January 17, 2022

Chapter 46: Get Out of Here!

It was a bit ironic to say that Yansheng had been waiting for Zheng to take the initiative to steal Huan’s million-worth watch. She even wondered if there was any way in this life to persuade Huan not to dismiss the case out of shame and let Zheng get into prison for stealing.

The funny thing was that she hadn’t figured out how to convince Huan yet, and Zheng hadn’t even thought about stealing Huan’s famous watch as well, but he had already done something ten thousand times more obscene and vicious than in her previous life.

The hateful thing was that the country’s laws in this aspect were not yet perfect. This kind of thing was only considered as ‘violating the regulations on the administration of public security’. For serious ones, such as secretly taking pictures of girls for a year, the punishment would be administrative detention for ten days. And for lighter ones like Zheng’s case, where he just installed a camera and hadn’t recorded anything at all, the final punishment was administrative detention for only five days.

This was very favorable for Zheng. He might as well steal the watch instead.

The policeman asked Yansheng if she wanted Zheng to make financial compensation for her, so Yansheng asked, “How much will it be?”

The policeman deliberated and replied, “It’s usually five hundred yuan. But in your case, since nothing was taken and recorded yet, you may not be able to receive any compensation.”

Yansheng’s expression darkened.

On the other hand, Huan slapped the table and asked, “So, you will just detain him for five days?”

The police officers had seen a lot of emotionally agitated victims and family members. It was normal for a father to be angry in this matter. The policeman calmly replied to him, “Yes, five days. This is just an attempt so it’s only five days in jail.”

Huan gritted his teeth. “Then, don’t detain him anymore. Can you let him out now?”

Yansheng squinted at Huan.

His face was even darker than hers. “Let him out now! Let me kill him!”

The policeman was tensed. “Sir, I understand how you feel, but please control your emotions. Serious physical injury is a criminal offense.”

Yansheng rolled her eyes and nodded slightly to the policeman. “I’m sorry to trouble you.” She signed all the necessary documents, got up, and left.

Huan followed her.

Yingying only dared to follow them quietly at the back and did not dare to get too close. Half of her face was swollen.

Outside the police station, both the father and daughter ignored her, got in the car, and left together.

Yingying stood at the entrance of the police station and cursed a few times, then left in her Ferrari.

Huan was still trembling with anger while sitting in the car, and kept murmuring, “I’ll kill him! I’ll definitely kill him!”

Yansheng glanced at him but did not believe him. After all, Zheng had stolen a million-worth watch in her previous life, but Huan just let him go. If a case had been filed, Zheng could have been sentenced to several years in prison.

This time, it was much lighter as it was only five days of administrative detention.

However, Huan kept gritting his teeth and showing a fierce glare, which surprised Yansheng a little bit.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Are you angry?”

Huan almost laughed at her daughter’s question. “Does my face show happiness?”

Yansheng blinked.

She was puzzled because of what she knew from her previous life. But in Huan’s view, it was because his eldest daughter was still too young to understand the seriousness of this matter.

He sighed, suppressed his anger first, and patiently talked to Yansheng, “You discovered this matter early, so we didn’t incur any substantial losses. But if you didn’t find it, that bastard is going to record you and upload them to pornographic websites. What if someone we know sees them? What will you do as a girl in the future? Where do I put my face?!”

As he said that, his anger showed on his face and he couldn’t help but grit his teeth again. His face looked a little hideous now.

So, he is really angry, Yangsheng thought. It’s not worse than stealing a watch, but it’s fine.

Yingying’s Ferrari followed Huan’s car into the yard. The father and daughter got out of the car without looking at her and walked straight into the house. They talked as they walked inside.

“Are you sure there are no other cameras?”

“No more, I searched it and the police officers also searched my room. This kind of thing is either installed in the locations facing the bathroom or the bed, and the cameras on those positions were gone now.”

“That motherf*cker!” Huan exploded.

“I’ll sleep in the guest room for now,” said Yansheng. “I will find a contractor tomorrow to renovate my bathroom.”

There was more than one guest room in the Zhang’s house. Of course, the one Yansheng wanted to sleep in was not the one Zheng had slept in a week ago.

As for renovating her bathroom, it would be natural for a normal household to put it aside, but Huan was in a rage and said directly, “Let’s renovate your whole room!”

But Yansheng immediately refused, “No way! My mother designed that room for me!”

“Ah right! I forgot,” Huan quickly said. “Then, let’s renovate your bathroom! Don’t worry, I will ask my secretary to arrange this tomorrow.”

However, Yansheng’s mood obviously became worse, so Huan was a little embarrassed.

Yingying got out of her car and chased after them. When the father and daughter were talking on the stairs, she didn’t dare to interrupt with her head down.

When they reached the second floor, Yansheng shook her head and went inside her room. Behind her, she heard Yingying chasing closely to Huan. Her voice was flattering and she kept shouting, “My dear! My dear! Husband~”

But she didn’t hear Huan’s voice. He was still angry, so he ignored Yingying.

At that time, Yansheng had completely realized that Yingying was nothing.

In her previous life, Yansheng would be suppressed by Yingying because she was too weak. At a young age, she was restrained by her upbringing and morality, and she would not curse and refused to fight.

When a cultured woman and a vixen pitted against each other, Yansheng was of course at a disadvantage. The adolescent girl had gone astray and was left with no way to repent.

Fortunately, she was reborn.

Yansheng returned to her room and looked around.

The pattern on the wallpaper, the style of the chandelier, the overall design—these were all traces left by her mother.

