March 1, 2022

Chapter 48: Emergency Rescue 5

After feeding the glucose, Xiulan fed Mr. Chen some water.

At this time, Mrs. Chen had already fetched some water and came over.

Xiulan took the water from Mrs. Chen and helped put a compress on Mr. Chen’s head.

Then the two guarded him nervously. Mrs. Chen’s face was full of worry, for fear that something bad would happen to her husband.

At their age, the two of them depended on each other for their lives and the most fearful thing was that one would leave and the other would be left behind.

Seeing Mrs. Chen’s worried appearance, Xiulan comforted her with a few words, “Auntie Chen, don’t worry too much. Uncle Chen just fainted from hunger and nothing serious should happen.”

Mrs. Chen had been sighing because her husband didn’t wake up for a while, so her heart couldn’t calm down and was still hanging.

Because of the glucose, after ten minutes, Mr. Chen managed to wake up.

Seeing her husband woke up, Mrs. Chen hurriedly ran to him and said with a happy expression, “It’s so great, Old Man, you are fine.”

Mr. Chen stared at her for a while, then opened his mouth, feeling that there was still a trace of sweetness in his mouth.

He thought that he was hallucinating from hunger.

He didn’t think so much at the moment, but looked at his wife and asked, “Umm… What happened to me?”

“Old Man, you fainted from hunger, you scared me to death! Sigh… But it’s okay now, Old Man. I finally got some foodstuffs today, I will make you something to eat later, so you must not faint from hunger again. Oh, you really scared me to death just now.”

Mrs. Chen wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Xiulan felt even more sympathy when she thought that the couple who had been brilliant and rich in the past were now living in such a tight life when they were old.

Life had ups and downs like this, if people with a bad mentality were afraid, it would be difficult for them to survive.

Xiulan pretended to take out a meat bun from her pocket, but actually took it from the space and handed it to Mrs. Chen.

“Auntie Chen, it’s going to take a long time to cook. I still have a meat bun here. Give it to Uncle Chen so he can have something to eat for now.”

When Mrs. Chen saw the meat bun Xiulan handed over, she immediately shook her head to refuse. “Xiulan, how can it be all right? 

“I have already eaten one of your buns, how can I want another one? I really appreciated your kind intentions, but you should take this meat bun and eat it yourself!”

She knew how precious the meat buns were these days and she didn’t like to take advantage of others. How could she accept another one again?

Xiulan suddenly stuffed the bun into her hand and said, “Auntie Chen, Uncle Chen needs a bite to eat now, so hurry up and give it to him!

“Don’t be polite to me. Compared with the jewelry you gave me, these two meat buns are really nothing. Just take this meat bun, don’t refuse me anymore.”

Mrs. Chen glanced at Xiulan and then at her husband. Her eyes were misty and then gratefully said, “Xiulan, thank you so much. Your kindness will always be in my heart, you saved our lives today…”

If it hadn’t been for Xiulan, she would have fainted from hunger outside. And if her husband’s situation fell into her hands alone today, she really didn’t know how to deal with it.

So, in her eyes, Xiulan saved both their lives.

“Auntie Chen, let’s not talk about this now, you should hurry up and let Uncle Chen eat something.”

“Okay!” Mrs. Chen wiped the tears from her eyes and helped her husband to eat.

“Old Man, this is a meat bun. Hurry up and eat it to fill your stomach. Don’t faint from hunger again, okay?”