February 28, 2022

Chapter 47: Emergency Rescue 4

“Xiulan, you sit down too and I’ll pour you some water. You’re probably tired after sending me back.”

With that said, Mrs. Chen poured a glass of hot water from the thermos and handed it to Xiulan.

The water was warm and not scalding.

Xiulan didn’t dislike the worn-out enamel jar handed to her by the woman. After taking it, she gulped a few mouthfuls of water and poured it into her stomach.

After drinking, she wiped the corners of her mouth. After having a glass of water on her stomach, she felt a lot more comfortable now.

“Xiulan, sit down for a moment, I’ll go see my husband first.”

As soon as the woman came back, she was a little worried about her husband. Before she left, her husband was also really hungry just like her, so she didn’t know what was going on him now.

Xiulan nodded in response and saw the woman walking towards the room with a small shabby bed.

At this time, a middle-aged man, Mr. Chen, was lying on the small shabby bed.

Mrs. Chen walked into the room and shouted at him on the bed, “Old Man, I went to the black market to trade for foodstuffs. We will have foodstuffs to eat today.”

However, Mr. Chen on the bed did not respond to her.

She panicked for a while and hurriedly shouted a few more times, but he still didn’t respond.

“Old Man… What’s wrong with you? You… Don’t scare me! Old Man…”

Mrs. Chen shook him on the bed a few times. Seeing that he had not responded, she thought that he had passed away, so she suddenly collapsed on the ground.

Xiulan heard the movement and rushed into the room quickly.

“Auntie Chen… what’s wrong?” she asked nervously.

Mrs. Chen’s eyes turned red suddenly and then she replied in a trembling voice, “Xiulan, my… my husband seems to have been dead already.”

Xiulan frowned, glanced at Mr. Chen on the bed, went to him, stretched out her hand, and probed his nose.

Fortunately, although his breath was a little weaker, he was still breathing.

She hurriedly said, “Auntie Chen, don’t worry, Uncle Chen is still alive.

“I guess he was too hungry and passed out.”

Just like Mrs. Chen who was also very hungry earlier, people in extreme hunger would easily pass out.

However, you had to eat as soon as possible. If you delayed it for a long time, it was possible that you will really starve to death.

When Mrs. Chen heard Xiulan, her worry finally fell, but her eyes were still red.

Xiulan spoke again, “Auntie Chen, go and pour a glass of water and feed it to Uncle Chen, let’s see how it goes.”

After listening to Xiulan’s order, Mrs. Chen hurriedly responded. She poured a glass of water over and put it in an enamel jar.

Xiulan took the enamel jar and deliberately supported Mrs. Chen. “Auntie Chen, go get some more hot water and find a towel. Let me feed this water to Uncle Chen.”

At this time, because of what happened to her husband, Mrs. Chen had been panicking for a long time and there was a lot of mess in her head. She would do whatever Xiulan asked her to do and she would not think so much at all.

Xiulan sent her to fetch water and she nodded in agreement without hesitation.

Taking advantage of her departure, Xiulan hurriedly took out a glucose stick from the space and fed it to Mr. Chen.

People who were hungry and have fainted were generally caused by eating less and low blood sugar, so they had to replenish sugar in time.

It just so happened that she had glucose in her space, which could come in handy. It was just that this thing couldn’t be taken out casually, so Xiulan deliberately sent out Mrs. Chen and fed it to Mr. Chen alone.