May 3, 2022

Chapter 50: Gave a Green Hat from Thousands of Miles Away, It’s Still the Thought That Counts

Zhizhi rolled her eyes.

What’s wrong with him?

She looked at the man’s somewhat stiff back and she swept over to his ears from her peripheral vision. She found that they were both pink and very beautiful.

She opened her mouth and a look of disbelief flashed in her eyes.

Then, she laughed and her back fell on the beauty bed.

It turns out that he is shy!

It took Yuchen half a minute to calm down the abnormality on his face and body. When he walked out of the spa, Lei greeted him and said, “Boss, the young master is making a ruckus and doesn’t want to go back to school.”

As Lei said that, he sneaked his eyes to look at Yuchen’s ears.

Yuchen glanced at him coldly. “What are you looking at?”

Lei immediately stood up straight. “Reporting! I saw a beautiful lady in the spa and I was considering whether to ask for her contact information!”

Yuchen sneered, then raised his long legs and walked towards the car parked behind Lei.

Lei hurriedly opened the door for him

Qiuqiu was in the back seat. He was originally throwing a tantrum, but after seeing his father, he immediately squeezed himself against the wall of the car and didn’t move at all.

Yuchen found that his son’s action was a bit similar to Zhizhi’s.

He just glanced at Qiuqiu and said to Lei without even getting in the car yet, “Send him to the school and you will take the place of those two bodyguards who were watching him. So the next time he sneaks out, I will only ask you.”

Lei lowered his head and replied, “Yes, Boss.”

Qiuqiu hurriedly raised his head and exclaimed, “I don’t want to! I don’t want to! I want to stay with Mommy!”

Yuchen’s face darkened. “Drive!”

Lei quickly closed the door and the car drove away from the entrance of the spa.

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Eight o’clock in the evening, at Alice, a high-end nightclub.

Kexin led a group of women squatting at the entrance while waiting for Zhizhi. This nightclub was several levels higher than the Heaven and Earth Club, and a small family’s daughter like them couldn’t enter even if she wants to.

They had no choice but to just squat there and they had been waiting there for almost half an hour.

The woman on her side asked, “Kexin, will that bitch, Zhizhi, really come tonight?”

“Yeah, it’s already eight o’clock and we haven’t even seen her figure,” said another woman.

Kexin was also losing her patience. “How could she not come to Ye Qingchen’s birthday party? Let’s just wait for a bit more.”

Then, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Hey! Isn’t that Zhizhi? But why does she…”

Alice’s largest private room was full of people.

The people who came to the party were all famous figures in the imperial capital. Qingchen, as the star of the evening, was surrounded by a lot of people watching the fun. There were men and women, and each of their identities was not ordinary.

Many people raised their glasses to make a toast and be friends with him.

“Young Master Chen, welcome back.”

“Young Master Chen, I heard that you will enter EG soon. I’m here to wish Young Master Chen an early victory.”

Qingchen enjoyed the crowd’s adoration.

Although he had been away from the imperial capital for so many years, he was the youngest son of the Ye family, born to be superior to others and all these people sang their praises to him.

Someone in the crowd said, “Young Master Chen, is Miss Qin not coming to your birthday party?”

Qingchen’s face turned cold as Zhizhi’s name was mentioned.

Another person pretended to not see the change in his expression and also asked, “Yeah, you guys are getting engaged next month, right? Shouldn’t your fiancée be here to celebrate her fiancé’s birthday?”

“Are you guys talking about me?”

Suddenly, there was a soft and crisp female voice came from where the door of the private room was located.

The people surrounding Qingchen couldn’t help but let out a path and looked at the door in unison.

Zhizhi was wearing a long black dress, walking with a handsome man on her arm, stepping on the carpet with a pair of silver high-heeled shoes. Her eyes were drawn with seductive eyeliner, the tail of her eyes was slightly tilted, and her eyes were slightly flushed. Her gaze was divine and the people were charged with electricity.

She walked up to Qingchen and stopped there. “Brother Chen, I was too busy recently and didn’t have time to prepare a birthday gift for you, so I brought someone over instead.”

A smile tugged at her red lips and she continued speaking, “You must accept this gift of mine. After all, you have given me a green hat from thousands of miles away. It’s still the thought that counts and it should be reciprocated.”