May 1, 2022

Chapter 48: Mommy, This Is My Daddy, Do You Like Him?

It was the first time for Zhizhi to hear some cheesy pick-up lines from a child, not to mention that she really felt a little weird.

She didn’t expect that even such a small child could not resist her charm.

However, she was a little bit unhappy to be called mommy.

A smile tugged at her lips and said, “Oh! You actually need to walk through a magical road to heaven.”

It was Qiuqiu’s turn to be dumbstruck this time.

The corner of the little kid’s eyes twitched. “Mommy, can I look into your heart? I really want to know if you have this baby in your heart. If I am not in there, have you ever thought how much this baby’s heart hurts?”

Zhizhi didn’t want to continue the exchanges of pick-up lines with the little kid.

“No, baby, I’m not your mommy—”

“You are, you are, you really are!” As soon as she was halfway through speaking, the little guy interrupted hurriedly, with a delicate little face. “Mommy, if you say that you are not my mommy, I’ll just… I’ll just—”

Zhizhi raised an eyebrow and interrupted him as well. “Just what?”

Qiuqiu’s deep eyes rolled and he sat on the ground. “I’ll just cry here! I’m going to tell everyone that you are that kind of mother who abandoned me from the beginning. It’s not enough that you abandoned your husband, but you also abandoned your baby!


Damn it!

Why is this scene so familiar?

The child was crying pitifully on the ground. Zhizhi’s cold and stone heart seldom got distressed. She picked up the child and planned to coax him with a few words.

Unexpectedly, the camera hidden in the dark clicked and photographed this scene.

After the paparazzi took a photo, he transferred it directly to his cell phone and posted it on Weibo.

[Which is the best green hat manufacturer? The Ye family in the imperial capital is busy looking for Qingchen, but the childhood sweetheart is busy looking for a hat. Qingchen’s childhood sweetheart is busy wearing a hat.]

This post had topped the hot search list on Weibo in a flash.

[Qin Zhizhi is cancer in the society! She didn’t even spare a child!]

[Ye Qingchen is blind. Do you really want to marry such a woman?]

On the other hand, Zhizhi’s brain-dead fans were fawning on her face value.

[I don’t care! I just love her! I really love her!]

[Zhizhi has a good eye and the child she got this time is incomparably handsome!]

[When will Zhizhi make a debut?]

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Zhizhi carried the little kid into the spa. She didn’t want to take him with her, but who knew that the child would cry so much.

As a result, the expressions of the passers-by changed when they looked at her and they almost called the police suspecting her of child abuse.

She then hurriedly picked up the little kid and carried him away.

In the spa, Zhizhi lay on the beauty bed and her whole body was being taken care of.

The little kid just sat in front of her and took out his cell phone from his school bag. Not knowing what he was looking at, his little face would be excited at one point and then would show happiness the next second.

She lifted her eyelids lazily and ignored him.

She was a little sleepy at this point and just as she was about to close her eyes and go to sleep, the little kid came over with the cell phone in his hands. “Mommy, they all say that I’m your son!”

“Oh~” Zhizhi yawned without opening her eyes. “Did they say who is your father?”

The little kid’s expression became stern. “Why are they saying that Ye Qingchen is my daddy?! That’s not my daddy’s name! Hmph!”

Zhizhi got up too early in the morning and was too sleepy, so she fell asleep while lying on the bed.

She didn’t even listen to what the child was saying.

Qiuqiu closed the Weibo app and went to look at the photos on his cell phone. He remembered that he secretly took a photo of his father. “I have a photo of Daddy. I’ll find it and show it to you.”

He searched through the photo gallery, but couldn’t find it.

At this time, the entrance of the spa was surrounded by people.

Lei said with a straight face, “Boss, the young master is inside.”

Yuchen walked in with a cold face.

The person in charge of the spa trembled in horror. “Lord Chen, the young master is inside.”

Yuchen was standing in front of the door of a room and was about to push the door when a milky voice came from inside. “Mommy, look, this is my daddy, do you like him?”

The man’s hand paused and his sword-like eyebrows frowned.

But Zhizhi didn’t move, so Qiuqiu stretched out a hand and nudged her.


Zhizhi was a little irritated by the noise, but she couldn’t get angry with a child. She squinted her eyes and said perfunctorily, “I like him. Mommy saw it already. So baby, go play on the side.”