May 2, 2022

Chapter 49: How Does It Feel to Ask My Son to Call You Mommy?


The sound of pushing the door suddenly sounded.

Zhizhi thought it was the beautician who came in, so without raising her head, she said, “Please take my son out and find a place for him to play.”

It was so noisy that she couldn’t even take a nap.

She opened her mouth and yawned again, but she didn’t hear any response, nor the child’s voice.

The whole room seemed to have turned on the air conditioner to the maximum level suddenly, and the atmosphere had become cold and gloomy.

Zhizhi shrank down and raised her head slowly.

She found that the man’s frosty face was so close.

His eyes narrowed slightly and the dark light in his eyes fell directly on her body. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed as if he was a little unhappy, and different dissatisfied emotions flashed in his eyes one by one.

She raised her hand to greet him, “Hi…”

Yuchen frowned. “Qin Zhizhi, how does it feel to kidnap my son and ask him to call you mommy?”


Zhizhi fell from the beauty bed.

The beauty bed was quite high.

She fell to the ground and did not get up right away.

The little kid ran over and took her arm, trying to help her up, but found that he was too weak.

He glared at the man with dissatisfaction. “Daddy, didn’t you see Mommy fall? Why don’t you hurry and help her up?!”

Zhizhi was too stunned to speak. Baby, can you not harm me?

Yuchen snorted lightly, but he did not move.

Zhizhi rubbed her buttocks, got up from the ground, and touched the child’s head. “Baby, be good and call me auntie.”

The little kid raised his head. “Why do I have to call you auntie?”

“Because I’m your father’s aunt!”

Zhizhi said this very loudly, with her chin slightly raised, looking proud. “Do you understand now? You should call me auntie, whenever you see me in the future. We are all members of the Ye family, so we can’t fall short when it comes to seniority, do you understand?”

Yuchen’s face darkened hearing these words.

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Qiuqiu didn’t respond to her. His face was gloomy, but he didn’t say anything.

The little kid noticed his father’s expression and immediately became discouraged. He stood with his hands and feet, lowered his head, and murmured, “Dad, I was wrong.”

Yuchen only glanced at him and said, “Get out.”

Qiuqiu tugged at his little finger and he just stood still. He didn’t want to be separated from his mommy.

Yuchen swept his eyes over to him with a sharp look, so the little guy didn’t dare to stay any longer, and looked at Zhizhi reluctantly.

His little head shrugged as he walked outside.

He looked so pitiful.

Zhizhi thought that this infuriating man was really not human because he was even cruel to his own son.

She sat down on the beauty bed.

She was only wearing a bath towel, so when she sat on it, a pair of long, white, and slender legs were exposed, swinging back and forth in front of Yuchen’s eyes.

His face darkened once again.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and down, then he said in a cold voice, “Stop it!”

Zhizhi raised an eyebrow slightly.

Do you control the heaven and earth for you to control how I swing my legs as well?

She smiled at him and her legs swung even more, while she hummed a song, “Let’s swing together, let’s swing together, forget all our troubles and swing together~”

Yuchen’s face became darker and darker.

Zhizhi tilted her head, bit her lip, and kept singing to him with a charming smile. Her beautiful eyes were gleaming and a radiant light was being thrown over to him.

Yuchen looked like a movie screen that was paused and frozen, then a strange and somewhat familiar feeling spread out from the inside out, encroaching on him inch by inch.

His cold and stone heart was at a loss for a moment.

He took a deep breath and suppressed these impulses that were just around the corner.

He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Shut up!”

Zhizhi pursed her lips and murmured, “A man who is not interested in having fun, really boring.”

She blinked at him and exclaimed “You should praise me instead—what kind of peerless voice is this? Such a great treasure! This is the voice coming from a fairy who was kissed by God!”

She just merely twinkled her eyes at him.

In the man’s eyes, this was casting flirtatious glances at him.

She is seducing me again!

He noticed that his body became stiff, so he turned around and left with a cold and sullen face without saying a word.