “Thank you, Sister Xiulan.”

Tiedan also spoke, “Sister Xiulan, we will remember your kindness.”

“We are in the same production team and we should help each other, so don’t be so polite. Hurry up and eat them, it’s not good for people to see them.” Xiulan urged them again to eat.

Xiaoya looked at her hesitantly for a while, then finally sought her approval. “Sister Xiulan, can we take these buns back home? I want to share them with my grandparents, so they can have a taste as well.”

Xiulan didn’t expect that at a young age, Xiaoya was already sensible. The little girl knew how to be considerate and caring, therefore, she was a good child.

“Since I’ve given them to you, then they are yours now. It is up to you to decide how to eat them and who will eat them.”

“Great! Sister Xiulan, you are so kind!”

The children quickly put the buns in their pockets and ran in the direction of their house.

After a while, they had returned to the current residence of the Jiang family, a dilapidated cowshed.

Xiaoya told her grandparents about what happened to them.

Mrs. Jiang couldn’t help but sigh a few times, because they had met a good person. She regarded Xiulan as a good girl.

Everyone else in the production team discriminated against their family and usually bullied them a lot. Not only did Xiulan not discriminate against them, but she even gave these precious white buns to their little grandchildren.