Later on, these traces were gone.

During that time, she hadn’t been back for about a whole year. When she came back, the house had been completely renovated.

When she walked into the house at that time, she felt like she had been punched in the chest, and she couldn’t breathe for a long time.

There were traces of Yingying in the whole house.

It was no longer her home, not anymore. She was hysterical, but Huan’s face was full of helplessness and impatience, so it was impossible to change the house back to its original appearance.

But in this life, Yansheng will never let this happen again.

Yansheng did not know how Huan taught his wife a lesson on the third floor. In the next few days, Yingying didn’t go out and stayed at home quietly.

Huan’s secretary called Yansheng at noon the next day to confirm with her the renovation of her bathroom. In the afternoon, the contractor came over to measure the size and communicated her requirements.

Yansheng’s request was very simple. “Keep it as it is, just replace it with a new one that is exactly the same. The point is to keep it as it is for me.”

The contractor was speechless and thought, so what am I doing here?

Yansheng added, “I want the original brand, the original model. If you can’t buy it on the market, contact the manufacturer.”

The contractor wanted to kneel.

In the past few days, Yingying had been particularly low-key, dressed like a nun, and her voice was extremely soft. She even talked to Heling like that. She also didn’t dare to be impatient with Shuocheng, for fear of stimulating Yansheng’s nerves.

She didn’t dare to take a beauty sleep every morning, so she got up early and waited on Huan for breakfast. In fact, there was nothing she needed to serve him as Huan still had both his hands. She would just bring him a plate, pour him milk or something, and circle him coquettishly.

As Yansheng watched on the side, she gradually understood why Huan fell in love with a woman like Yingying.

She looked at Yingying from a woman’s point of view, and she naturally felt that Yingying was brainless and vulgar. Men who took a fancy to this kind of woman were very low themselves.

But in reality, what men wanted was not the same thing as what women thought men should want.

Even though Yingying was so attentive, Huan still didn’t give her a good look.

Yingying relied on Huan to live. If Huan valued her, she would have some weight. However, if Huan didn’t value her, she would become lighter than a fart.

Yansheng remembered that she later learned that Huan actually had other women outside.

Yingying not only got older and did not look young anymore, but after he let her become a ‘wife’ at home, she lost her freshness to Huan.

In this society, there had never been a shortage of girls who, like Yingying, wanted to exchange their youth for a better life at a young age.

Many girls were younger than her, better-looking than her, and much more.

At that time, Yansheng didn’t go home much, but she had heard of it. However, she had never seen Yingying make trouble regarding this matter.

She didn’t dare to make trouble at all. What if Huan divorced her and married Xiao Si or Xiao Wu? Anyway, she had two children, and Huan’s assets would belong to her children in the future. She didn’t care about Huan’s romantic escapades outside.

Isn’t it interesting to have such a marriage and life? Yansheng thought.

However, she was not qualified to laugh at Yingying, a woman who had sold her body and soul for money. She, a daughter who was born with a golden spoon, had lived in emptiness as if she had no soul.

She felt a cold sweat behind her back as she recalled her past life. She then ignored the couple, drank all her milk, and went upstairs to study.

Zheng was detained for five days. Yansheng thought it was too short, but Huan thought it was too long. He waited for five days before Zheng was released.

When Zheng walked out of the detention center, a black commercial vehicle was parked in front of him. The co-pilot’s window pulled down, and it was his Aunt Yingying.

Yingying’s face tightened as she said, “Get in the car.”

Zheng wanted to say something, but when the car door opened, two men came down and dragged him in. The door closed immediately.

Zheng’s complexion changed drastically, and while struggling, he asked Yingying in front for help, “Auntie! Auntie!”

Yingying put on her sunglasses and didn’t dare to look back at all. She comforted him with a trembling voice, “Later… you have to endure it, okay? You won’t die anyway, so just be obedient… okay?”

Zheng trembled every time she said ‘okay’.

When Zheng was sent back to his apartment, one of his arms was broken and the other leg had a cracked bone.

The men just left him there. Yingying didn’t leave but she didn’t have a car. She called a taxi to take him to the hospital.

The doctor found that he had bruises all over his body. At first glance, he knew that the patient was beaten and wanted to call the police. However, Yingying stopped him desperately and said, “It’s our relative who was not very careful. It’s a family matter, a family matter!”

Zheng was so frightened that he didn’t dare to say anything.

If it was a ‘family matter’, the police officers that would come would usually just try to smooth things over within the family. In the end, the doctor didn’t call the police.

All of Zheng’s things in the apartment were smashed.

He looked at the shattered laptop and cried without tears.

“What are you crying for?! I’m the one who should cry!” Yingying endured all this time, and finally was able to point to Zheng’s nose and yelled, “What a crazy fool are you?! Your brain is so flooded that you had to install surveillance cameras in my home! Do you think you can live a good life without me?! Just with your parents?! Both of them are so lazy to death! Who the hell feeds you, huh? I paid for the house you’re all living in! It’s all Zhang’s money! What has gotten to your head to offend the people of the Zhang family?!”

After she had scolded him enough, she gasped for breath from anger.

Finally, she took out a roll of money from her bag and threw it to Zheng. “Take it, buy a ticket by yourself, then go back to where you came from!

“Go back and tell the whole family that no one will come here in the future! Don’t even think about the Chinese New Year!

“Huan said that no one from the Liang family will be allowed to appear in front of him in the future.”

The Zhang family had never had a shortage of poor relatives who sought gratuitous financial help. From now on, the Zhang family would have no relatives surnamed Liang.