December 12, 2021

Chapter 4: The Elders (Part 2)

The family came out in time and the traffic conditions were good. They didn’t arrive late, so there was no disrespect on their part.

It was Yansheng’s aunt and cousins who welcomed the guests at the entrance of the banquet hall. Huan walked over with Yansheng and his family to exchange greetings with these relatives, and everyone was affectionate.

Yingying, the mistress who relied on her son to take the spot of the main wife, liked to attend such public and formal occasions with Huan to show her identity as Mrs. Zhang.

Yansheng and Heling were called inside, and the elders all agreed while praising how they had grown up and became beautiful.

Only Shuocheng stayed at the door impatiently and wanted to rush inside as well. Yingying pulled him hard without letting go. He twisted left and right, but Huan’s face was stern. “Shuoshuo, go ahead and greet them!”

Shuocheng greeted the others unwillingly.

Their relatives just smiled and said, “He’s so lively, like a real tiger.”

Huan smiled awkwardly at them.

Taking care of children was hard work and parents must have enough patience. Huan used to be patient with Yansheng. In fact, when she was young, her mother was in charge of her. Later, when his first wife became sick, the eldest daughter was well-behaved and carefree, so he didn’t need to worry about her at all.

When Shuocheng was born, he was almost forty years old which was incomparable to when he was young, and he did not only have one child now but three.

The eldest daughter, Yansheng, fiercely resisted the new mother and new younger siblings from the beginning. Coupled with the fact that he was a middle-aged man and he was really used to spoiling his son, so Shuocheng had grown into a naughty child now.

“You can go in now. Auntie has arrived long ago and now talking to your mother,” Huan’s cousin said.

Huan took his wife and children and went in to find his mother.

Yingying knew who was the hardest to speak to in this family, so she pulled Shuocheng to warn him quietly, “Behave yourself in front of your grandmother. I will lock your game console if you dare to cause trouble! You will not be allowed to play for a week!”

The naughty boys were often not afraid to be hit, but locking up their game consoles and the like wouldn’t be good. Shuocheng muttered in response.

The whole family glamorously came in front of two wealthy, jewel-like old ladies.

“Auntie, may you live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains and your fortune be as immense as the East China Sea!” Huan said with a smile and a clasped fist.

Although his aunt didn’t like her sister-in-law, she liked her nephew. She praised, “Look at Huan’s sweet mouth!” After that, she complained, “What took you so long?!”

Although it was not too late, their arrival was also not too early. With their close blood relationship, they should have come there sooner. As a nephew, Huan had only arrived at this time. It was considered as not being affectionate and respectful enough.

His aunt’s face was a little bit awkward.

Huan responded with a smile, “How dare I come here casually, don’t I have to go with my family? Look at them, are you satisfied or not?”

Then, he pushed Yansheng and Heling forward. Although the weight of the son was heavier in his heart, the naughty child might cause trouble. To please the elderly, he had to rely on his two beautiful daughters.

A maiden girl, a soft and cute little girl, who wouldn’t like them?

His aunt grabbed their hands and exclaimed, “You’ve grown up again, our Yanyan is so beautiful and our Hehe is also beautiful!” She liked them very much.

Yansheng smiled sweetly, “Granny is the most beautiful person. Today, you are the most beautiful person here.”

Her grandaunt was in her 70s, her hair was not messed up, on her ears were rich ruby ​​earrings, and she wore matching ruby ​​jewelry as well. Although her skin was wrinkled because of her old age, her nails were well-trimmed, painted with the same red color as her lipstick that went well with the whole set of ruby ​​jewelry.

This old lady, born from a wealthy family, had always been rich. Being beautiful all her life, she also loved beauty when she grew old. Hearing what Yansheng said, she was trembling with laughter.

Heling also said, “Granny, I wish you a happy birthday!”

Heling had to wait for the beginning of the school year to get into the fourth grade. She was an elementary school girl who couldn’t speak well just like Yansheng, and she didn’t know what her grandaunt loves to listen to, but she was cute and sweet. The old lady squeezed her face with joy and said, “There is a children’s area over there, you can go and play later.”

The two beautiful granddaughters saved their faces a bit, and Yansheng’s grandmother’s complexion was slightly dark.

Yansheng called her ‘Grandma’ for the first time. Heling followed suit and she graciously responded.

Yingying did not dare to interrupt, but when she finally grabbed the gap, she pushed Shuocheng in front of the two old ladies. “Shuoshuo, greet Granny and Grandma.” She also pinched Shuocheng on his palm.

Shuocheng was in pain, so his expression was not very good and reluctantly yelled, “Granny, Grandma”. A perspicacious person knew that this was a little trick under the hands of his mother.

Yansheng’s grandaunt’s mouth twitched and said lazily, “Okay, go over there with your sisters to play.”

Shuocheng’s heart jumped for joy when he heard about the ‘children’s area’ just now and finally got permission to go there. As soon as he twisted his shoulders and broke free from his mother’s clutches, he ran away towards the children’s area.

Yingying was angry and hateful, but she didn’t dare to show it in front of the two old ladies, she only dared to smile apologetically instead.

The two wealthy old ladies talked to themselves as if they hadn’t seen her. Yingying wanted to interrupt but couldn’t get in. Huan had no way in this situation as well and could only force a smile.

Heling seemed to understand what was going on. Her heart knew that this was bad, but she couldn’t understand exactly why. She thought that this was probably the reason why her sister didn’t like them.

Yansheng had a sneer at the corner of her mouth.

In fact, she hadn’t seen these two old ladies for two to three years before she died.

There was no reason, just because of her unorthodox virtues, so the elders didn’t want to see her. Especially her grandmother, who thought she was an embarrassment, so she told Huan not to call her for this kind of family gathering in the future.

Yansheng was rebellious at that time and was unwilling to see these relatives as well, so she was happy to ignore all of them.

But today, she changed her previous style and took the initiative to get closer to the elders. The reason was simple—grandmother and grandaunt—these two women who had been wealthy for a lifetime, didn’t want to see Yingying, who was a mistress, as Mrs. Zhang.